England vs India At Lord’s Day Four: Live Blog

Good morning and welcome to Lord’s. The sky is cloudy and the hover cover is lurking near the wicket. The Indian bowlers are warming up, but their batsmen are having a hit. England have been doing slip catching drills this morning.There has been no overnight declaration. We are running a live blog for this Test. Refresh the page for the latest updates. We hope you enjoy our coverage live from the media center at Lord’s.


17:34 – India are 127/9. Sharma 2* and Ashwin 30*.

17:33 – Ishant tucks Anderson a way for couple, but you can feel the England victory is imminent.

17:29 – WICKET! Shami is out LBW and England are one wicket away.

17:27 – Shot! Ashwin steers the ball down to the third-man boundary for four. India move to 125/8. Ashwin moves to 30*.

17:24 – Shami was given out, caught down the leg-side, but it was overturned after he reviewed it.

17:18 – And he’s bowled him! Kuldeep has been knocked over by Anderson for a duck.

17:16 – Ashwin keeps on going, picking up four runs through fine leg. Anderson straying in length.

17:10 – England review and ITS OUT! Chris Woakes makes the breakthrough first ball as he traps Pandya out LBW. It looked a bit high originally, hit him above the knee roll, but that has been overturned.

17:08 – Anderson beats Ashwin’s bat, but still no breakthrough for England. India are 116/6. Pandya 26* and Ashwin 21*. Woakes to replace Broad.

17:06 – This pair are starting to frustrate England, as Ashwin effortlessly takes another single into the leg-side.

17:04 – At the end of the over, India are 113/6. Pandya 25* and Ashwin 19*.

17:02 – Four more to Pandya, clipped through the leg-side to the boundary.

17:00 – Ashwin picks up a single, dropping Broad into the off-side.

16:59 – A beauty from Anderson beats Pandya. India are 107/6. Pandya 20*, Ashwin 18*.

16:56 – A thick outside edge past the slip cordon runs away for another four.

16:54 – End of the over. India are 102/6. Pandya 20* and Ashwin 13*. Anderson replacing Curran from the Nursery End.

16:53 – WHAT A SHOT. Gorgeous on-drive races away past the bowler for four.

16:51 – A couple to Pandya, dabbing the ball past the slip cordon.

16:50 – Another expensive over. India are 96-6. Pandya 14* and Ashwin 13*.

16:49 – Four more runs to Ashwin as he drives away through cover point.

16:48 – Curran sends one down the leg-side which races away for four leg byes.

16:46 – A rash flash from Pandya, which misses everything, ends the over. India are 88/6.

16:44 – A thick outside edge through gully brings four more to Pandya.

16:41 – A maiden for Curran.

16:37 – Runs flowing now as England attack, Pandya drives down the ground for four. India move to 84/6. Pandya 10*, Ashwin 9*.

16:36 – More runs for Ashwin, gets three through the vacant backward point region.

16:35 Ashwin this time gets runs, hitting a four past mid-on.

16:33 – Gorgeous shot from Pandya as he tucks the ball to the mid-wicket boundary for four. India are 73/6.

16:32 – Ashwin will continue.

16:31 – Ashwin has been struck on his finger and looks in some pain. The physio team are out.

16:26 – Another good over from Broad. India 66/6.

16:19 – And we are back. Broad to continue.

15:49 – They are now coming off due to rain.

15:48 – Maiden over from Sam Curran.

15:44 – Great over from Broad. India 65/6. Pandya 0* and Ashwin 0*.

15:40 – WICKET! Karthik is out LBW the next ball, Broad on a hat-trick.

15:37 – WICKET! Kohli is out, caught Pope at short leg. The ball skimmed the bottom of his glove then hit his hip and popped up. Kohli’s review in vain.

15:33 – Kohli was in pain, lying on the ground, in between overs. However, he hits the next ball for two.

15:30 – Four! Kohli plays a textbook cover drive and he moves to 14.

15:28 – Shot! After a quiet Broad over, Kohli picks a gap in the off-side to take two off Curran.

15:26 – Broad continuing after drinks.

