Best cricket games for Android users in 2021

Stick Cricket Premier League is the best cricket game for Android users in 2021.

Top-rated cricket games that you should download on your mobile

The world of digital entertainment is expanding quicker than ever before. The Google Play Store on Android is quickly becoming a gaming hub for sports and in particular cricket users, who want to indulge in the latest software on the market. In this article we will explore the best cricket games for Android users to download in 2021.

These games have been rated based on a variety of metrics, from game-play to graphics. We’ve also recommended which of these games suits specific types of readers.

So, what are you waiting for?

Read our top 10 below:

10. Smash Cricket

Smash Cricket is number ten on our list of “Best cricket games for Android.” It is both very easy to play and has solid graphics. In terms of general game play there is very little wrong and many users find it very enjoyable. There are a number of challenges that keep the Android user hooked to the screen. However, we feel that it could improve in terms of matching players online, in order to deliver a fairer contest. This is because at the moment, it doesn’t take into account the trophies or skill level of the player.

9. Chennai Super Kings – Battle of Chepauk 2

A cricket game for all Whistle Podu or CSK fans, because it allows the mobile user to interact and use all of their favourite players, such as Dwyane Bravo, Ravindra Jadeja and MS Dhoni. The exciting music theme gives it a good sound as well. However, we think it could be improved by adding a bowling option to the game and also improving the graphics.

8. World Cricket Championship 3 (2021)

The latest game in the series, World Cricket Championship 3 promises so much in the future, with more updates. However, it lacks in comparison to the previous version in terms of the batting and bowling controls and the user interface is complicated.

Nevertheless, the motion when capturing bowling actions and animations are highly rated. It has a lot of realistic scenes and moves, which give the Android user a fantastic experience.

7. Big Bash Cricket 2020

For the BBL and WBBL lovers, Big Bash Cricket 2020 is almost the perfect game for them to play on their Android devices. Reviews suggest that this game has a brilliant atmosphere and the graphics/sound are both top quality. However, a lot of users would like to see a man of the match award at the end of the game for the best performing player.


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6. Doodle Cricket

Doodle Cricket is a completely different game to most on this list. The simplicity of the game play is perhaps the key reason as to why it is ranked highly on Android. However, it cannot rank higher up the list due to the fact that a lot of ads pop up in between the game and there is no option to bat left-handed.

5. Stick Cricket Premier League

Stick Cricket Premier League is another fantastic game produced by Stick Sports. It is similar to the original online version that was played for PC. It has smooth game play and users can enjoy smashing boundaries at will. Plus, users can choose to play with their favourite teams in the Indian Premier League. However, there is sometimes a lag or a bug fix required in between the game and so we cannot rank it any higher until this issue is fixed by the developer.

4. Epic Cricket – Big League Game

Epic Cricket is number four on our list of “Best cricket games for Android.” The realistic nature of the game and the graphics allow it to be ranked number four on this list of best cricket games for Android users. There is no real payment required to enjoy this game and the players update with time as well. However, it could be improved by having different versions in-game such as career mode or multiplayer.

3. World Cricket Championship 2

Despite not being the latest version of the game, we felt that World Cricket Championship 2 is superior to it’s newer version. Both the graphics and the control are slightly better, in comparison to version 3. There are also a lot of different modes to choose from, including 50-overs or T20.


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2. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket 20 is probably second on this list because of the number of modes that it offers to users. The choices range from challenge mode to Road to World Cup mode. Android users can also team up with their friends or play 1 on 1 with other random players.

A number of the reviews state that it has really good graphics in-game, which makes for a realistic cricketing experience.

1. Stick Cricket Super League

Stick Cricket Super League is number one on our list of “Best cricket games for Android.” Having played the game myself for a number of months, I highly recommend it to others. It allows you to create your own player, with a huge range of hairstyles and accessories to choose from.

The best part, though, is that you can sign players in an auction bidding style, whereby there is a set base price for a player and you can bid in order to buy. This is very much in the mould of the Indian Premier League Auction.

The game play is very smooth and hitting sixes is a lot of fun. However, you can also fast track either innings, if you want to save time.

We hope you enjoyed our list of the top 10 best cricket games for Android users to play in 2021!

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