RCB vs MI key players preview and match ups: IPL 2020 match 10

RCB vs MI key players. Rohit Sharma and Dale Steyn are two huge players in the IPL.
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Battles to look out for and key matchups.

Here are our RCB vs MI key players and match ups.

We are all aware of how key matchups can be in cricket in any format, lt alone T20 where they just might be the most crucial.

We are also aware of the Rohit Sharma method of captaincy since he is big on key matchups.

It is now time we see what we can expect of a captain like Rohit Sharma with the team he fields and the head to head battles he creates.

Rohit Sharma vs Umesh Yadav:

  • He has 143 runs in 94 balls with 4 dismissals striking at 152.

This suggests the rivalry between them has been fairly balanced, although who comes out on top tomorrow could change this in their favour.

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Rohit Sharma vs Navdeep Saini:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Rohit v Saini

  • 33 runs in 19 balls without a dismissal striking at 174.

Saini is on the bad end of this matchup and it will be interesting to see how Saini plans to counter Rohit’s boundary scoring against him.

Rohit Sharma vs Dale Steyn:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Rohit v Steyn

  • 44 runs in 50 balls with one dismissal striking at 88.

Although the dismissal rate is low, Steyn could be crucial to countering Rohit while building pressure on him and also ask the other batsman to get going.

Quinton De Kock vs Yuzvendra Chahal:

  • 10 runs in 17 balls with two dismissals in ODIs
  • 30 runs in 25 balls with three dismissals in T20s

Chahal could be crucial to RCB’s fortune in managing to dismiss Quinton De Kock.

Suryakumar Yadav vs Yuzvendra Chahal:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – SKY v Chahal

  • 33 runs in 33 balls with 2 dismissals in T20s

Once again it could be upto Chahal to bamboozle the Mumbai batsmen with his spin and be the lynchpin in the RCB bowling attack.

Suryakumar Yadav vs Umesh Yadav:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – SKY v Yadav

  • 10 runs in 8 balls with two dismissals in T20s

Suryakumar Yadav will have to battle it out against bowlers he’s struggled to face when he faces RCB.

Saurabh Tiwary vs Yuzvendra Chahal:

  • 12 runs in 14 balls with one dismissal to go along in T20s

Chahal once again makes the list and definitely seems to be able to run through the Mumbai batting order.

Hardik Pandya vs Navdeep Saini:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Hardik v Saini

  • 22 runs in 11 balls without a dismissal in T20s

Can Saini work his magic and drag Hardik back or will Pandya continue on his merry way?

Kieron Pollard vs Yuzvenrda Chahal:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Pollard v Chahal

  • 49 runs in 37 balls with 4 dismissals striking at 132 in T20s

Yuzi Chahal makes this list yet again as he has a terrific head to head record against the Trinidian international.

Kieron Pollard vs Navdeep Saini:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Pollard v Saini

  • 15 runs in 19 balls with 2 dismissals striking at 79 in T20s

Saini has seemed to got the better of Pollard until now, will Pollard turn the table or will the dominance continue?

Kieron Pollard vs Dale Steyn:

  • 50 runs in 54 balls with 4 dismissals striking at 93 in T20s

The RCB bowlers will be competing to see who manages to dismiss Kieron Pollard as rather unsurprisingly Dale Steyn has managed to get the better of Pollard.

Kieron Pollard vs Shivam Dube:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – Pollard v Dube

  • 28 runs in 11 balls with no dismissal in T20s

Some respite for Pollard if he faces upto Dube whom he has dispatched for 6 boundaries in 11 deliveries.

Krunal Pandya vs Yuzvendra Chahal:

  • 30 runs in 20 balls with 0 dismissals striking at 150 in T20s.

It should not come across as a shocker if Krunal bats higher up the order to counter Chahal as most of the Mumbai batsmen seem to struggle against him.

Kohli vs Bumrah

  • 112 runs in 72 balls with two dismissals striking at 155 in T20s

While most players struggle against the likes of Bumrah, a certain Virat Kohli has the wood over him, the question begging to be asked is whether Kohli continues his dominance or will Bumrah drag him down.

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Kohli vs Pollard:

  • 38 runs in 29 balls with 3 dismissals.

While Kohli has done well against Bumrah, Pollard could look forward to bowling to Kohli. It may well just happen that Rohit brings on Pollard as Kohli walks out and it shouldn’t be a surprise. This is definitely among the key matchups.

De Villiers vs Pollard:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – De Villiers v Pollard

  • 23 runs in 27 balls with 3 dismissals across T20s.

Seems like Pollard the bowler may well be more crucial against RCB than Pollard the batsman and this could be among the key matchups.

De Villiers vs Krunal Pandya:

RCB vs MI key players and match ups – De Villiers v Krunal

  • 43 runs in 43 balls with 4 dismisaals in T20s

A well known matchup, but it still is among the key matchups. How Pandya bowls to De Villiers may just define the game.

By what we have here, it definitely seems like the game between RCB and MI is multiple matchups which is a game within a game itself. With the matchups on display, the game tomorrow should be an absolute cracker. Will Yuzi Chahal run through Mumbai or will the Mumbai batsmen manage to counter him this time?

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