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Roston Chase has been named as the vice captain of the West Indies Test Team.

Roston Chase named West Indies test vice captain; responsibility rises

Roston Chase – The New Vice Captain Any leadership role in any sport is vital, however, cricket is unique in the responsibility that it places on it’s leaders. Especially when you are Roston Chase and have recently been named vice captain. Captains are tasked with the role of implementing tactics designed and discussed with the […] READ MORE

Younis Khan will be one of the Pakistan cricket coaches until the 2022 Cricket World Cup and the nation will be hoping his performances rub off on Pakistan Cricket.

Pakistan Cricket Coaches Performances In The Last Decade Analysis And Statistics

The predictably unpredictable Pakistan Cricket Team Pakistan is known for its consistently unpredictable performance and this unpredictableness is not limited to just cricket field. From appointment of pro-foreign coaches to granting of all the powers to rookie Misbah-ul-Haq is an epitome of this erraticness. Consequently, Pakistan has tried out various cricket coaches during the last […] READ MORE

Suryakumar Yadav makes it into our IPL 2020 Uncapped XI team of the season.

IPL 2020: Uncapped XI Team Of The Season

IPL 2020 Uncapped Best XI. The 13th edition of biggest T20 league in the world has come to an end and Mumbai Indians have been crowned as champions of the IPL for fifth time.  IPL is a platform where talent meets opportunities. Now, this is time to select our IPL 2020 uncapped Best XI of […] READ MORE

What relates the Los Angeles Dodgers misfields and the famous incidents of bad fielding in cricket's history?

Los Angeles Dodgers And Cricket’s Costliest Fielding Errors

World Series Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers were one play away from taking a sizeable 3-1 lead in the World Series only for the misfield gods to strike. But, what relates the Los Angeles Dodgers to cricket’s infamous misfields? An error each from centre fielder Chris Taylor and catcher Will Smith allowed the Tampa Bay Rays […] READ MORE

Did the omission of Suresh Raina, Harbhajan Singh and the fact that the IPL was played in the UAE, contribute to the Chennai Super Kings downfall?

When The Chennai Super Kings Were Brought Down To Earth 

What led to the Chennai Super Kings downfall? It is not every day that you get to witness history unfolding before you in a manner that is instantly recognisable. More often, what happens is that you look back at certain events and realise that they were significant. The 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League was unique in this […] READ MORE

Espncricinfo and Hotstar are among the best cricket live streaming services to watch the game and keep up with updates and scores.

Best Cricket Live Streaming Services Available In 2020 

What are the best cricket live streaming services in 2020? Cricket, despite being one of the oldest sports established many years ago, is one of the best and most popular sports in many countries in the world today. Even though it originated from England and later Australia, it spread very fast and became very popular with […] READ MORE

Jos Buttler has fallen victim of the mankad cricket rules on multiple occassions.

Cricket Rules And Regulations That Need Tweaking

Amending the Cricket Rules The cricket lawmakers constantly tweak cricket rules and regulations. The purpose of amendment is to make the laws in line with the common sense. For example, ICC after 2019 World Cup final has amended the super over tie law to ‘iterative super over until a winner’ rule. Previously, the winner in […] READ MORE

Ali Khan could be a big part of the USA Cricket future. He has been excellent in T20 leagues worldwide such as the CPL.

USA Cricket Future: Could The Nation Be The Next World Cricket Powerhouse?

USA Cricket Future The USA may not be famous for its cricket, yet, but they have plenty of reasons to be optimistic they can become a powerhouse in any sport they set their mind to. But for USA Cricket, what does the future hold? Firstly, sports like basketball, American football, baseball, and even soccer, the […] READ MORE