Can You Beat the Bookies Betting on Cricket?

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You may have heard the expression ‘the house always wins’, meaning that you’ll eventually lose if you gamble long enough. However, it is possible to beat the bookies when betting on cricket. Here, we’ll explain how to do it.

In order to beat the bookies when betting on cricket, you need to use a range of strategies. Often, these revolve around capitalising on sportsbook errors and getting your bets on ahead of other punters.

Here are three betting strategies you should integrate if you want to beat the bookies when betting on cricket:

Do your research

Before you start comparing cricket betting odds and so on, you need to buckle down and do some research. For fans of cricket, a lot of this will come naturally. It’s a good idea to broaden your horizons as much as possible to take advantage of all cricket betting opportunities you find.

If you’re a Chennai Super Kings fan, start reading about other Indian Premier League (IPL) teams like the Delhi Capitals, Kings XI Punjab and Kolkata Knight Riders. Follow leading cricket news sites, blogs, and social media accounts from experts and insiders. Branch out to other cricket leagues. Explore the history of teams and look for patterns.

Research isn’t the most exciting step in beating the bookies, but it’s probably the most essential – so don’t overlook it.

Bet early

It might seem as if the bookies always know just how to price teams up. But, while punters can choose their battles, layers are obliged to price up thousands of markets daily. It’s inevitable that mistakes will be made.

Keep an eye on cricket betting sites to spot the early odds shortly after they’re released. This is a prime time to pounce on mistakes made by the bookies.

One famous spread betting company predicted total wides bowled in the 42-game 1999 Cricket World Cup at 255. Punters disagreed, expecting pitch conditions in England to see a number far higher. The firm posted a huge loss as the 979th wide of the tournament was finally bowled a few weeks later.

By betting early, you can act on errors or ‘ricks’ before they are corrected. Make sure you take obvious wrong prices as this opens up further opportunities closer to the event, such as laying back at a lower price – guaranteeing a profit regardless.

Look for value betting

In the same way that betting early is about spotting mistakes by the bookies, value betting is all about looking for overly generous odds.

To find value betting opportunities in cricket, you need to know your onions. Or, if you don’t want to do too much heavy lifting, you can use betting tips from experienced tipsters. The latter is especially useful if you already have a betting idea and seek confirmation. Use this combination of knowledge and tips to find value bets where you can pocket profit.

For instance, say Chennai Super Kings versus Mumbai Indians was coming up and the Super Kings were marked up at odds of 2.3. Dividing 100 by the odds gives us 43.47% – which is the chance the bookies are giving the Super Kings to win.

But what if you figured out the Super Kings actually had a 50/50 chance of winning? Our percentage multiplied by the bookies’ odds, minus 100, will give us the value as a percentage. In this case that’s (50 x 2.3) – 100 = 15%.

Finding value bets isn’t a perfect science as it requires you to create accurate odds of teams winning in your head. Plus, just because you spot a value bet, it doesn’t guarantee you’ll win. But, if you consistently find and back value bets, you’re likely to turn a profit in the long run.

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