Royal London One-Day Cup Final: Live Updates

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Royal London One-Day Cup Final: Live Updates

Welcome to Last Word on Cricket’s live coverage of the Royal London One-Day Cup Final between Hampshire and the Kent Spitfires. We are reporting live from the media centre at Lord’s and will be bringing you live updates throughout the day and some post-match interviews. It should be a very entertaining clash. Refresh the page for the latest updates.

18:35 WICKET. HAMPSHIRE WIN THE ROYAL LONDON ONE-DAY CUP. Billings, needing 20 an over, went for the scoop and found short fine-leg. A pitch invader runs on the pitch and Hampshire are jubilant in the middle after winning by 61 runs. Thank you for following the game with us. See you soon.

18:25 A low scoring over again as the pressure mounts on Kent. Five overs to go, 69 to win. Qayyum on strike to Styen. How long will this last?

18:20 Billings takes a single to keep the strike for the next over. Kent need 73 off 36 and they are nine wickets down. The end is nigh. Berg returns to the Pavilion End.

18:18 WICKET. ANOTHER RUN OUT AND PODMORE IS SHORT OF HIS GROUND. Billings had to get two to keep strike but Podmore couldn’t keep up. Hampshire get their ninth wicket. Qayyum is the last man in.

18:16 There is no sign of Billings giving up as he reverse sweeps Dawson to the point boundary for four. The Kent skipper is showing great grit and determination today.

18:13 Billings is still going strong and creams Steyn down the ground for a boundary to end the over. Seven overs left, 84 to get. Podmore on strike, with Dawson to bowl his last.

18:10 WICKET. HAGGETT IS RUN OUT AFTER A DIRECT HIT FROM MID-OFF. Kent are now a one man team with Sam Billings carrying all the responsibility of his county. Podmore is the new man in.

18:06 FIFTY FOR BILLINGS. A hard sweep for four and a single to sweeper cover brings up Billings’ half century. After 42 overs Kent are on 238/7 needing 11.6 runs per over to win.

18:05 DROPPED. Weatherley puts down a chance at long-off to give Haggett another life.

18:01 Six runs. Billings hits Steyn for a huge six into the leg-side. Billings now moves on to 44* and Kent are on 231/7 with nine overs left. The asking rate is 11.1. Mason Crane to bowl from the Nursery End.

18:00 Sam Billings has no choice but to attack and hits Steyn down the ground for four and then chips the ball into the leg-side for a couple.

17:57 WICKET. MATT HENRY TOP-EDGES STEYN AND DEEP SQUARE LEG HOLDS ON TO A GOOD CATCH. Hampshire are jubilant in the middle, they know it will take a miracle for Kent to win this. However, Sam Billings is still at the crease on 31*. He will now be joined by Haggett.

17:55 We are now into the last ten overs with Kent needing 114 runs to win. Dale Steyn returns from the Pavilion End. 217/6 (40).

17:53 WICKET. STEVENS HOLES OUT TO LONG OFF AND HAMPSHIRE GO WILD. That could be the game as Stevens fails to clear the long-off boundary. He departs for 12 and Kent are now six down requiring eleven an over for the last ten. Matt Henry has come to the crease.

17:51 A clever reverse sweep from Billings brings four more vital runs to Kent.

17:49 Just six runs off that over and Kent still have a lot of work to do. Stevens is on 12* and Billings on 23*. 210/5 (39). Dawson is coming on from the Nursery End.

17:45 Kent now have 12 overs to get 127 runs. The score is 204/5 (38). Wood to continue.

17:44 Six runs to Darren Stevens as he carts Berg over the midwicket boundary

17:40 Despite the six to start the over, Kent only take nine runs from it. They now need 10.7 an over for the last 13. 192/5 (37).

17:36 WICKET. BLAKE IS RUN OUT AFTER TRYING TO COME BACK FOR A SECOND BUT FALLS PREY TO A SUBLIME DIRECT HIT FROM MASON CRANE IN THE DEEP. Kent’s problems increase, but the veteran Darren Stevens enters the fray now.

17:34 Dawson returns from the Pavilion End and Blake dispatches him for a huge six over midwicket.

