Opinion: Bo Levi Mitchell, Please Come Back… on Social Media

Bo Levi Mitchell
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Like him or not, Bo Levi Mitchell is one of the faces of the CFL. And truth be told, he is the perfect man for the role, a prototypical “face of the league” player if you will.

Mitchell’s a gun-slinging quarterback with a Texas accent who talks trash (which he usually backs up). He’s a proven winner too. What more could you ask for? The answer’s easy: his Twitter profile back.

Bo Levi Mitchell and CFL Storylines

Maybe it was the early playoff exit, perhaps it was the stint on the six-game injured list, but Bo Levi Mitchell wasn’t his prominent self in 2019. He was still rocking a bandana and shades on the sidelines, but he didn’t have that oomph — on and off the field.

Then 3DownNation posted about a bizarre yet awesome interview Mitchell did with Calgary Sports Page’s Mike Lownsbrough. The on-camera interview is from August, but the article keyed on in one of the clip’s many outlandish things: Mitchell’s beef with Rod Pederson.

Mitchell and Pederson have had an ongoing feud for years now, and the former seems to be in no position to make amends. You have a listen and be the judge.

Duron Carter and the Riders say “Hey Bo”

Mitchell and Pederson’s beef escalated by virtue of Duron Carter, because of course it did. In one of the best CFL storylines of the past decade, Carter was moving from wide receiver to defensive back ahead of a tilt with Mitchell and the Stampeders.

So what did Mitchell, the M.O.P. quarterback, do? He called Carter out on Twitter.

Going into that game, even Roughriders fans felt wary of Carter switching to defence. But in a stranger than fiction moment, Carter intercepted one of Mitchell’s passes for six the other way, leading to Pederson’s infamous call on 620 CKRM.

The “He said he was gonna try him?” at 1:42 in the video below is hilarious. That story didn’t get its full due.


Win, Win, Win…then Grey Cup Mishaps

Mitchell’s achieved a ton in the CFL too. He won 12 of his first 13 starts, and then 60 of his first 72 with 14 straight along the way — all CFL records. But if there’s any knock on Mitchell’s CFL career it’s his 2-3 Grey Cup record.

Two of those three losses — 2016 to Ottawa and 2017 to Toronto — came at the hands of some bad interceptions by Mitchell. And while he only threw nine passes in the 2012 Grey Cup loss, it’s still a championship Mitchell and the rest of his team came up short in.

If Mitchell’s 5-0 in Grey Cups, he may be the GOAT already. For now, the haters exist.

Social Media Deactivation

In the interview with Lownsbrough, Mitchell touched on why he deleted his Twitter back in 2018. Mitchell hinted at off-field distractions being the reason while also saying, “Matt Nichols follows in my footsteps, so does Trevor Harris — everybody gets off social media and we go out and win the Grey Cup, [I] win M.O.P. that year.”

A quarterback staying off social media can’t do him any harm. Unfortunately, CFL consumers — and even Mitchell’s haters — are missing out on the league’s star quarterback trash-talking his peers and anyone in his sight.

Former teammate Alex Singleton on Mitchell

The whole inspiration for this opinion piece was Alex Singleton’s interview on The Waggle last week. Singleton, a former teammate of Mitchell’s from 2016–2018, said the following about the Stampeder quarterback:

Just his resume of play, it’s like gross to look at… this dude’s a freak, like yenno he’s only lost since I been here, I think it was seven games… The dude was cocky about it, if you call him right now he’s going to be like ‘Yeah what’s up were going to go 18-0 this year.'”

Mitchell’s cockiness is part of why he’s got a larger group of people rooting against him. But if you don’t want your team’s quarterback to display the same confidence that Mitchell has, you’re a liar.

And if you don’t find Mitchell entertaining, go back and look at the end of the last sentence.

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