Hamilton Tiger-Cats helmet
Oliver Eastwood - Jun 22, 2020

The last time a CFL team went a whole season without a win, Newfoundland had just joined Canada. But what caused the decline in winless seasons in the CFL?

The Grey Cup
Oliver Eastwood - May 28, 2020

A few days ago, CFL Commissioner Randy Ambrosie hosted a virtual Town Hall. In it, he made a few key announcements regarding the 2020 season. Ambrosie discussed both a shortened season and the cancellation of Touchdown Atlantic; however, the most impactful point made concerned the change to the Grey Cup hosting format. Previously, teams bid […]

Edmonton Eskimos quaterback Trevor Harris
Josh McSwain - May 26, 2020

Following up an icon on a sports team is no easy task. In the case of Edmonton starting pivot Trevor Harris, he is following up two different signal-callers that have been among the most accomplished in the history of the CFL. But more than just following up on Ricky Ray and Mike Reilly, Harris has […]

Mosaic Stadium in Regina
Nik Kowalski, Editor - May 21, 2020

Yesterday the CFL provided a much-needed public update to the state of its 2020 season. Commissioner Randy Ambrosie’s message had three key points: a potential season start date, the cancellation of Touchdown Atlantic, and a new Grey Cup host (possibly). Debating over the likelihood of the 2020 season being played would be endless, so hypothetically […]

CFL All-Decade Team
Last Word Staff - May 18, 2020

Sick of 2010s’ lists? Well, we have good news — this is a 2020’s list! Totally different. In all seriousness, there are a ton of CFL players under 30 — an unofficial cutoff age for this team — who deserve some recognition for their greatness to come. And considering the CFL’s ratio rules of course, […]

CFL football
Oliver Eastwood - May 14, 2020

Set to become the tenth team in the CFL, the Atlantic Schooners have been in the works since 2017. As the revival of a failed 1980s franchise, the Schooners hope to bring football to the Maritimes. The region has seen significant support for a Canadian football team; however, recent and ongoing developments threaten to derail […]

Toronto Argonauts fan
Oliver Eastwood - May 5, 2020

Draft day has come and gone, and 73 Canadians have been signed to the CFL. To discuss the good and the bad, here are the 2020 CFL Draft winners and losers.

Kyle Walters and Mike O'Shea
Nik Kowalski, Editor - May 1, 2020

The Hallett brothers are the newest sub-brand of the Canadian Mafia. With the 18th pick of Thursday’s draft, Winnipeg selected defensive back Noah Hallett, brother of Blue Bombers 2019 seventh-round pick Nick Hallet. Noah was Winnipeg’s first 2020 draft pick after the team surrendered their first-round pick as part of the Zach Collaros trade, which […]

Former Baltimore Stallions General Manager Jim Popp.
Oliver Eastwood - Apr 26, 2020

They were the best team of the CFL US Expansion and the only American Grey Cup-winners. The Baltimore Stallions’ success story is nothing short of amazing.

Saskatchewan Roughriders Uniforms
Stephen Bolen - Apr 22, 2020

With the uncertainty heading into the 2020 season, I’ve made it a personal mission to continue looking back on the CFL and its great history. Whether that be watching classic highlights and games, looking up stats of former players, or in this case — seeing the history and progression of the Saskatchewan Roughriders uniforms. Nowadays, […]

Bo Levi Mitchell
Nik Kowalski, Editor - Apr 21, 2020

Like him or not, Bo Levi Mitchell is one of the faces of the CFL. And truth be told, he is the perfect man for the role, a prototypical “face of the league” player if you will. Mitchell’s a gun-slinging quarterback with a Texas accent who talks trash (which he usually backs up). He’s a […]

Nik Kowalski, Editor - Apr 14, 2020

“Deon Beasley takes it to the end zone… and flips out… and so does this stadium!” It’s one of Rod Black’s memorable CFL calls, coming on the final play of a 2010 walk-off Winnipeg Blue Bombers win over the B.C. Lions. For those who don’t remember, this berserk game is from October 11, 2010 — […]

Josh McSwain - Apr 13, 2020

The sports world is in flux. Should the CFL cancel or delay the 2020 season?

Saskatchewan Roughriders Games
Stephen Bolen - Apr 8, 2020

Let’s pick things up from Part One of our list of Top 10 Saskatchewan Roughriders Games of the 2010s. It certainly is a trip down memory lane for myself as I’m sure it is for many. I remember where I was and the people I was watching each of these games with. It is my […]

Oliver Eastwood - Apr 7, 2020

Changes to the upcoming season resulting from COVID-19 will have the largest impacts on 2020 CFL Draft prospects, who face insecurity after college.

Saskatchewan Roughriders Games
Stephen Bolen - Apr 5, 2020

With the 2020 season in limbo, it doesn’t hurt to look back at all the great Saskatchewan Roughriders games from the last decade. The Roughriders have led their fans on quite the emotional rollercoaster over the last 10 years and it makes sense to look at a couple of games that played into that. This […]

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Nathan Rourke at Ohio before the 2020 CFL Drafy
Oliver Eastwood - Apr 5, 2020

Even though COVID-19 disrupted their path to the Draft, the college talent available is immense this year. Here are the top players in the 2020 CFL Draft.

under the radar free agency
Oliver Eastwood - Apr 5, 2020

It’s easy to miss the hidden gems that flew under the radar in the 2020 CFL free agency – here are a few that will have a big impact on their new teams.

Edmonton Eskimos
Josh McSwain - Apr 5, 2020

The Edmonton Eskimos started out the season hot at 6-2 but sputtered to an 8-10 finish. Still, it was good enough to get them to the playoffs after a one-year absence in 2018. They will go across the continent this weekend to face off against the Montreal Alouettes, who finished 10-8 and second in the […]

CFL Week 20 rankings
Jeff Burns - Apr 5, 2020

As we inch closer to the end of the CFL season, it is time for a look at the CFL Week 20 power rankings. Sticking to the same format as last week with only the six playoff teams. In the East, the playoff teams know exactly what their path looks like for the post-season. On […]

cfl week 19 rankings
Jeff Burns - Apr 5, 2020

The CFL power rankings for Week 19 are going to look a little different than the usual format. It is time to eliminate the teams off of this list that has been eliminated from the CFL playoffs. The focus moving forward will only be on the top six teams and how they line up against […]

Saskatchewan Roughriders
Stephen Bolen - Apr 5, 2020

As time runs down on the 2019 CFL regular season, so-to does the race for first in the CFL’s West Division. That’s what made this matchup between the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Winnipeg Blue Bombers one of the most anticipated games of 2019. The last time these two teams met, Winnipeg took it to the Saskatchewan […]

Kenny Stafford
Josh McSwain - Apr 5, 2020

After the 24-18 loss in Calgary on August 3, the Edmonton Eskimos made a move that many could not make sense of, trading receiver Kenny Stafford to the Saskatchewan Roughriders in return for RB/KR Christion Jones. It first seemed like a knee jerk reaction. In Week 8, Martese Jackson fumbled a punt that helped set […]

CFL Week 10 rankings
Jeff Burns - Apr 5, 2020

CFL Week 10 has been completed and the power rankings are anything but easy to figure out. Well, at least for the top six teams. The bottom three could stay the bottom three from now until the end of the year — and likely will. Week 10 of the CFL featured an amazing comeback in […]