17:33 Kent are really struggling here. Only four more runs off this over and now they need 148 to win off 84. That is at a required run rate of 10.6. Kent are on 183/4.

17:29 That turned out to be a great over for Hampshire, taking the wicket of Bell-Drummond and conceding just two runs. Kent are 179/4 (35). Berg is returning from the Nursery End.

17:24 WICKET. DANIEL BELL-DRUMMOND CHOPS ON TO HIS STUMPS OFF THE BOWLING OF WOOD. Bell-Drummond departs after grinding out 86 but when his team needed him to accelerate he couldn’t deliver. Alex Blake is the new man in and that will be drinks as well.

17:21 A better over for Kent as they take nine off Crane. 177/3 (34). They need 154 off 96 to win.

17:20 A powerful sweep from Billings yields four more runs for Kent.

17:18 Hampshire really applying the squeeze now, just three runs off Wood’s over. Kent are 168/3 (33), needing 163 off 102 for victory.

17:15 Wood replacing Steyn from the Pavilion End.

17:14 A very tidy over from Crane, just two runs off it. 165/3 (32), Required Run Rate: 9.2

17:10 Billings steers Steyn past the keeper for four and then nabs a single off the last ball of the over. Kent move to 163/3 (31).

17:07 Kent are 158/3 (30). They need 173 to win in 20 overs.

17:05 WICKET. DICKSON MISTIMES A SLOG SWEEP AND LOBS IT STRAIGHT TO COVER. Hampshire have a breakthrough and Dickson has to depart for 30. Crane has bowled a very varied spell, some long-hops and some gems. Sam Billings has come to the crease.

17:03 One bounce four over mid-on, who now drops to long on. Dickson moves to 30*.

17:03 Mason Crane replaces James Vince at the Nursery End.

17:01 Good first over back from Styen, just three off it. 152/2 (29), Required Run Rate: 8.5

17:00 150 up for Kent, off 28.3 overs.

16:58 Steyn replaces Dawson at the Pavilion End.

16:57 A great end to the over for Kent as the last ball finds the rope for a crunching four. Kent on 149/2 (28) – the equation is 182 to win off 132.

16:56 Six runs! Dickson lofts Vince over long-off for six.

16:54 Just three off Dawson’s over, 136/2 (27). The target is 331.

16:51 Still only six off that over, Kent on 133/2 (26)

16:49 A great shot from Daniel Bell-Drummond as he hits Vince hard through the cover region for four.

16:47 At the half-way stage Kent are on 127/2. They need 8.2 an over to win from here. Dawson has bowled a top spell so far: 6-1-19-0

16:44 A good over from Vince, just three off it and there was a dropped catch as well. Kent are 122/2 off 24.

16:43 DROPPED. Point puts down a tough chance.

16:41 James Vince is now having a bowl from the Nursery End.

16:39 Some frustration showing in the field for Hampshire as Kent regularly take singles to men in the ring. Another good over from Dawson -119/2 (23).

16:37 A costly over for Hampshire, as Crane now has figures of 3-0-29-0. Kent took 14 off it and Bell-Drummond has raced to 61*, Dickson is on 7*. 117/2 (22)

16:35 FIFTY FOR BELL-DRUMMOND. He hits Mason Crane down the ground for a four to bring up his half century. He follows this up with two more boundaries in three balls.

16:34 MAIDEN. Dawson rattles through a maiden and the crowd appreciate his efforts. The required run rate approaching eight now.

16:31 20 overs done and Kent are on 103/2. They need 228 to win off 180 balls.

16:30 100 UP FOR KENT. Kent reach the 100/2 mark in the 20th over courtesy of another long-hop from Mason Crane.

16:28 Another busy over for Kent, taking five off it. Score is at 97/2 off 19.

16:25 Liam Dawson has changed ends and is now bowling from the Pavilion End.

16:22 A long-hop is dispatched to the mid-wicket boundary by Bell-Drummond to take him to 38*. The following ball he edges past slip for four. A sudden flurry of boundaries. 92/2 is the score after 18 overs.

16:21 Mason Crane replaces Liam Dawson.

