3 reasons why the sports betting industry is booming in India

The sports betting industry is booming in India.

Cricket is the most-watched sport in India. Every nook and corner of the country passionately follow the sport. Apart from Cricket, football is the second-most-watched sport. While sporting events have become increasingly popular over the years, the sports betting industry has also made progress in the worldwide economy.

Today, the gambling industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. It is to be noted that the gambling market value is estimated at 12.9 billion USD in 2019. Moreover, it is expected to expand even bigger in the next five years. Sports betting has become massively popular in India.

Fans across all states have shown interest in taking part in this sector. We can find a spectrum of sports betting websites. However, it’s not that easy to find out which top betting sites are the best in the business. Despite the legality issues, the gambling sector is seen as a big business.

There have been debates and discussions as to whether the gambling industry is legal in India. Despite all that, the sports betting sector is getting popular. In this article, we will take a glimpse at the three reasons why online sports betting is booming in India.

1. Usage of mobile phones

Gone are the days when each family used to have only one phone. Nowadays, each and everyone in the family owns a phone. The majority of the Indians use phones which means that they get to install applications on Google Play store. The main reason for the increase in online sports betting in India is because Indians use mobile phones much more when compared to computers or laptops.

As per the reports, since 2020, Indians are now spending one-third of their day on their smartphones. Several sports betting sites have applications or websites that are easy to use on the phone. Guides like cricket betting apps in India help users understand all the top apps in the sports betting industry.

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2. Gambling to become legalised soon

For the unversed, online sports betting is not illegal in India. However, sports betting still exists in some sort of unknown areas. There are no certain laws that prevent Indians from using online betting sites that are based in nations, where online sports betting is completely legal. India considers betting on sports as unlawful. Thus, the betting sites have to be situated outside India for it to be legal.

There is also a clear possibility that India might legalise online sports betting in the times to come. It is possible because there has been a drastic increase in the number of Indian fans who are always curious to bet on sports online.

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3. Cricket and Football gave a vital boost

It is no secret that cricket and football played a substantial role in the rise of sports betting. Currently, cricket and football are the most popular sports in India. The majority of the Indians follow cricket and football. These two sports gave a vital boost to the online sports betting industry in India. There are many sports prediction websites that provide accurate forecasts to make betting easier for their audience.

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