“We are behind Dom”: Ottawa Redblacks Teammates Rose and Baltimore Excited For Dominique Davis to Start Week 1

Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis will be the starting quarterback for the Redblacks’ season opener this Saturday. It is the career backup’s first real chance at a starting role in the CFL and two of his teammates could not be happier for him.

Redblacks defensive backs Jonathan Rose and Sherrod Baltimore were roommates with Davis last season. When asked about their thoughts on him being named the Week 1 starter, they were adamant about their support.

“We are behind Dom,” said Baltimore, when asked at last week’s Redblacks practice. 

The pair recalls talking about this exact thing happening last year when Davis was preparing to move houses. Following a Grey Cup defeat last season, the three teammates thought about the future success all three would have in the CFL.

“We manifested this. We had our last conversation in our house, in our garage just chilling ready to move out in a few days,” said Baltimore. “Dominique Davis was leaving the next day and we were like ‘no matter where we are, [next year] we are going to be starting somewhere, we just don’t know where it’s going to be’.”

What makes the start of this season special for the trio though is that it manifested in Ottawa. All three were free agents this past offseason and chose to re-sign with the Redblacks. Now the trio is beginning the year as key pieces for the defending East Division champions.

Common Ground

Each has had their own long journeys to get to their starting roles in the nation’s capital, but Baltimore can relate more than most to Davis finally earning a shot in this league.

Baltimore has spent time on and off the Ottawa practice roster since his time with the team but earned a starting position to finish last season and remains there heading into the 2019 campaign. He understands having to wait for the opportunity to show your value in the CFL.

“We already knew this was coming. I already knew he was a dog just waiting for his opportunity just like me,” said Baltimore.

In this year’s preseason CFL Media Poll, Davis received five votes as the player most likely to have a breakout campaign this season (only Calgary receiver Reggie Begelton received more votes in that category).

“For the offence, the sky is the limit because they have a lot to prove. So there is no limitation because no one has seen this group play together. For them, they need to come out here and establish who they are off the rip,” said Rose.

What’s Next

The Redblacks open their season in Calgary this Saturday night against the Stampeders. It figures to be a major first test for Davis as Ottawa’s starting quarterback against one of the league’s best defences. Jonathon Jennings may be waiting in the wings, but right now Davis is the captain of this ship.

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