16:20 Sean Dickson the new man in and he has a lot of work to do today. Kent need 7.5 an over now and only have 83/2 on the board after 17 overs. Hampshire surely have the upper hand at the moment.

16:17 WICKET. DENLY MISTIMES A PULL AND THE BALL GOES STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR, MID-OFF RUNS ROUND TO TAKE A GOOD CATCH. Denly has to depart for 12, the pressure was building and he had to look to find the boundary. That will be drinks.

16:15 Dawson rattles through another over and Kent are dealing in singles and dots. Four off that over, Kent on 83/1. Pressure building.

16:12 Another quiet over, the score moves to 79/1 (15). Bell-Drummond 32* and Denly 10*.

16:08 Kent stuttering a bit, as the over only goes for three. The required rate is now above seven. The score is 74/1 off 14.

16:07 Dawson is immediately causing problems, he beats Denly all ends up with his fourth delivery of the over.

16:06 Berg closes out the over well and now has figures of 4-0-19-0. With Kent at 71/1, Liam Dawson is coming into the attack from the Nursery End. There is a slip.

16:04 Both sides have been electric in the field today, the ground fielding in particular has been exemplary.

16:02 Eight runs came off that Wood over, taking Kent to 70/1 off 12. The required rate is a steady 6.9.

16:00 Denly finds the boundary for the first time today, clipping Wood for four through mid-wicket.

15:57 A terrible misfield out on the cover boundary gives four more runs to Bell-Drummond and Kent. Berg hit some good areas that over. 269 to win off 234 balls, with Kent at 62/1 off 11 overs.

15:54 Ten overs in and Kent are on 56/1. Kuhn will be furious with himself.

15:51 WICKET. KUHN HAS RUN HIMSELF OUT. Kuhn drove the ball to mid-off and immediately set off for a run. There was never a single there and Kuhn has thrown away his promising start of 32. It was a great piece of fielding by Berg at mid-off. Denly is the new man in.

15:49 Wood replaces Steyn at the Nursery End. The keeper, McManus, is standing up.

15:48 Bell-Drummond, after dancing down the track and being beaten, guides the final ball of the over past short third-man for another boundary. Nine overs gone, Kent are on 55/0 in their pursuit of Hampshire’s 330.

15:47 FIFTY PARTNERSHIP. Kuhn drives Berg down the ground for four to bring up the fifty partnership after 8.1 overs.

15:46 At the end of Steyn’s over, he has figures of 4-1-23-0 and Kent are on 46/0 off eight overs.

15:45 Heino Kuhn had scored 664 runs before this match, at an average of close to a hundred. He looks in ominous form today. The next highest run scorer, Varun Chopra, has only managed 528 runs.

15:42 Kuhn whips Steyn off his pads for four down to the fine-leg boundary. That takes Kuhn to 26*.

15:41 Lord’s is looking glorious in the sun as Berg completes a tight over, conceding just three. At 39/0 off seven, it has been a fairly even start so far.

15:38 Berg replacing Wood from the Pavilion End.

15:37 A cracking shot from Bell-Drummond ends Steyn’s over. Steyn, after the beating the bat twice, strays too straight and gets punished through mid-wicket. Kent now need less than 300 to win, they are on 36/0 (6).

15:33 A costly over for Hampshire in the end. Kent took 12 off it and are now on 30/0 (5). Bell-Drummond 6*, Kuhn 19*.

15:31 NO-BALL. Wood oversteps and Kuhn will have a free-hit. He dispatches the ball for a huge six over mid-wicket.

15:30 Wood beats Kuhn’s edge and there’s half an appeal. Kuhn clips of his pads for two more next ball.

15:29 Again just one run from this over and Hampshire have found their discipline again. Kent are 18/0 off four overs.

15:27 A tight start to the over from Steyn and he has now decided to have a cover sweeper. Fine-leg is up.

15:26 A great over from Wood, Kent only take one from it. Their target is 331. They are on 17/0 (3).

15:23 Steyn’s first over was an expensive one, going for ten runs. Kuhn and Bell-Drummond each hitting boundaries. Kent have raced to 16/0 after two overs.

15:21 Arjun Bhardwaj spoke to Dale Steyn yesterday in an exclusive interview, have a read by clicking here.

