Best cricket sledges of all-time: The top 5 ever

The best cricket sledges of all-time feature multiple Australian cricketers, who have been known to speak a lot during games.

Five famous sledging lines that will make you laugh

Sledging has been a common practice in cricket, in the same way that batting and bowling has been. This may sound odd but the “art” if you could call it that, dates back to the late 1800s during the days of Charles Bannerman. It is fair to say that it makes the game a lot stronger and brings a lot of excitement to the table. In this article, we will explore five of the best cricket sledges of all-time.

You’ve probably heard of some of these but do you know the context behind them?

5. Andrew Flintoff vs Tino Best

Tino Best of West Indies is bowled by Andrew Flintoff of England during the 1st Test between England and West Indies at Lord’s Cricket Ground, London, 24th July 2004. England won the match by 210 runs. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

It was 2004 and the West Indies were touring England. Tino Best had just attempted a few big sixes and was swinging wildly. Being a lower-order batsman, it was likely that he was going to try and score some quick runs for his team. Andrew Flintoff, who was standing at slip at the time made the comment “Mind the windows Tino.”

Best attempted to smash the ball into the pavilion again and was clean bowled. Flintoff and the rest of his English teammates stood there laughing, while the batsman had to make his way back to the dressing room.

Andrew Flintoff vs Tino Best is number five on our list of “Top 5 best cricket sledges of all-time.”

4. Viv Richards vs Sunil Gavaksar

Derek Pringle of England bowls to Sunil Gavaskar of India during the 2nd Test match between England and India at Old Trafford, Manchester, 26th June 1982. The non-striking batsman for India is Ravi Shastri, the England fielder is Phil Edmonds and the umpire is Dickie Bird. The match ended in a draw. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images)

The West Indies were playing India in a Test match and for some strange reason Sunil Gavaskar had decided not to open the batting, He watched as both makeshift openers were dismissed for a duck and then he came out to bat at number three,

Viv Richards, standing at mid-off subtly sledged him saying “It doesn’t matter when you come out to bat Sunny, the score is always zero!”

Viv Richards vs Sunil Gavaskar is number four on our list of “Top 5 best cricket sledges of all-time.”


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3. Mark Waugh vs James Ormond 

Mark Waugh batting for Australia during the 1st Test match between England and Australia at Edgbaston, Birmingham, 6th July 2001. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

It was 2001 and Mark Waugh had just finished batting. He was standing in the slip cordon during England’s innings. Being one of the best slip fielders and batsmen in the world at the time, Waugh thought that he had the license to say what he wanted to less experienced players.

Jimmy Ormond on his Test debut in the 2001 Ashes was on the receiving end. Mark Waugh sledged him saying “Mate what are you doing batting? There’s no way you are good enough to represent England?” to which Ormond subtly replied, “Maybe not, but at least I’m the best cricketer in my family!”

Jimmy Ormond vs Mark Waugh is number three on our list of “Top 5 best cricket sledges of all-time.”

2. Steve Waugh vs Herschelle Gibbs

Herschelle Gibbs batting for South Africa during his innings of 101 in the World Cup Super Six match between Australia and South Africa at Headingley, Leeds, 13th June 1999. The wicketkeeper for Australia is Adam Gilchrist. (Photo by Patrick Eagar/Popperfoto via Getty Images/Getty Images)

Before the 1999 Cricket World Cup, South Africa were thought to be the favourites to win the tournament, thanks to the talent that they possessed. They had a world-class team, headlined by all-round stars such as Jacques Kallis, Lance Kluesener and Shaun Pollock.

During the group stages, Herschelle Gibbs caught Steve Waugh and then tried a “childish” celebration where he threw the ball up before he had completed the catch and dropped it instead. At this point Waugh turned around to him and said “Mate, you’ve just dropped the World Cup.”

As it turned out, Waugh later admits that he did not say that but nobody really knows the truth behind it!

Herschelle Gibbs vs Steve Waugh is number two on our list of “Top 5 best cricket sledges of all-time.”


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1. Daryll Cullinan vs Shane Warne

Shane Warne and Daryll Cullinan often came up with the greatest cricket sledges of all-time.
Johannesburg, SOUTH AFRICA: Australian bowler Shane Warne (L) and wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist (R) run to congratulate Damien Martyn for catching out South Africa’s batsman Herschelle Gibbs for 53 runs. 02 April 2006 during South Africa’s second innings on the third day of the third five-day Cricket Test, at Wanderers stadium in Johannesburg. Australia ended the 1st innings with 270 runs all out. AFP PHOTO / ALEXANDER JOE (Photo credit should read ALEXANDER JOE/AFP via Getty Images)

Shane Warne had a hot streak against Daryll Cullinan. He had got him out numerous times in the past and in 1998, was licking his lips to bowl at the South African batsman again. Cullinan strode to the crease and marked out his guard when the voice of Warney rang out “I’ve been waiting four years for a chance to humiliate you buddy.”

To which, Daryll Cullinan replied “Well it looks like you’ve spent it eating!”

Daryll Cullinan vs Shane Warne is number one on our list of “Top 5 best cricket sledges of all-time.”


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