England vs India Second ODI: Live Updates From Lord’s

England vs India Second ODI: Live Updates From Lord’s

Welcome to Last Word on Cricket’s coverage of the Second ODI between England and India at Lord’s. After India won the First ODI in an emphatic fashion, England will be keen to bounce back and keep the three match series alive. Arjun Bhardwaj is in the Lord’s media centre, where he will be watching the match and posting live updates here. Refresh the page to see the latest updates.


49.6 WICKET! Chahal holes out to long-off and India lose by 86 runs.

49.5 Four! A streaky outside edge from Chahal races past the keeper.

Over 49: India 227/9. Chahal 4*, K. Yadav 8*. L. Plunkett 10-1-46-4.

Over 48: India 227/9. Chahal 4*, K. Yadav 8*. D. Willey 9-0-39-1.

47.5 Four! A straight drive past the bowler brings Chahal a boundary to get off the mark.

Over 47: India 222/9. Chahal 0*, K. Yadav 6*. L. Plunkett 9-0-46-4.

46.4 WICKET! Kaul is out LBW after missing a straight ball. Plunkett has four.

46.1 WICKET! Dhoni holes out off Plunkett and that is the end of a painful knock.

Over 46: India 215/7. Dhoni 37*, K. Yadav 6*. D. Willey 8-0-34-1.

Over 45: India 213/7. Dhoni 36*, K. Yadav 6*. L. Plunkett 8-0-39-2

Over 44: India 210/7. Dhoni 34*, K. Yadav 5*. D. Willey 7-0-32-1.

18:20 Change of bowling, Willey replaces Rashid.

Over 43: India 208/7. Dhoni 33*, K. Yadav 4*. L. Plunkett 7-0-36-2.

42.1 Four! Dhoni cracks a length ball through extra cover for four.

Over 42: India 202/7. Dhoni 28*, K. Yadav 3*. A. Rashid 10-0-38-2.

Over 41: India 197/7. Dhoni 24*, K. Yadav 2*. L. Plunkett 6-0-30-2.

Over 40: India 194/7. Dhoni 22*, K. Yadav 1*. A. Rashid 9-0-33-2.

39.3 WICKET! Umesh steps out of his crease to Rashid but misses. Buttler completes a tidy stumping and India are seven down.

Over 39: India 191/6. Dhoni 20*, U. Yadav 0*. L. Plunkett 5-0-27-2.

38.6 WICKET! Pandya is caught behind, down the leg-side. He was looking to flick it off his pads but only finds Buttler’s gloves.

17:54 Change of bowling, Plunkett replaces Ali.

Over 38: India 187/5. Dhoni 17*, Pandya 20*. A. Rashid 8-0-30-1.

Over 37: India 182/5. Dhoni 14*, Pandya 18*. M. Ali 10-0-42-1.

36.1 Four! Pandya is looking to go big now, and picks the gap on the leg-side bringing India four more.

Over 36: India 175/5. Dhoni 13*, Pandya 12*. A. Rashid 7-0-25-1.

Over 35: India 174/5. Dhoni 13*, Pandya 11*. M. Ali 9-0-35-1.

34.1 Four! Well Dhoni has now got a boundary, finding the gap between deep square leg and deep mid-wicket.

17:37 India’s last boundary was more than ten overs ago. The required run rate has climbed to 9.9.

Over 34: India 164/5. Dhoni 7*, Pandya 7*. A. Rashid 6-0-24-1.

Over 33: India 162/5. Dhoni 6*, Pandya 6*. M. Ali 8-0-25-1.

Over 32: India 157/5. Dhoni 5*, Pandya 2*. A. Rashid 5-0-22-1.

31.1 WICKET! Suresh Raina is bowled by Rashid, attempting an ambitious slog sweep.

Over 31: India 154/4. Dhoni 4*, Raina 46*. M. Ali 7-0-20-1.

Over 30: India 148/4. Dhoni 2*, Raina 44*. A. Rashid 4-0-19-0.

Over 29: India 146/4. Dhoni 1*, Raina 43*. M. Ali 6-0-16-1.

Over 28: India 145/4. Dhoni 1*, Raina 42*. A. Rashid 3-0-17-0.

Over 27: India 140/4. Dhoni 0*, Raina 38*. M. Ali 5-0-15-1.

26.6 WICKET! Kohli is out LBW, and Moeen has his rewards for disciplined bowling. India are in trouble here.

Over 26: India 137/3. Kohli 44*, Raina 36*. A. Rashid 2-0-12-0.