15:20 Dale Steyn opening up at the other end. He offers some width to Bell-Drummond who dispatches him through the covers for four.

15:18 First boundary for Kent as Kuhn clips a full ball through mid-wicket for four. They have taken six off the opening over.

15:16 A big appeal for LBW, but it looked a bit high. Umpire not moved, they run a leg-bye.

15:15 Welcome back. Chris Wood is opening the bowling, Bell-Drummond and Kuhn are out in the middle. It promises to be an entertaining chase.

14:40 So, Kent will need to score 331 to win the Royal London One-Day Cup Final. Join us in about half an hour for the chase.

14:38 HAMPSHIRE FINISH ON 330/7. Northeast cheekily ramps Haggett over short fine-leg for a much-needed four.

14:36 WICKET. HAGGETT BOWLS BERG AND THE OFF-STUMP TAKES A BATTERING. Haggett’s miserable morning has gotten better as he dismisses Berg for just nine. Dale Steyn has come in to bat, three balls gone and only one off the last over.

14:32 Five of Henry’s balls were good but he gets hit for a huge six on his last delivery. He ends with figures of 9-0-64-0. Haggett will bowl the final over and Hampshire are going into the last six balls with 322/6 as the score.

14:29 Henry doing well here, keeping Northeast and Berg to ones and twos only.

14:28 Denly ends his magnificent spell with figures of 10-1-57-4. He has changed the course of this match. Lord’s rises in applause for his efforts. Two overs to go and Hampshire have 311/6 on the board.

14:25 A great shot from Northeast, over cover, brings four more to Hampshire.

14:25 Hampshire are 302/6 with three overs left. They have lost all of their momentum and Denly is continuing for his last over.

14:23 300 UP FOR HAMPSHIRE. Berg hits Henry over cover for two, which takes Hampshire to 301/6.

14:21 Matt Henry returns. Berg tries to hit him through mid-wicket but only succeeds in throwing his bat from his hand.

14:20 The score is 297/6 off 46 overs.

14:18 WICKET. WEATHERLEY IS TRAPPED LBW BY DENLY FOR A DUCK. Joe Denly has turned the game around and has given Kent four wickets. Can Gareth Berg and Sam Northeast bat to the end?

14:15 WICKET. MCMANUS SKIES DENLY AND LONG-OFF TAKES A GREAT CATCH RUNNING IN. Hampshire continue to be hampered by the regular loss of wickets. Joe Weatherley is the new man in.

14:12 FIFTY FOR NORTHEAST. Sam Northeast gets to a solid fifty which brings up a chorus of boos from the crowd. The score moves on to 294/4 with just five overs left in the innings. Denly to continue, he has two overs left.

14:10 Much better from McManus as he hits Podmore on the up over extra cover for four.

14:08 McManus fails to score any and Denly completes a maiden. That is not what Hampshire would have wanted, a wicket maiden. Six overs to go and 287/4 on the board. Northeast holds the key here.

14:07 Denly is looking dangerous now as he beats McManus twice in a row. He is building some serious pressure.

14:05 WICKET. DAWSON FINDS COVER WITH A LOOSE DRIVE, DENLY CLAIMS ANOTHER WICKET. Liam Dawson’s brief 8 (7) comes to an end with a poor shot straight to cover. Hampshire are now four down with Lewis McManus the new man at the crease.

14:03 Shot of the day! Sam Northeast drives inside out over cover for six. That takes him onto 48* and Hampshire to 287/3. With seven overs to go, expect some more big hits.

14:01 As we approach the death overs, it may be worth noting that yorkers have been the most effective delivery in this year’s tournament. When bowlers bowl that length, they go at 3.56 runs per over, average 16.55 and have a dot ball percentage of 57.9%. This makes it the most effective delivery (statistically speaking).

13:58 A good over for Kent comes to an end. Denly now has 7-0-45-1 and the dangerous Rossouw is gone. Hampshire are now 274/3 with eight overs to go. Can they cross 350?

13:55 Liam Dawson is the new man in.

13:54 WICKET. ROSSOUW HOLES OUT OFF DENLY. Rossouw has to depart after a sublime 125, he has given his team a great platform to post a huge total. A fantastic innings comes to an end. Great captaincy from Billings to keep Denly on. This wicket was an example of the commentators curse in action.