15:17 – Bairstow put his helmet to stand up to Kohli off Curran. He nudges a single to deep square leg, to bring Pandya on strike. Bairstow goes back.

15:16 – India are 50/4. Pandya 0* and Kohli 6*.

15:13 – WICKET! Pujara is out bowled, by an absolute beauty from Stuart Broad. That jagged back in a lot and takes out Pujara’s stumps.

15:10 – After another bye, India move to 50/3. Pujara 17* and Kohli 6*.

15:09 – A beautiful cover drive from Kohli, but an equally great stop. Root shies at the stumps and they run an overthrow.

15:06 – A maiden over. Broad bowls a beautiful over which outfoxes Pujara.

15:01 – India are 48/3. Pujara 17*, Kohli 5*.

15:01 – A single for Pujara off the hips for one brings Kohli on strike to Curran.

14:58 – End of the over, India 47/3. Pujara 16*, Kohli 5*.

14:56 – Shot of the day from Kohli. Glorious cover drive for four.

14:54 – India 43/3. Pujara 16* and Kohli 1*.

14:53 – Four more to Pujara after playing a beautiful straight drive that beats mid-off. He moves to 16*.

14:52 – Kohli off the mark, clips Curran to deep square leg for a single.

14:49 – That’s the over. India 38/3. Sam Curran to replace Chris Woakes.

14:47 – A short leg comes in for Pujara, Pope goes under the helmet. Broad to continue.

14:43 – Poor keeping gives India a bye and Kohli is on strike for the first time.

14:42 – Pujara clips Woakes off his pads and they run two.

14:40 – A huge cheer greats Virat Kohli as he arrives at the crease. That was the end of the over. 35/3.

14:39 – WICKET! Rahane edges behind off a drive and Jennings takes a good catch at third slip. Rahane departs for 13.

14:38 – Lovely ball from Broad, beats Rahane’s outside edge.

14:35 – India move to 35/2. Pujara 10* and Rahane 13*.

14:33 – Another single, as Pujara finds the gap between mid-wicket and mid-on.

14:32 – Rahane drops one into the off-side and they run a quick single.

14:31 – Pujara plays out the rest of the over. India are 32/2. Pujara 9* and Rahane 11*.

14:29 – Rahane gets a thick inside edge, the ball missing the stumps. They run a single down to fine leg.

14:28 – After slashing at a wide ball, Pujara nudges a ball into the off-side for a single.

14:26 – Stuart Broad replaces James Anderson from the Pavilion End. Pujara on strike.

14:25 – A good over for India. They are on 30/2 (16). Pujara 8* and Rahane 10*.

14:24 – Four runs to Rahane. He whips away a ball on leg-stump to the fine leg boundary for four.

14:23 – Two singles in two balls gives Rahane back the strike.

14:22 – Another maiden from Anderson. Score remains at 24/2.

14:18 – Great over from Woakes. India 24/2. Pujara 7* and Rahane 5*.

14:16 – Rahane edges but it didn’t carry, it was so close to Cook at first slip.

14:15 – A great comeback from Woakes, beating the bat beautifully.

14:14 – Rahane punishes a full, wide ball from Woakes to the cover boundary. Great shot for four.

14:14 – A tight maiden from Anderson continues to build the pressure.

14:10 – India are 20/2 off 12 overs. Pujara 7* and Rahane 1*.

14:08 – Pujara steps forward and prods it into the gap for a single. He’s looking comfortable.

14:06 – Pujara drops one into the off-side for a single to keep strike. For Pujara England only have one fielder in front of square on the off-side, a mid-off. They have a square leg and mid-wicket for him though.

14:02 – A good over from Woakes, India are 18/2 off 10.

14:01 – Pujara drops one into the leg-side and India are off the mark back after the rain delay.

13:59 – We are back after the rain delay! Woakes is bowling to Pujara.

12:26 – An LBW shout against Pujara, but the ball is too high and going down leg. They run a leg bye.

12:24 – Pujara gets a single off the last ball of the over to retain the strike.

12:20 – Chris Woakes is replacing Stuart Broad. India are 15/2 off 7 overs. Pujara 4* and Rahane 1*.

