Calgary Stampeders

Nik Kowalski, Editor - Nov 16, 2018

After defeating the Saskatchewan Roughriders 23-18 last Sunday, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are now travelling to Calgary to face off with the Stampeders for a chance to play for a Grey Cup the following week. With a forecast of mainly sunny and high of 9 C, the weather should not play a factor in this […]

Breaking down the CFL West Final
Gina Schiltz - Nov 19, 2016

In this week’s edition of bold predictions for the CFL Finals, the prediction for the West Final between the Calgary Stampeders and B.C. Lions is that the game would come down to a field goal. A lot of games this season have turned out like this, especially for these two teams. Perhaps this prediction for the CFL West Final isn’t so bold.

CFL Division Finals
Thomas Gunther - Nov 19, 2016

Last Word on Canadian Football is back with it’s Bold Predictions! After generating plenty of discussion last week the crew takes on the CFL Division Finals

west semi-final tv
Gina Schiltz - Nov 11, 2016

The Stampeders are preparing for either B.C. Lions or Winnipeg Blue Bombers. But the West Semi-Final TV will be must see for the Calgary Stampeders.

CFL Check-In: Week 20
Thomas Gunther - Nov 11, 2016

The final CFL Check-In is here as Thomas Gunther wraps up the season and makes some playoff predictions in the CFL Check-In: Week 20.

West Division MOP Candidates
Thomas Gunther - Nov 2, 2016

With the 2016 season nearly over, Last Word On Canadian Football’s Thomas Gunther rolls out his list of West Division MOP Candidates.

Gina Schiltz - Oct 28, 2016

The Calgary Stampeders have played their best season and may make CFL history with another win this weekend.There are many breakout starters eligible for Most Outstanding Rookie this year. But one rookie does stand out. Calgary Stampeders DaVaris Daniels deserves to win Most Outstanding Rookie.

CFL Week 18 Talking Points
Thomas Gunther - Oct 24, 2016

LWOS writer Thomas Gunther is back with the CFL Week 18 Talking Points. This time Gunther takes a look at the whole weekend’s slate of games.

greatest cfl team
Nicholas Di Giovanni - Oct 20, 2016

Just two wins away from the best regular season record in CFL history, LWOCFL discusses if the Calgary Stampeders are the greatest CFL team of all time.

CFL Check-In: Week 16
Thomas Gunther - Oct 14, 2016

With the playoffs in sight LWOS takes a look at the entire league and makes some predictions in the CFL Check-In: Week 16 Season Review.

Dylan Konecny - Oct 11, 2016

The Toronto Argonauts have struggled in 2016, and even those struggles have their own struggles. The Argos this past week cut ties with four players. Head coach Scott Milanovich has hinted at major changes throughout the season. The release of four international receivers was a move to regain control of a locker room and re-establish […]

Calgary Stampeder`s Strategies
Gina Schiltz - Oct 7, 2016

The Calgary Stampeders are in a very unique position as week 16 gets underway in the CFL. The Stampeders have an opportunity to finish off the 2016 season with 16 wins. So the only remaining question is what is the Calgary Stampeders strategy for the remainder of the season?

mylan hicks
Nicholas Di Giovanni - Sep 25, 2016

The Calgary Stampeders announced the loss of Mylan Hicks, who was shot and killed outside a club last night. He was 23-years-old.

defence will decide
Gina Schiltz - Sep 23, 2016

Each team has a very good chance of winning. For the Calgary Stampeders and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, defence will decide who wins.

Dan Federkeil of the Calgary Stampeders
Cole Shelton - Sep 10, 2016

Dan Federkeil currently plays on the offensive line for the Calgary Stampeders. He was drafted fifth overall by the Toronto Argonauts as a defensive lineman. Federkeil went on to sign with the Colts of the NFL, where he won a Super Bowl. He retired in 2009 following concussion, but returned to Calgary in 2013. With Calgary setting up […]

smith tested positive
Dylan Konecny - Sep 9, 2016

Quinn Smith tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. This is a real black eye on the young defensive lineman’s career. This is his 2nd drug offence.

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Hamilton Tiger-Cats helmet
Oliver Eastwood - Sep 9, 2016

The last time a CFL team went a whole season without a win, Newfoundland had just joined Canada. But what caused the decline in winless seasons in the CFL?

Edmonton Eskimos
Oliver Eastwood - Sep 9, 2016

The international outcry surrounding the death of George Floyd in police custody has made its way north of the border to Canada and has reopened discussions around diversity and racism. CFL teams all offered their solidarity with the black community and affirmed their anti-racism stance; however, one team has faced backlash over the hypocrisy over their […]

Labour Day Classic
Last Word Staff - Sep 9, 2016

The ongoing pandemic is threatening the 2020 CFL season. CFL games may restart in September but, according to league commissioner Randy Ambrosie, this is the best-case scenario. Until then, unfortunately, CFL fans will be left with little more than reruns and football games at the All Jackpots Casino. News has recently emerged about a potential […]

Sean Thomas-Erlington of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Nik Kowalski, Editor - Sep 9, 2016

If there’s a player who deserves to be bitter about coronavirus postponing the 2020 CFL season, it’s Sean Thomas Erlington. Instead, the 27-year-old is eager to pick up where he left off. The Montreal native exploded out of the gates with Hamilton in 2019, averaging 139 yards per game — a total of 224 rushing […]

The Grey Cup
Oliver Eastwood - Sep 9, 2016

A few days ago, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie hosted a virtual Town Hall. In it, he made a few key announcements regarding the 2020 season. Ambrosie discussed both a shortened season and the cancellation of Touchdown Atlantic; however, the most impactful point made concerned the change to the Grey Cup hosting format. Previously, teams bid […]

Edmonton Eskimos quaterback Trevor Harris
Josh McSwain - Sep 9, 2016

Following up an icon on a sports team is no easy task. In the case of Edmonton starting pivot Trevor Harris, he is following up two different signal-callers that have been among the most accomplished in the history of the CFL. But more than just following up on Ricky Ray and Mike Reilly, Harris has […]

CFL All-Decade Team
Last Word Staff - Sep 9, 2016

Sick of 2010s’ lists? Well, we have good news — this is a 2020’s list! Totally different. In all seriousness, there are a ton of CFL players under 30 — an unofficial cutoff age for this team — who deserve some recognition for their greatness to come. And considering the CFL’s ratio rules of course, […]

CFL football
Oliver Eastwood - Sep 9, 2016

Set to become the tenth team in the CFL, the Atlantic Schooners have been in the works since 2017. As the revival of a failed 1980s franchise, the Schooners hope to bring football to the Maritimes. The region has seen significant support for a Canadian football team; however, recent and ongoing developments threaten to derail […]