13:52 There have been seven individual scores of over 150 and Rossouw could make it six today. He is now on 125* and has played a near chanceless innings. Hampshire picked up eight off that over, they are now sitting at 270/2 with nine overs to go.

13:50 Northeast joins in and launches Podmore for a four in the midwicket region. What is Podmore’s response going to be?

13:49 Podmore back into the attack, Billings standing up to him.

13:48 The highest scores in Royal London One-Day Cup this year: 409/7 (Notts Outlaws), 384/8 (Kent Spitfires), 380/4 (Worcestershire Rapids), 379/7 (Yorkshire Vikings), 376/4 (Leicestershire Foxes). Can Hampshire get on this list? They are on 262/2 with ten overs remaining.

13:45 The umpire is nearly struck by a brutal hit down the ground from Rossouw, but manages to avoid it (just). The ball speeds away for four and now Hampshire are going at 6.6 an over.

13:43 Qayyum has bowled an interesting spell. His figures of 9-0-60-2 show how expensive he has been, yet he has picked up two vital wickets. It has been a Jekyll and Hyde day for him. Hampshire took 10 more of that over, 255/2 (39).

13:40 That is a big strike. Rossouw dances down the track and hits Qayyum for a six that lands in the bottom of the Warner stand. Hampshire gaining momentum.

13:37 Denly continuing and already Northeast and Rossouw have taken the aerial route. They have both come down the track and tried to lift him over long-off. After a few mistimed efforts, Rossouw hits a three through cover. 245/2 is now the score, with twelve overs to go.

13:35 A good comeback from Qayyum as he keeps Northeast quiet for the rest of the over. Hampshire reach 237/2 (37).

13:33 Northeast dances down the track and launches Qayyum for a six over long-off. Hampshire gaining some momentum here.

13:31 You can see the batsmen are adopting a more aggressive mind-set now. Northeast clips a four down to fine leg and Hampshire take 8 runs that over. They are now on 228/2 (36).

13:28 HUNDRED FOR ROSSOUW. The opener reaches his hundred through taking a single of Qayyum. He will be looking to make this a big hundred. It has been a sublime innings so far. Hampshire 220/2 (35).

13:26 Hampshire will surely have to start looking to go up a gear. With 16 overs left in the innings, they will be aiming for around 330 at least.

13:21 A rather uneventful over, with the only real highlight being lunch arriving in the media centre. Hampshire 214/2 off 34 and that will be drinks again.

13:18 Another boundary off Qayyum’s over and Northeast finds himself on 11 already while Rossouw is still in the nervous nineties (93*). Hampshire 210/2 off 33.

13:16 Hampshire have crossed the 200 mark and are at 204/2 at the end of the 32nd over.

13:13 Some sloppy fielding by the point boundary gives Northeast his first boundary.

13:10 The score has now moved on to 195/2 off 31.

13:08 The crowd have come alive, chanting and booing Northeast.

13:05 WICKET. JAMES VINCE HOLES OUT TO LONG ON OFF IMRAN QAYYUM. Vince departs for a well made 23 but Kent now have an opening. Sam Northeast walks in to a chorus of boos.

13:04 Vince 23* and Rossouw 88* with Hampshire steady at 193/1 off 30.

13:03 Stand and deliver. Rossouw crunches a four off the back foot and Stevens is now under some pressure.

13:01 Hampshire are 186/1 off 29.

12:57 An umpire review for a run out (Vince driving the ball straight down the ground and the bowler got a finger on it and the ball hit the stumps at the non-strikers end) amounts to nothing.

12:56 Vince slices a ball which just eludes mid-off who is running back.

12:52 Another four from Vince ends Qayyum’s over and Hampshire reach 177/1 off 27.

12:50 Great use of the feet from James Vince as he dances down the track and hits Qayyum for four through the covers.

12:48 Hampshire are still progressing well – the score is 165/1 (26). How many can they get?

12:45 Rossouw carries on his big-hitting and hits Stevens down the ground for a four. Mid-off now drops to a long-off.

