England vs India Test Series: Fantasy Cricket Game

England vs India Test Series: Fantasy Cricket Game

For the first time ever, Last Word on Cricket are hosting a fantasy cricket game. With prizes to be won and free entry, there is no better site to play fantasy cricket on. The series in focus is the Test series between and England and India, with the first Test match starting on August 1st.

You can now register to take part in the competition via the form below.

The format of the competition is very simple. You have a budget of £100,000 and have to choose a starting XI using both English and Indian players. The international players are given a specific price depending on their ability, meaning that it will be hard to select all the players you want. The players in the fantasy game then score points depending on how the respective player does in each Test match. Since it is a bilateral series, you must have at least four players from one country (i.e at least four England players or at least four Indian players). Your team must have at least four specialist batsmen, one wicket-keeper, one-all rounder, and three specialist bowlers. Three changes may be made between each Test match.

The price values of each player are still being confirmed and so is the point scoring system. Last Word on Cricket will post an update in the next few days with those details. In the meantime, register your interest in signing up for the competition using the form below:

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