Should Rajasthan Royals Have Released Steve Smith?  

Rajasthan Royals have recently released Steve Smith, following their wooden spoon finish at IPL 2020.

Why Have Rajasthan Royals Released Steve Smith?

Rajasthan Royals (RR) have released Steve Smith before the Indian Premier league auction.

Although, RR and Smith’s performance were not up to the mark, there were some extraordinary performances by Steve Smith in 2020. As a result, this decision might not be the best one.

The snubbing of Smith is the result of the following two reasons:

1)     Rajasthan Royals The Wooden Spoon Holders

RR turned out to be the wooden spoon holders in the IPL 2020 edition. Steve Smith was the captain for RR in 2020. This definitely raised questions regarding Smith’s performance as a captain in the side.

2)  Steven Smith’s IPL 2020:

Smith had a rather mediocre IPL season. In the 14 games he played, his performance was not up to the mark. The following are the stats for Steve Smith for IPL 2020.

Year Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 4s 6s
2020 14 14 2 311 69 25.91 131.22 0 3 32 9


For a player capable of Smith’s level, these stats are not acceptable at all. His best IPL season was that in 2016.

Hence because of the above two major reasons, Smith has been snubbed by RR management. But, are these reasons good enough?

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Why Steve Smith should not have been released:

Steve Smith has shown that he can bat more aggressively now, with his excellent year in 2020.
Australia’s Steve Smith celebrates after reaching his century during the one-day cricket match against India at the Sydney Cricket Ground (SCG) in Sydney on November 29, 2020. ( Editorial purpose only) (Photo by Izhar Khan/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

In the recent one-day international series played against India, Steven Smith conspicuously transformed his game and featured as a much more aggressive batsman. In his entire career, this has been the highest strike ever he has achieved in a series.

Below are the stats for Steven Smith in series where he averages more than 70 and has scored more than 200 runs in a series.

Start Date Inns Runs HS Ave SR 100 50 vs
Nov 2014 4 254 104 85 97 1 2 SA
Jan 2015 4 226 102 75 93 1 0 Eng
Dec 2016 3 236 164 79 98 1 1 NZ
Nov 2020 3 216 105 72 149 2 0 Ind

Hence in 2020, Smith achieved a new milestone in terms of his hitting abilities.  With such an incredible.

Steven Smith T20 Against South Africa:

Smith had a decent start to 2020 in T20 cricket format. However, as the year progressed his performance saw a decline in this format. Nevertheless, against South Africa, he scored 104 runs against with an average of 52 runs per innings. His strike rate for that series was 142.4.

Steven Smith one of the Best Captains in IPL:

Smith is one the best captains in IPL history. His win-to-loss ratio is 59.52. This is just below Dhoni’s 59.65, which is the best in IPL history. Smith has captained in 43 matches out of which his side has won 25 games.


Steve Smith is undoubtedly the greatest test batsmen in the current lot of cricketers. Additionally, he is no minor in one-day internationals as well.

Currently he ranks 15th in the International Cricket Council (ICC) rankings for the batsmen in ODIs. However, his T20 career has seen a peak as compared to other forms of cricket. 2020 has been a year of up and down for Steve Smith.

And now he has been released by RR due to decline in his performance in IPL edition of 2020. However, he has achieved some incredible feats during 2020. Furthermore, he has been the second best captain in IPL history. Hence, his exclusion could turn out to be a bad decision for RR in the end. This is perhaps why the Rajasthan Royals should not have released Smith.

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