Over 25: India 132/3. Kohli 42*, Raina 33*. M. Ali 4-0-12-0.

Over 24: India 126/3. Kohli 40*, Raina 29*. A. Rashid 1-0-7-0.

23.1 Four! The first boundary for a while, courtesy of a Kohli cover drive off Rashid.

17:01 Change of bowling, Rashid replaces Stokes.

Over 23: India 119/3. Kohli 34*, Raina 28*. M. Ali 3-0-6-0.

Over 22: India 117/3. Kohli 34*, Raina 26*. B. Stokes 5-0-29-0.

Over 21: India 112/3. Kohli 32*, Raina 23*. M. Ali 2-0-4-0.

Over 20: India 109/3. Kohli 31*, Raina 21*. B. Stokes 4-0-24-0.

Over 19: India 105/3. Kohli 29*, Raina 19*. M. Ali 1-0-1-0.

16:43 Change of bowling at the Pavilion End, Moeen Ali replaces Plunkett.

Over 18: India 104/3. Kohli 28*, Raina 19*. B. Stokes 3-0-20-0.

Over 17: India 99/3. Kohli 24*, Raina 18*. L. Plunkett 4-0-23-1.

Over 16: India 90/3. Kohli 20*, Raina 14*. B. Stokes 2-0-15-0.

Over 15: India 87/3. Kohli 19*, Raina 12*. L. Plunkett 3-0-14-1.

Over 14: India 82/3. Kohli 17*, Raina 10*. B. Stokes 1-0-12-0.

13.3 Four! Shot of the day! A trademark Virat Kohli cover drive through the gap.

13.1 Four! A much needed boundary for India. Stokes starts with a straight ball which Raina flicks through the leg-side.

16:18 Change of bowling, Ben Stokes to replace Willey.

Over 13: India 70/3. Kohli 10*, Raina 5*. L. Plunkett 2-0-9-1.

Over 12: India 65/3. Kohli 7*, Raina 3*. D. Willey 6-0-30-1.

Over 11: India 61/3. Kohli 6*, Raina 1*. L. Plunkett 1-0-4-1.

10.5 WICKET! KL Rahul inside edges Plunkett and Buttler takes a stunning take. Rahul departs for a duck.

16:04 Change of bowling, Plunkett replaces Wood.

Over 10: India 57/2. Kohli 3*, Rahul 0*. D. Willey 5-0-26-1.

9.6 WICKET! Dhawan slices his shot to the hands of Stokes at point and England have their second wicket. Game on!

9.4 Four! Willey errs too straight and Dhawan duly puts him away past short fine leg.

Over 9: India 52/1. Kohli 2*, Dhawan 32*. M. Wood 5-0-31-1.

8.2 WICKET! Rohit Sharma dances down the track, looking to hit Wood over mid-wicket but misses it all ends up and is bowled. An unnecessarily wild shot.

Over 8: India 49/0. Sharma 15*, Dhawan 31*. D. Willey 4-0-21-0.

Over 7: India 45/0. Sharma 13*, Dhawan 29*. M. Wood 4-0-28-0.

6.4 Four! Now Rohit joins the party, pulling Wood again for another boundary.

6.2 Four! Dhawan continues his imperious start and pulls Wood over square leg.

Over 6: India 34/0. Sharma 9*, Dhawan 22*. D. Willey 3-0-17-0.

5.3 Four! Dhawan is timing the ball so well, he steers this ball past point for four.

Over 5: India 28/0. Sharma 8*, Dhawan 17*. M. Wood 3-0-17-0.

4.4 Four! Another cover drive from Dhawan, another four.

4.1 Four! Dhawan pierces the off-side field with a cover drive which brings him another boundary.

Over 4: India 18/0. Sharma 8*, Dhawan 7*. D. Willey 2-0-11-0.

Over 3: India 16/0. Sharma 8*, Dhawan 7*. M. Wood 2-0-7-0.

Over 2: India 11/0. Sharma 6*, Dhawan 4*. D. Willey 1-0-9-0.

1.5 Four! Shot! A well-timed cover drive from Shikhar Dhawan brings India a boundary.

1.1 Four! Willey gets the glove of Rohit but it races past a diving Buttler for four.

Over 1: India 2/0. Sharma 1*, Dhawan 0*. M. Wood 1-0-2-0.

15:15 Welcome back. India’s openers, Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, are out in the middle. Mark Wood to open the bowling. Get ready for a thrilling chase!

Over 50: England 322/7. Willey 50*, Root 113. S. Kaul 8-0-59-0.