12:19 – Pujara gets a single into the leg-side.

12:17 – First ball for Rahane and his first run. Tapped into the offside for one.

12:15 – Wicket! Lokesh Rahul is trapped LBW by James Anderson. He is out for ten. Ajinkya Rahane has come out at four, since Kohli cannot by for a while.

12:13 – Another good over for India. India are 13/1. Rahul 10* and Pujara 3*.

12:12 – Pujara gets a couple by clipping Broad through the leg-side for two.

12:09 – Rahul taps the ball into the covers for a single.

12:08 – India are 10/1 off 5 overs. Rahul 9* and Pujara 1*.

12:06 – A single brings Pujara back on strike.

12:05 – A rare loose ball on leg stump from Anderson gives Rahul another boundary, this time down to fine leg.

12:04 – A streaky inside edge gives Pujara single to fine leg.

12:04 – That’s the end of the over. India move to 4/1. Rahul 4* and Pujara 0*.

12:01 – A glorious cover drive for four from Rahul takes India off the mark.

11:59 – A wicket maiden for Anderson. India are 0/1 off three overs.

11:58 – Pujara is now at the crease.

11:55 – Wicket! James Anderson gets Murali Vijay caught behind. That’s his 100th wicket at Lord’s. India are 0/1.

11:54 – Another maiden over, a few drops of rain about.

11:49 – Stuart Broad to open up from the Nursery End to Lokesh Rahul.

11:49 – A maiden over to start.

11:48 – Four balls so far, three balls Vijay has had to play at. Not a huge amount of swing at the moment.

11:46 – James Anderson to open up to Murali Vijay.

11:43 – And we are back. The players are making their way out onto the field.

11:37 – Their lead is 289.

11:37 – A wicket first ball, Curran edges down to third man. ENGLAND HAVE DECLARED.

11:35 – Hardik Pandya replaces Ishant Sharma.

11:33 – England get another boundary in the same over, courtesy of a thick outside edge from Woakes. England lead by 287.

11:31 – Four to Curran, opens up the off-side and hits through the vacant cover region. The next ball he pulls for a huge six over deep square leg. England stepping up the rate.

11:29 – 379/6 at the end of the over. England are wasting their time at the moment, get India batting!

11:26 – Curran pulls Ishant for two and then goes for a huge swing the following ball, but he misses.

11:25 – Just two off the over. England are 376/6.

11:24 – Another Shami beauty beats the bat of Woakes.

11:22 – England are dealing in singles at the moment, no sign of the declaration.

11:20 – England are 374/6. Shami to continue to Woakes.

11:19 – Kohli is still off the field with a back strain.

11:17 – Woakes gets an outside edge that runs away past slip for four and follows it up with a cover drive that gets him another four.

11:14 – Once again Shami beats the beat beautifully. A top over from him.

11:13 – Another beauty from Shami beats Woakes all ends up. Great conditions to be bowling, why have England not declared?

11:12 – A great ball from Shami beats Curran, but the next ball is wider and Curran cuts it away for a single.

11:10 – Woakes gets off the mark, running the ball to deep backward point. He moves to 121*.

11:09 – Maiden over. England are 362/6, leading India by 255 runs.

11:07 – Good start from Ishant, three dot balls.

11:04 – Woakes goes for a wild slash and misses, after Curran nabs a single. Ishant Sharma will open the bowling from the Pavilion End to Sam Curran.

11:03 – The ball keeps low as Shami beats Curran’s edge. Will be tough conditions to bat in today.

11:02 – First ball of the day goes for four byes.

10:59 – The players are out on the field, Mohammed Shami will open the bowling to Sam Curran. Let’s play!

10:55 – Anya Shrubsole has just rung the five minute bell.

10:54 – What time do you think the England declaration will come? An hour before lunch?

10:52 – The hover cover has been dragged off the pitch so it looks like we will start on time this morning.

10:50 – The weather is holding out. For now at least. The forecast is for some rain this morning, but a clear afternoon. We should get the majority of the day’s play in.

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