Cricket blog writing: How to drive traffic to your website

In this article we will give tips on how to optimise Cricket Blog Writing for your website.
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So, now you’ve realised that there is more to blogging than just words. There IS so much more. Writing a piece of content is only part of the job. There are numerous other factors that affect the amount of traffic that your website receives. In this article, we will talk about all the key tips that you need to ensure that your cricket blog writing is getting the attention that it deserves!

10. Let your personality flow through

One of the main reasons as to why you started blogging about cricket, should be that you enjoy writing and analysing content on the sport. Enjoyment stems from being able to express yourself in the form of words. So, what better way to show this than to let your personality flow throughout your content. Not only will it make your content unique but research shows that having fun makes you 13% more productive in your work.

9. The longer the better

There is no “correct” length of article. In fact, the length of the article varies depending on what you are writing about. But, the rule of thumb is that longer articles are more likely to be attractive to Google and therefore drive more traffic to your blog. News articles should ideally be between 500 and 800 words. A piece of analysis, comparison or list should ideally be 800-1500 words.

In fact, some digital marketers even argue that posts up to 3,000 words are likely to outperform their competitors on every level. 

Therefore, there should be no harm if your cricket blog writing is both lengthy and well explained.

8. Proofread content thoroughly

This is absolutely key because Google checks content before they publish it, especially if you are trying to rank within news or top stories. Therefore, it is critical to proofread all content to a high standard. Use software such as Grammarly in order to double check. It’s no good spelling Virat Kohli or Joe Root wrong, when you are trying to write an article comparing them. If it does manage to get past Google, you can be sure that it won’t impress your readers.

Joe Root and Virat Kohli are two key topics to talk about when Cricket Blog Writing.
SOUTHAMPTON, ENGLAND – AUGUST 30 : Joe Root of England tosses the coin watched by Virat Kohli of India before the fourth Specsavers Test Match between England and India at The Ageas Bowl on August 30, 2018 in Southampton, England. (Photo by Philip Brown/Getty Images)

7. Use a variety of content strategies 

Since cricket gives you a lot of variety in terms of what you can talk about, it is best to diversify and use a range of content strategies to optimise your blog. News pieces should be a common theme because they help you obtain traffic in the short-term quickly, while you create other content for the long term. On the matter, writing evergreen content is a must because such articles can continue to drive traffic years after they have been published on the web.

For example, “The top 10 best fast bowlers in the world.” is a great idea because those bowlers who are at the peak of their game are likely to stay there for a number of years. Thus, meaning that the cricket blog writing will be relevant for the entirety of that time period.

6. Use social media to share your content

Once you’ve written your content, it is a great idea to share it with your friends and the wider community on social media. Particularly if you have built up a strong audience. For example having 10,000 followers on Twitter or 5,000 on Instagram can attract hundreds of views in a short time span. Sharing your cricket content on social media can cause it to go viral, should the topic be trending.


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5. Photo power

Make sure to choose the correct photos that will attract visitors to your site. For example, an image with rich colours and one that is high-quality will likely encourage users to click on the article. Similarly, the image should be of the correct length, especially if it is going to be the featured image. Make sure to use a variety of images, depending on the length of the article.

Longer articles (900-1250 words) demand at least 2-3 images to have a good split between text and pictures. News articles that are 500 words or so should have at least one image along with the main.

4. Time is off the essence

Contrary to what many believe, writing a successful blog is not a short-term venture. It will likely take 2-3 years of hard work to earn a good side income from your own blog. Firstly, you need to gain Google’s trust when you publish content. The way this is done is by gradually building visitors to your site.

Initially, your website may not receive many views per month. However, be consistent and eventually the tide will change. Cricket blog writing is a long-haul adventure.

LEEDS, ENGLAND – JUNE 21: Lasith Malinga of Sri Lanka appeals successfully for the wicket of Jos Buttler of England during the Group Stage match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 between England and Sri Lanka at Headingley on June 21, 2019 in Leeds, England. (Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images)

3. Research what works best for your audience

Research is absolutely key. Cricket is likely to have a variety of different audiences from across the globe and depending on who you want to target, content should be produced accordingly.

For example, your audience from England are much more likely to search up content about Joe Root or Ben Stokes, in comparison to Angelo Mathews or Lasith Malinga. Advertisers pay much higher ad revenue per impression and click from developed countries such as England and Australia and therefore those audiences should be targeted much more than those from the subcontinent.

You can use a keyword tool to research how many searches that a particular term will receive but these can be inaccurate sometimes. Hence, the best method is trial and error. Ideally, trial a range of different types of content and see what works well for your audience.

2. High quality content

There is no getting around this one I’m afraid.

Without producing content of the highest quality, you give no reason for your viewers to return to the site. Quality over quantity is almost always is true.

This means that you should have a very strong bank of knowledge on the topics that you are blogging on. Adding value through information and numbers means that readers will be intrigued and be able to learn new things, encouraging them to return to your site.


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1. Search-engine optimisation 

The most important aspect by a country mile.

SEO is attempting to optimise content so that it ranks as a top result for a particular keyword that is usually unpaid for.

You’ve produced high quality content, that has great personality and voice but poor use of on-page and off-page SEO. Unfortunately, it means that your article won’t be seen as it will likely be stacked within a pile of similar articles produced by competitors.

On-page SEO can be achieved through using a CMS ( Content Management System), whereby plugins can be used to guide you. Off-page SEO is a little harder and requires technical knowledge that can only be obtained through educational resources and experience.

We hope you enjoyed our 10 key tips when cricket blog writing!


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