49.6 WICKET! Root is run out while attempting to steal a single to Dhoni off the last ball.

49.5 Fifty for Willey! His first ODI half-century and it has come in just 30 balls.

14:41 Change of bowling, Kaul replaces Pandya.

Over 49: England 314/6. Willey 45*, Root 110*. U. Yadav 10-0-63-1.

Over 48: England 305/6. Willey 42*, Root 106*. H. Pandya 10-0-70-1.

47.6 Six! Stand and deliver. A beautiful on-drive from Root clears the boundary and cow corner to bring up England’s 300.

47.4 HUNDRED FOR ROOT. Joe Root clips the ball past mid-wicket for a single and brings up his 12th ODI hundred. It has come off 109 balls, with eight fours and no sixes.

47.1 Four! Another length ball and Willey swivels this away over square leg for four.

14:31 Change of bowling, Pandya replaces Kaul.

Over 47: England 292/6. Willey 38*, Root 99*. U. Yadav 9-0-54-1.

46.5 Four! Another boundary for Willey, he is playing a fanastic innings. Another full toss from Yadav and this time it sails over mid-wicket.

46.4 Four!  A loose full toss is duly put away by Willey, as he slaps it over mid-off.

14:25 Change of bowling, Umesh replaces Kuldeep.

Over 46: England 281/6. Willey 26*, Root 98*. S. Kaul 7-0-51-0.

45.4 Four! Willey is on the charge, he pulls Kaul over mid-wicket for another boundary.

45.2 Six! Now he goes one step further by swivel pulling Kaul for a six that just clears the rope.

45.1 Four! Willey hits Kaul straight down the ground for an elegant boundary.

Over 45: England 264/4. Willey 9*, Root 98*. K. Yadav 10-0-68-3.

Over 44: England 256/6. Willey 4*, Root 95*. S. Kaul 6-0-34-0.

14:11 Change of bowling, Kaul replaces Chahal.

Over 43: England 252/6. Willey 2*, Root 93*. K. Yadav 9-0-60-3

42.6 Four! A great shot through the covers for four from Root.

42.1 Four! A delicate late cut from Root beats short third man and runs away for four.

Over 42: England 240/6. Willey 0*, Root 83*. Y. Chahal 10-0-43-1.

41.4 WICKET! A fantastic catch from Rohit Sharma gets rid of Moeen Ali. Chahal tossed this one up and Ali tried to launch him over cow corner, but Rohit, running in from long-on, takes a fantastic catch.

Over 41: England 236/5. Ali 12*, Root 80*. K. Yadav 8-0-48-3.

40.4 Four! Ali sweeps Kuldeep over Kohli at mid-wicket and the ball races to the rope.

13:57 Change of bowling, Kuldeep replaces Umesh.

Over 40: England 228/5. Ali 6*, Root 78*. Y. Chahal 9-0-39-0.

13:53 Change of bowling, Chahal replaces Pandya.

Over 39: England 224/5. Ali 5*, Root 75*. U. Yadav 8-0-43-1.

Over 38: England 220/5. Ali 2*, Root 74*. H. Pandya 9-0-57-1.

Over 37: England 216/5. Ali 1*, Root 71*. U. Yadav 7-0-39-1.

36.3 WICKET! That is a massive wicket. Buttler has nicked off of the bowling of Pandya. He departs for just four. England are 214/5 off 36.3.

13:39 Since the last update, Stokes was out caught behind off Pandya.

Apologies for the delay in updates, lunch has just been served in the media centre.

Over 32: England 192/3. Stokes 2*, Root 55*. H. Pandya 6-0-42-0.

13:15 Change of bowling as Hardik Pandya replaces Chahal.

Over 31: England 189/3. Stokes 0*, Root 54*. K. Yadav 6-0-32-3.

30.3 WICKET! Kuldeep bowls a rank full toss and Morgan fails to clear the rope but instead picks out Shikhar Dhawan perfectly on the rope. An awful way to go after a great innings of 53 (51).

30.1 Fifty for Morgan. Eoin Morgan skies Kuldeep and mid-off running back couldn’t quite get to it and they run a couple. That takes Eoin Morgan to 51*.

Over 30: England 185/2. Morgan 49*, Root 54*. Y. Chahal 8-0-35-0.

Over 29: England 181/2. Morgan 46*, Root 53*. K. Yadav 5-0-28-2.

28.2 Fifty for Root. Joe Root clips Kuldeep for two to bring up his half-century, coming off 56 balls with four fours and no sixes.

13:01 Change of bowling at the Nursery End, Kuldeep replaces Raina.

