CFL Week 5 Power Rankings

CFL Week 5 power rankings

Well hello there, and welcome to the CFL power rankings Week 5 edition. The CFL season seems to be moving at a swift pace with many interesting storylines to follow this week. While most of the news was made off the field, thanks to Montreal (Kavis Reed) and Hamilton (Simoni Lawrence), the football games were actually quite entertaining as well.

And that, of course, is where the focus of this article will be again this week. On the field and where each team stacks up against each other. Well, at least according to me.

CFL Power Rankings After Week 4

1) Winnipeg Blue Bombers (4-0)

     Last Week Ranking: 1

Until this team loses a game and/or looks like they might lose a game, they will likely hold first place in these rankings. The Bombers look terrific and although they beat up on a much weaker opponent in week 4, this team looks primed to dominate this season at least on offence.

2) Edmonton Eskimos (3-1)

     Last Week Ranking: 2

After another dominating performance by the Edmonton Eskimos against the BC Lions in week 4, the Esks stay at number 2 on this list. Destroying the Lions 33-6 on Thursday night, this Eskimos team looks nearly unstoppable.

3) Hamilton Tiger-Cats (4-1)

     Last Week Ranking: 3

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats last victory over the Calgary Stampeders happened in 2011. That streak ended on Saturday afternoon with the Tiger-Cats winning 30-23 over the Stamps. The Tiger-Cats remain at number 3 on this list and are easily the best team in the CFL East division.

4) Calgary Stampeders (2-2)

     Last Week Ranking: 4

Yes, the Stampeders lost last weekend but that doesn’t mean they aren’t the fourth-best team in the league. At least at this point of the season. The Stamps are absolutely decimated with injuries but are still looking to be one of the premier team in the CFL. Once they get healthy- watch out.

5) Montreal Alouettes (2-2)

     Last Week Ranking: 6

Everything is working out great in Montreal! No issues on or off the field this year. Because of their recent play, the Alouettes find themselves climbing up these power rankings. Everything is perfect and nothing can possibly go wrong.

6) Ottawa Redblacks (2-2)

     Last Week Ranking: 5

Losing 2 games in a row the Redblacks are sliding down the rankings like a small child on a toboggan. The Redblacks have been outscored 65- 33 during that time and look like a team that is lost. Things don’t get any easier this week as the Redblacks head to Winnipeg.

7) Saskatchewan Roughriders (1-3)

     Last Week Ranking: 7

It was a bye week for the green team from Saskatchewan. No movement to their ranking this week.

8) BC Lions (1-4)

    Last Week Ranking: 8

I have been saying for a few weeks now that the BC Lions will eventually find their way. While I still believe this, my optimism is dwindling. The Lions are getting crushed on the line of scrimmage and until they fix that, don’t expect them to jump up in the rankings anytime soon.

9) Toronto Argonauts (0-4)

     Last Week Ranking: 9

Ugh. This is not good.

The Last Word

While CFL power rankings are largely subjective, mine is 100% accurate. Feel free to disagree with me on my Week 5 CFL power rankings if you must, but you will be incorrect.

Of course, this is tongue in cheek but again, agree or disagree, I would love to hear from you. See you in Week 6.

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  1. I entirely agree the Bombers deserve the #1 spot but DOMINATING offence?? They sit 5th in net offence, last in passing yards at this point according to stats on Your own Nik Kowalski made some interesting comments about the Bombers. They can be exploited. The Bombers are a very solid, but not great team. They have been streaky for a few years now – 2016 had a 7 win streak, 2017 a 5 win streak & 10-3 run, 2018 a 4 win streak immediately following a 4 game losing streak. This “Nichol & Dime” offence takes advantage of the good field position given them by turnovers. When it comes to playoffs, they have underwhelmed. Fans have been waiting for this team to take the next step for a while now & they’re not getting any younger. They still are overly dependent on Harris in the run & passing game although Demski is getting more work there. And Adams is the only deep threat, with apologies to Matthews. It’s the same old, same old. They’ve had a pretty good schedule so far & were dominated by Edmonton in every area but, full credit, won the game. The schedule is tilted in their favour this year as they don’t play anyone on a short week & have both Edmonton & Calgary playing on short weeks this year, the only team in the CFL to be so favoured. ButI don’t see a 15-3, 14-4 team like the Stamps in recent years. It’s early, the Bombers are streaking – nothing new there. As for the rankings, I think you nailed them, Jeff. Good job as usual.

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