Alyssa Healy Prediction Can Still Happen – For Now

If Australian player, Alyssa Healy, is part of the best team in the world, why shouldn’t she think that her team will avoid loss in every game?

Alyssa Healy predicted that her team would not lose a match of their Ashes tour. They took the first step towards fulfilling that ‘very bold’ prediction, defeating England by two wickets. Odds are that they’ll lose a game at some point but then, if any player on any team has earned the privilege to make such a claim without being laughed out of the room, it’s probably Healy. Australia are the best ODI and IT20 teams in the world and while Women’s Tests are now so infrequent that there is no ICC Rankings table for them, Australia has not lost such a match since January 2014. Perhaps the claim that Australia will lose a match is bolder than what we give it credit for.

Alyssa Healy Prediction Can Still Happen – For Now

Without overlooking that point, it should be admitted that Australia’s margin of victory was unusually low. The Ashes opener was just their fourth victory by two wickets in ODI cricket and the target was 49 runs lower than any of the other three wins. England got closer than what was probable when their top order was reduced to 4-19 and, for all the early wickets, England had the only 50+ partnership of the match (the sixth wicket partnership between Natalie Sciver and Katherine Brunt).

The rest of the series should be fascinating.

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