Over 28: England 176/2. Morgan 45*, Root 49*. Y. Chahal 7-0-31-0.

27.1 Six! Morgan dances down the track and lofts Chahal into the pavilion.

Over 27: England 168/2. Morgan 38*, Root 48*. S. Raina 2-0-18-0.

26.4 Four! Root plays a delicate late cut and the ball races past short third man.

26.1 Four! Morgan sweeps Raina over square leg.

Over 26: England 156/2. Morgan 32*, Root 42*. Y. Chahal 6-0-23-0.

Over 25: England 152/2. Morgan 29*, Root 41*. S. Raina 1-0-6-0.

12:48 Change of bowling, Raina replaces Pandya.

Over 24: England 146/2. Morgan 26*, Root 38*. Y. Chahal 5-0-19-0.

12:45 A man just proposed in the crowd and the ground was delighted when she said yes. Sky jokingly had a ‘decision pending’ label at the bottom of the screen while he proposed.

Over 23: England 140/2. Morgan 24*, Root 35*. H. Pandya 5-0-39-0.

22.3 Four! First boundary for a while, courtesy of a stylish upper cut from Root.

12:40 It has been a slow few overs recently, with England just rotating the strike. India will be wary of this growing partnership.

Over 22: England 130/2. Morgan 22*, Root 29*. Y. Chahal 4-0-13-0.

Over 21: England 126/2. Morgan 20*, Root 27*. H. Pandya 4-0-29-0.

Over 20: England 121/2. Morgan 18*, Root 24*. Y. Chahal 3-0-9-0.

Over 19: England 118/2. Morgan 18*, Root 21*. H. Pandya 3-0-24-0.

12:25 Change of bowling. Pandya replaces Kuldeep.

Over 18: England 115/2. Morgan 17*, Root 19*. Y. Chahal 2-0-6-0.

12:21 Change of bowling. Chahal replaces Umesh Yadav, he will be bowling from the Pavilion End.

Over 17: England 113/2. Morgan 16*, Root 18*. K. Yadav 4-0-23-2.

16.3 Four! Morgan sweeps Yadav powerfully.

16.1 Four! Root plays Kuldeep off the back foot through the covers for a boundary.

Over 16: 101/2. Morgan 9*, Root 13*. U. Yadav 5-0-34-0.

15.6 Four! Morgan picks the gap in the leg-side and the ball races away to the Grandstand for more runs.

15.5 Four! Morgan gets lucky and an inside edge flies over the stumps down to the fine-leg boundary.

15.2 Four! Root clips Umesh off his pads for a boundary through mid-wicket.

Over 15: England 88/2. Morgan 1*, Root 8*. K. Yadav 3-0-11-2.

12:10 Eoin Morgan has come to the crease at number four.

14.1 WICKET! Roy holes out off Kuldeep and Umesh Yadav takes a great catch on the rope. That is a dreadful shot given the circumstances, Roy was looking good but he’s thrown it all away. That will be drinks.

Over 14: England 86/1. Roy 40*, Root 7*. U. Yadav 4-0-21-0.

Over 13: England 81/1. Roy 39*, Root 3*. K. Yadav 2-0-9-1.

12.3 Four! Roy hits Kuldeep through the covers powerfully and the ball races away to the rope.

Over 12: England 74/1. Roy 33*, Root 2*. U. Yadav 3-0-16-0.

11:54 Change of bowling. Umesh Yadav returns from the Pavilion End, replacing Kaul.

Over 11: England 71/1. Roy 31*, Root 1*. K. Yadav 1-0-2-1.

11.2 WICKET! Kuldeep claims another victim, England simply cannot play him. Bairstow looks to sweep Kuldeep but it comes off his pad and bat and rolls onto his stumps. An unfortunate way to go after a strong innings.

11:48 Change of bowling. Kuldeep replaces Chahal for the first over of the second powerplay.

Over 10: England 69/0. Roy 30*, Bairstow 38*. S. Kaul 5-0-30-0.

9.5 Four! More runs for England as Roy clips Kaul off his pads past short fine-leg.

9.2 Four! Bairstow hits Kaul over mid-wicket for another boundary. England are motoring here.

Over 9: England 60/0. Roy 26*, Bairstow 33*. Y. Chahal 1-0-4-0.

11:37 Change of bowling at the Nursery End, Chahal replaces Hardik Pandya.

Over 8: England 56/0. Roy 24*, Bairstow 31*. S. Kaul 4-0-21-0.

7.2 An uppish drive over cover from Roy brings up the fifty partnership for England. It has been a strong start from the openers.

