Sri Lanka’s New Year of Chandika Hathurusingha

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Sri Lanka’s new head coach, Chandika Hathurusingha, has made a lot of changes in his tenure till the 2019 World Cup.

Discipline. Attitude. Commitment. Qualities you could say over and over and consume it as a mantra. If you do it well enough, you might actually find some success. The former head coach for Bangladesh, Chandika Hathurusingha, embodies all of this as he is still in the process of moving left over bowling machines, side arms and the odd slip catching cradle into the doldrums of Lanka’s training centre.

With the sudden increase of Hathurusingha’s popularity on my twitter feed, you would think Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) has concocted a propaganda campaign to make him the next president. With every press release, SLC has put all their eggs in this one man to lift this team off the ground and start turning results around.

One of Hathuru’s many first decrees was the banning of music being played during training. If a player was caught with this sin, they were to be banished from the grounds. This was one of his first warning shots, which you just have to admire, as he is not afraid to put the barrel back in his sling, waiting for the next player to err. He will keep it pointed till the job is done.

Sri Lanka’s first trial by fire is a trip to Bangladesh. This tour will be a telling tale of a seaman jumping ship, swimming across seas to seek a new ship, hands his new captain the co-ordinates to his former crew and gives them the green light to fire. Bangladesh will be wary of Hathuru’s insider knowledge on certain players but they themselves believe this will prove futile.
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Discipline. Attitude. Commitment. I’m writing these words again because one of the main aims of Hathurusingha’s tour de force is to drill this into each one of the Sri Lankans. One of the reasons for Sri Lanka’s many drubbings in 2018 was down to these, discipline was lacking because in the way the batsmen would surrender themselves. Attitude was lacking from certain batsman to show intent. Commitment was lacking from most to improve their fitness for the growing concern for a dire standard of fielding. Such was the mess that was Sri Lankan Cricket.

Hathurusingha has brought a few generals with him too from the dark side. Both batting coach Thilan Samaraweera and physcologist Phil Jauncey. Both of them have worked with Hathurusingha before during his tenure at Bangladesh. Samaraweera is very familiar with the current crop of batsman from Sri Lanka. Jauncey feels his approach should not be about motivating players, but finding out what is stopping them from being successful.

Players aren’t fit? Hathurusingha has got you. Don’t feel confident with the way you play? Hathurusingha has got you. Playing music while training? Hathurusingha has got you. Fans, if you believe Sri lanka cannot accomplish the impossible in 2018, don’t worry. Hathuru has got you.

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