Best Cricket Live Streaming Services Available In 2021

Espncricinfo and Hotstar are among the best cricket live streaming services to watch the game and keep up with updates and scores.
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What are the best cricket live streaming services in 2021?

Cricket, despite being one of the oldest sports established many years agois one of the best and most popular sports in many countries in the world today. Even though it originated from England and later Australia, it spread very fast and became very popular with other countries like India, Pakistan, South Africa, and Kenya. Two competitive teams always play the game, each having eleven players battling and bowling in an oval field for a couple of hours, and sometimes it may take some days just playing.  Now the best part is that cricket can be watched on live streaming websites. 

The most interesting thing about cricket is that both males and females can be played anywhere, from the streets to the beach, backyards to parks. The game is always full of fun as it is competitive and socially in nature, making it loved by many people in the world. For these reasons, cricket has made its way to the portfolio of lots of sports streaming servicesThis article covers everything you need to know about cricket live streaming and lists the best sites where and how to do so. 

Real cricket fans know the pain of missing to watch a most crucial game. Most of them have decided to go for the best live streaming services to get all relevant information concerning their cricket teams and players to avoid this pain. Below are some of the best live streaming sites offering all available cricket services in 2021.


1. SonyLiv 

 SonyLiv is one of the best cricket live streamer services providers in 2021 to provide all domestic and international cricket matches. Itis made up of several channels, offering all the latest news about cricket, including current and upcoming events. This site also offers the best live cricket pictures of high quality plus matches with commentators giving commentaries from different languages, including English, French and Spanish, making it easy for one to watch and understand cricket games with ease. 

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Features of SonyLiv 

  • SonyLiv offers fantastic pictures and of high quality. 
  • The channels are free to subscribe. 3.
  • The site is designed with many options than being accessed easily by anyone when streaming live. 


2. Hotstar 

Hotstar is one of the best and most popular cricket live streamer providing the best services. This site attracts thousands of people to watch live cricket daily as it is designed to provide better services that can be accessed easily in smartphones, laptops, and tablets, unlike other sites. Hotstar also provides the best and latest cricket live streaming features, which are of good quality and commentators from different backgrounds offering commentaries from different languages that suit you. 



  • Hotstar broadcasts domestic and international matches and other tournaments, thus providing full enjoyment to the cricket fans. 
  • The visuals from Hotstar are attractive and of good quality, thus providing clear information about cricket to the fans when streaming live. 
  • The channels from this website and mobile apps require little /minimal amount for the subscription. 
  • All the current and previous analysis of cricket players and matches played can be accessed easily. 


3. Skysports

Skysports is another attractive and famous cricket live streaming website that provides the cricket fans’ best services. It is designed so that all domestic and international matches plus events are broadcasted live. 

The site also has a mobile app that can be downloaded easily in smartphones and laptops, making it easy to get the latest cricket updates worldwide. The commentators from different languages provide a major role in Skysports, especially when streaming live. They give clear commentaries on a specific cricket game, making it easy to understand. IPL 2021 will be shown by Sky Sports again this year, making the site an attractive propostion.



  • The website provides a TV guide to the fans on both the current and upcoming cricket matches. 
  • Skyports ensure all international matches and events are available to be streamed live by the fans. 
  • All cricket daily analysis and updates have been made available by Skysports to ensure that the fans don’t miss the crucial information about their teams and favorite players. 



BCCI TV is another popular cricket live streaming website that provides the best cricket services, basically in India. It provides all the latest news and updates about Indian cricket and their progress in the world. 

The BCCI website is well designed to support mobile applications, making it easy to have a live watch of domestic and international cricket matches. Also, the fans can easily check the statistics of the cricket matches and the number of players live using this website. 

The website, too, provides clear visuals and high quality plus different commentaries of different languages from commentators from various parts of the world. 



  • The BCCI website provides a live Indian domestic cricket match to the fans when streaming. 
  • All videos and photos of the previous cricket matches and analysis are available. 


5. ESPNCricinfo 

This is another website for cricket live streaming that provides that is popular and user friendly as it provides the ball by ball updates of both domestic and international plus a clear commentary language. 

ESPN Cricinfo provides its fan with all the latest cricket match analysis and news of their favorite players in the world and the scores from specific matches daily. 



  • The website provides all available updates on live cricket matches to the fans. 
  • The website also provides all the statistics for every match and player. 
  • This site provides all the latest news about crickets and other sports daily. 



Fancode is one of the best and popular cricket live streaming website that uses live video to broadcast both international and domestic cricket matches. This site provides all the latest cricket scores, news, and updates from those games streaming live. The pictures from this website are fantastic, giving visuals that are of good quality. 

The mobile app is easily downloadable on smartphones, PCs, tablets and laptops making it easy for one to live stream international cricket tournaments easily. 



  • Fancode website has a live commentary language when live streaming making easy to be understood by the fans. 
  • The website also provides tips to the crucial fans on different leagues. 

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