12:43 Matt Henry is understandably taken off and is replaced by the ever reliable Darren Stevens at the Nursery End. Stevens has 5-0-26-0 at the moment.

12:42 In case you haven’t heard of Imran Qayyum before, the programme describes him as a ‘left arm spinner with revs aplenty and the confidence to match’. One boundary off his over, a Rossouw four through cover, and Qayyum now has 2-0-12-1 and Hampshire 157/1 at the halfway stage.

12:38 Matt Henry’s day still hasn’t got much better. He now has figures of 7-0-48-0 and Hampshire are 149/1 off 24. Vince 5* and Rossouw 63*.

12:36 A huge six from Rossouw as he dispatches Henry into the Mound Stand again.

12:35 An impressive first over from Qayyum comes to an end, conceding just four runs and picking up the important wicket of Alsop. Hampshire are now on 140/1 off 23 overs.

12:34 The former England number three gets off the mark with a stylish cut to the point boundary for four.

12:32 Vince has scored 504 runs in eight matches this year, at an average of 63 and a strike rate of 110. Will he go big today?

12:30 WICKET. ALSOP IS OUT STUMPED BY BILLINGS OFF QAYYUM. Alsop has played a fantastic innings of 72 (75) and has given Hampshire a really strong platform. James Vince is the new man in.

12:29 Hampshire still going strong at 136/0 (22) and now Imran Qayyum is replacing Stevens from the Pavilion End.

12:27 Fantastic shot from Alsop as he hits Henry straight back down the ground for a perfectly timed four. Mid on now drops back to long on.

12:24 Length balls have been hit for 4.92 runs per over in this year’s tournament and Stevens is hitting a length most balls. A quite over, four off it. Hampshire are on 129/0 (21). Alsop 65* and Rossouw 55*.

12:23 The batsmen are starting to get a bit more adventurous as Rossouw tries to scoop Stevens unsuccessfully.

12:19 Matt Henry may be the joint second highest wicket taker in the tournament, but today he has not looked threatening at all. His over leaks singles, after the six, and Alsop creams a four off the last ball. Hampshire reach 125/0 after 20 overs.

12:17 FIFTY FOR ROSSOUW. Matt Henry returns from the Nursery End  and is hit for a huge six into the Mound Stand to bring up Rossouw’s half century.

12:16 At the end of Stevens’ over, Hampshire are 112/0 off 19.

12:14 Stevens continues after drinks. Second ball into his over he is cut away past point for four by Alsop.

12:10 A sublime reverse sweep from Rossouw brings four more to Hampshire and they finish over 18 with 104 on the board. That will be drinks.

12:09 ONE HUNDRED PARTNERSHIP. Hampshire reach the 100 mark in 17.3 overs.

12:08 Hampshire are 97/0 (17)

12:07 FIFTY FOR ALSOP. Alsop reaches his half-century with a quick single and raises his bat to a packed Lord’s.

12:06 Spinners have been more economical than fast bowlers in this year’s Royal London One-Day Cup. Spin has gone at 5.52 runs per over while seam has gone at 5.79.

12:05 Denly: 2-0-11-0 and Stevens: 2-0-9-0 are slowing Hampshire down. The scores is 92/0 (16)

12:03 Pace off the ball seems to be the key today as Denly frustrates Rossouw and beats the bat.

12:01 The ground is now really full and there aren’t many empty seats (except in the Pavilion). Hampshire are 90/0 (15) with Alsop on 47 and Rossouw on 34.

12:00 Some frustration showing as Alsop can’t get Stevens away. A wild slash sees the ball beat the bat and go through to the keeper.

11:58 Hampshire going well at 85/0 off 14.

11:56 A delicate dab down past short third man brings a four to Rossouw and the following ball he crunches Denly through the covers for a well run three.

11:55 Another bowling change as Joe Denly replaces Haggett. First sign of spin today.

11:54 A tight over from Stevens ends with him beating Alsop entirely. You can really see the importance of experience on days like these. Hampshire are 76-0 off 13.

11:51 Podmore is replaced by Darren Stevens, the oldest player in the Royal London One-Day Cup. Stevens’ 6-25 against Surrey earlier this year are the best figures in the competition this year. Kent will be hoping he can make a breakthrough now.