11:31 It looks as if they are changing balls, the on-field umpires are examining a box of balls and a new one has been chosen.

Over 7: England 49/0. Roy 18*, Bairstow 30*. H. Pandya 2-0-21-0.

6.4 Four! This time Bairstow unleashes a glorious cover drive which pierces the cover ring and brings another boundary.

6.3 Four! A stylish late cut over point brings four more to Bairstow.

6.1 SIX! Roy carts Pandya over the off-side for a six that just clears the rope.

Over 6: England 32/0. Roy 10*, Bairstow 21*. S. Kaul 3-0-14-0.

5.5 Half an appeal for LBW as Roy comes down the track and gets hit on the pad. Looked a bit high and probably missing off-stump.

5.1 A tidy punch through mid-wicket brings Roy and England three runs.

11:22 Pandya beat the bat a few times in that over and looked more threatening than Umesh did.

Over 5: England 27/0. Roy 7*, Bairstow 20*. H. Pandya 1-0-4-0.

4.5 Bairstow flicks a length ball over the leg-side for a couple. His timing was off there and almost was a half chance.

11:17 Change of bowling. Hardik Pandya replacing Umesh Yadav. He has a cover sweeper and fine leg as his two men out.

Over 4: England 23/0. Roy 6*, Bairstow 17*. S. Kaul 2-0-10-0.

11:16 Dhoni and Kohli having a chat in the middle of the over and Kohli drops from a catching cover to a regulation one.

Over 3: England 21/0. Roy 5*, Bairstow 16*. U. Yadav 2-0-13-0.

2.4 SIX! Bairstow pulls Yadav for a huge six into the Grandstand. A well-timed shot.

Over 2: England 12/0. Roy 4*, Bairstow 8*. S. Kaul 1-0-8-0.

1.4 A glorious straight drive gives Bairstow another boundary, Kaul under some early pressure.

1.2 A rare mis-field from India allows Bairstow to get off the mark with a four through the cover region.

11:03 Siddarth Kaul to share the new ball with Umesh. Kaul is running in from the Pavilion End, Bairstow on strike.

Over 1: England 4/0. Roy 4*, Bairstow 0*. U. Yadav 1-0-4-0. 

0.3 Yadav gets an edge, but it doesn’t carry to Dhoni. It bounces just before it hits his gloves.

0.1 First ball, first boundary. Roy puts a straight ball away for four through square leg.

10:58 Umesh Yadav to open the bowling from the Nursery Ground end. Roy to take strike.

10:57 The umpires walk out, followed by India who are greeted with a loud cheer. Roy and Bairstow follow them to the middle. It’s game time.

10:52 If India win this series 3-0 they will return to the top of the ODI rankings. Can England stop this happening today? Just ten minutes to go before the first ball.

10:48 Before the match starts, have you ever considered becoming a cricket writer? We are on the lookout for new writers and offer great chances of media accreditation and remuneration. Send an email to [email protected] for more details.

10:43 The starting XIs. England: Roy, Bairstow, Root, Morgan (C), Stokes, Buttler (WK), Ali, Willey, Rashid, Plunkett, Wood. India: R. Sharma, Dhawan, Kohli (C), Rahul, Raina, Dhoni (WK), H. Pandya, Kaul, K. Yadav, U. Yadav, Chahal

10:37 No team changes, Bhuvneshwar Kumar still not ready to go and Kuldeep Yadav still in India’s eleven. If Joe Root fails again today, perhaps his position in England’s top order may come under threat.

10:34 Toss time! Eoin Morgan wins the toss and elects to bat. A brave call given the outcome of Thursday’s match and I am sure Virat Kohli will not mind chasing.

10:30 Eoin Morgan is out in the middle for the toss, Virat Kohli is yet to join him.

10:25 Still quite a few empty seats in the ground, but they are expected to fill up soon. Tickets were sold out early and have been selling for about £250 on exchange websites. Some have called this match the showpiece event of India’s tour of England. The toss is five minutes away.

10:15 Is it worth India resting Kuldeep Yadav? They may consider hiding him away for either the Test series or the 2019 World Cup. It would be unwise for them to give England a lot of practise of playing him, when he could remain a surprise mystery spinner.

10:12 Not long until the toss, both teams will look to chase most likely. What changes would you make to the England/India teams?

10:06 Both teams are out training and having a bowl on the practise wickets. It looks as if Bhuvneshwar Kumar is fit for India as he was spotted warming up. The India team are currently engaged in a full-squad huddle. It should be a thrilling game.

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