Winnipeg Blue Bombers Top 10 2019 Playoff Moments

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When a team ends a nearly 30-year drought, an epic celebration will surely follow. The social media era has allowed football fans, and more importantly Winnipeg Blue Bombers fans, a variation of a front-row seat to the Grey Cup champion Bombers’ festivities. It has been the perfect end to a perfect playoff season.

Winnipeg Blue Bombers Top Playoff Moments

And it’s been quite the party, unofficially capping off Tuesday night at Bell MTS Place.

The top 29 moments from the celebrations may be more appropriate — and still easy to list off — but to keep this from eclipsing thousands of words, I’ve narrowed it to the top 10.

10. Darvin Adams’ West Semifinal Touchdown

A stunning 71-yard touchdown blew open what was an intense battle between the Bombers and Calgary Stampeders. And full emphasis on stunning, since Darvin Adams hauled the ball in on while running a go route past Tre Roberson, arguably the CFL’s best defender.

There was still plenty of game left — 26:14 to be exact — but that dagger for six was the first hint that Winnipeg may have been building something special in the CFL playoffs.

9. Portage & Main Sunday Night

The diehards who stayed home in Winnipeg got out to the streets after the Bombers’ win, rejoicing at Winnipeg’s most famous intersection, Portage & Main.

It marked the start of the “O’Shea” chants and an epic week. And zero police incidents; kudos to the crime capital of Canada for sharing the positive energy with no hiccups.

8. 17 to 33 for 6

You may have boldly predicted Zach Collaros throwing a deep touchdown on Tre Roberson, but Chris Streveler floating in a dime to Andrew Harris over Rico Murray was nearly unthinkable.

But the run-fist quarterback did just that on his second Grey Cup pass, giving the Bombers a sigh of relief with a double-digit lead before the half.

7. Bringing the Cup to Bell MTS Place

Andrew Harris walking out to centre ice with the cup raised high above his head while the Bombers’ fight song hit its base drop was a chilling moment for those at Bell MTS Place.

The ceremony was a final group hoorah — for now — to the Bombers’ championship and a cool moment between the Bombers-Jets fan bases and players.

It then inspired the Jets to route the dvisional rival Dallas Stars 5-1 on Tuesday night.

6. A Grand Manitoba Social

A Manitoba Grey Cup title called for a Manitoba-specific celebration: a social.

Over 3,500 Manitobans gathered downtown to mingle with one another and the players, making for an extra night of up-close interactions with Winnipeg’s latest champions.

For Mike O’Shea, it was literally a full night of mingling. O’Shea stood at the end of a makeshift line of fans looking for either or all of a picture, autograph, and conversation with the Bombers’ head coach, who was forthcoming to all approaching fans. 

5. The Joy of the Long-Suffering

This run meant a ton to the fans, whether they’re aged 29 or younger. It evoked adults to burst into overdue tears of joy, like superfan Golden Boy who’s thank-you video went viral.

Some captivating fan stories came into existence as well, like Ron Courchaine and his daughter Kaelee placing a 1990 Winnipeg Blue Bombers pin into one of the goalposts at McMahon Stadium prior to the Grey Cup.

Stadium painter Bruce Simpson witnessed a remarkable scene out on the field during Winnipeg’s celebrations when a man dropped someone’s ashes onto the midfield logo.

And of course, Chris Matthew got to put on pants.

4. The Crossbar

Two historic rivals battle for a spot in a championship, the home team trailing by seven late. The visitors recover a fumble, embarking in celebration. But it’s changed to an incomplete pass.

Next, the home quarterback is looking to convert a 3rd-and-10. But a defender jumps the route for an easy interception, only for it to slip past his hands and into the receivers. First and goal.

Two incompletions follow, setting up a third-down for all the marbles. The quarterback sees a man partially open, launches the ball, but it clanks off the goal post — a game-ending dead ball.

Show the above blurb to a director, and they’d tell you to make the scene a tad more realistic.

That sequence between Winnipeg and Saskatchewan in the West Final was undoubtedly the wildest moment of the Bombers playoff run, posing the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

3. Chris Streveler’s House

Streveler’s climb to Rockstar status began in WWE-like fashion, captured by Justin Medlock’s Instagram.

The Bombers quarterback boots open a door labelled “Our House” with the Stamps logo, and with an unbuttoned jacket, shades, cigar, and the Grey Cup in-hand, Streveler smoothly mutters out Spice Adams’ classic “u ha ha” laugh, making for an inspirational, viral clip.

Then there’s Willie Jefferson, who had more of a direct message postgame.

2. A Lit Parade

Between the alcohol-chugging, trophy raising, dancing to Young Jeezy’s “Put On,” and yelling back at the thousands packed into Downtown Winnipeg and The Forks, the Bombers and their fans had a blast at their long-awaited championship parade.

The often-talked-about quarterback room and an overjoyed Lucky Whitehead stole the show.

A fan also captured an update on Chris Streveler’s injuries — he’s not limping, he’s pimping.

1. For the W

Nothing tops the actual 60 minutes of football. The Bombers set the tone early with a Brandon Alexander interception. Then two Andrew Harris scores gave them all the confidence necessary.

It’s difficult to find a single Bomber who didn’t have a very good outing. Winnipeg collectively beat Hamilton in individual and team battles all night long.

That said, Harris along with Willie Jefferson, Jackson Jeffcoat, and Mike Jones deserve their own mentions for the dominant performances each put forward.

Those final moments — Chris Cuthbert saying “The have put the win back in Winnipeg” as hometown players Andrew Harris and Nic Demski sprint on the field holding each other — are iconic memories that will go down in CFL history and into the memories of Winnipeg fans around the world, literally.

And it’s got a lot to do with the team ending a 10,591-day drought.

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