11:49 That is another wide from Haggett, his figures now read 2-0-26-0 and Hampshire have cruised effortlessly to 72-0 at the end of the 12th over.

11:47 Haggett’s miserable spell continues, after being hit for another four past point he sprays a ball wide down the leg-side.

11:46 Haggett, who was hit for 18 runs off his first over, continues.

11:45 Hampshire are now 63/0 off 11 overs.

11:42 Tom Alsop’s highest ever Royal London One-Day Cup score came against Kent in 2017, when he hit an unbeaten 112. Will he go big again today?

11:40 Now Rossouw joins the party. He steers a good length ball just past a diving Sam Billings for four. There were four boundaries in that over and Hampshire now find themselves on 58/0 off the first ten overs.

11:38 Alsop really likes the look of Haggett and again dispatches him through cover for the third boundary of the over. Four balls into his over and there have been three boundaries.

11:37 First bowling change of the day as Haggett replaces Henry. Alsop dances down the track first ball and hits him through extra cover for four. An uncontrolled edge wide of slip, past third man, brings another boundary for Hampshire in quick succession.

11:35 The match programme says “watch out for Rossouw’s thumping drives, they often put Hampshire on the front foot”. At the moment Hampshire are on the front foot, courtesy of Alsop though. 40-0 off nine overs.

11:33 This opening pair is fantastic in terms of their running between the wickets. There have been some perfectly judged singles and they keep on rotating the strike.

11:31 The scores is 37/0 (8). Alsop 21* and Rossouw 12*. Podmore: 4-0-17-0 and Henry: 4-0-19-0

11:29 A glorious punch on the up down the ground brings four more to Alsop. Henry is yet to find the channel consistently.

11:27 Just three off the over, Hampshire steady on 32/0 (7)

11:25 A decent LBW shout as Podmore raps Rossouw on the pads, looks like it may have pitched outside of leg stump. Umpire not moved, dot ball.

11:23 A good comeback from Henry to close off the over. Hampshire will be happy with their start : 29/0 off six overs.

11:21 The flow of runs continues with Rossouw clipping Henry off his pads for four through mid-wicket. Kent will be slightly concerned with this start.

11:19 A clip through the leg side yields a couple of runs for Alsop. The ball really isn’t doing much. Hampshire are 25/0 off five overs.

11:17 Rossouw crunches a drive through extra cover for four off Podmore. It seems like a good day to be batting at Lord’s.

11:15 Four overs gone and Hampshire are 18/0. Alsop on 13* and Rossouw on 1*.

11:13 Kent have been electric in the field so far, stopping two well hit drives from Alsop in the covers. However, Alsop finally beats the cover ring and is rewarded with another boundary.

11:12 A much better over for Kent as Podmore hits a good length consistently. Hampshire only managed two off that over, they are 14/0 off three overs.

11:09 A lazy waft outside of off-stump and Rossouw is beaten. The following ball he clips off his legs into the leg-side for a quick single and Rossouw is off the mark.

11:08 Hampshire are 12/0 at the end of the second over.

11:05 Matt Henry sharing the new ball. However, he oversteps and Hampshire have a free hit. Henry spears in a perfect yorker and Rossouw can only scamper a leg-bye. Alsop then hits Henry down the ground for a four. Kent have been worryingly wayward to begin.

11:03 First boundary of the day as Alsop punishes a ball that strays too straight. At the end of the first over, Hampshire are 5/0.

11:00 Oh dear, a first ball wide. Not the ideal start for Kent.

10:55 The umpires are making their way out onto the pitch, followed by the Kent team. Tom Alsop and Rilee Rossouw are opening up for Hampshire. Harry Podmore will open the bowling.

10:53 The ground is filling up nicely, in particular the Compton and Edrich stands are near full. There are still lots of empty spaces in the Pavilion and Grandstand though, but they are expected to fill up as the day progresses.

10:30 Kent have won the toss and elected to bowl first. Hampshire have picked both Mason Crane and Liam Dawson for today’s match, with Dale Steyn spearheading their fast-bowling department. Kent will be relying heavily on their formidable top order today, especially with the form Henio Kuhn is in.