Three and Out Week 12 CFL

three and out week 12
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Every CFL week includes enough highlights for fans to talk about until football returns a week later, and a few lowlights that keep fans shaking their heads. The LWOS CFL team takes a look with Three and Out Week 12 at the highlights and lowlights of the week that was in the CFL. 

Three and Out Week 12 CFL

Game of the Week: Calgary Stampeders vs. Edmonton Eskimos

After an exciting Labour Day weekend fans were treated to rematches across the CFL. While all had exciting moments, none of these were more fierce than the Calgary Stampeders facing the Edmonton Eskimos. After Calgary blowing out the Eskimos 45-24 in Week 11, tempers were high on both sidelines as the game kicked-off Saturday evening.

As if a foreshadow for the rest of the game, the first play saw the Calgary defence send an all-out blitz against quarterback Mike Reilly.  Reilly was hammered on the play but managed to get off a 104-yard touchdown strike to Derel Walker before going down. The Eskimos kept up the pressure as their defence held Bo Levi Mitchell and the dynamic Stampeder offence to just three points in the first half. Yet if this season has taught fans anything about Mitchell and the Stamps, it’s never to count them out.

Coming out in the second half to a 17-3 deficit the Stampeders came alive, especially promising young wideout DaVaris Daniels. After a quick field goal to start the third, Mitchell found Daniels uncovered for a 30-yard touchdown strike. It would be the first of two for Daniels as he would reel in a 27-yarder in the early fourth quarter.

The Stampeders defence found it’s stride as well and limited the Eskimos to a single field goal for entire second half. Due to this strong defence, it culminated to a missed 52-yard attempt by Sean Whyte, sending the game to overtime.

Both teams scored on their first possession, and Calgary scored again on their second drive. Eventually, Edmonton lost out when Reilly’s third down pass was deflected, ending the game. Calgary extended their winning streak to eight games, and the Eskimos slid to fourth in the West.

Thomas Gunther (@ThomasJGunther)

Player of the Week: Jeremiah Johnson

The B.C. Lions defeated the Montreal Alouettes on Friday night, 38-27. The Lions roared to the victory because of the outstanding play of their running back, Jeremiah Johnson.

Johnson rushed for 159 yards along with three touchdowns on 16 carries. On the Lions first play of the game on offence, he had a 23-yard run which led to Jonathon Jennings 25-yard touchdown strike to Emmanuel Arcenaux.

The Lions got the two-point convert on a three-yard run by Johnson to make it 8-0 early. On the following drive, Johnson got one carry and made it count as he had a 12-yard touchdown run.

On the Lions first drive of the second quarter, Johnson scored an easy one-yard touchdown run. At halftime, the Lions were up 24-6 and Johnson had six carries for 51 yards and the two touchdowns.

In the third quarter, Johnson started the Lions drive with a bang with a 26-yard run. Johnson was held in check in the third quarter but, when the fourth quarter started he returned to beast mode.

In addition, he had two big runs on Lions second drive of the fourth quarter. His first was a 14-yard run and on the next play, he scored his third touchdown of the game on 26-yard scamper. His third touchdown solidified the Lions win.  Johnson had ten carries for 108 yards and the one touchdown in the second half. Finally, Johnson was responsible for 18 out of the 38 points scored by the Lions.

Casey Dulson (@Casey_Dulson)

Unnecessary Participation: Montreal Alouettes Fiasco

The Alouettes are in trouble. Really, there is no other way to put it. The Alouettes are riding a roller coaster with no brakes, bound for misery. At 3-8, the Alouettes are wishing for the season to end.

In addition to their poor play, the Alouettes argue amongst each other in practice.

Translation: Small video portion of dispute between (RakeemCato and (KennyStafford. Actually, Cato is arguing with Duron Carter – Stafford’s cousin – following an alleged argument with Stafford.

The coaching staff escorted a fuming Cato out of practice.


After the Alouettes traded Kevin Glenn, there is a lack of leadership on the offence. They have plenty of talent, Cato included, but there is a big lack of cohesion.

The tension between players is the number one reason for their record. They do not have a lack of talent. They just cannot get along.

From the coaching staff down to the players, everybody needs to find a way to click for five working days a week and for the final 60 minutes in the work week. That’s their biggest problem – they are a three-quarter team. In the fourth quarter of games, they have been in it most of the time, but for whatever reason do not grab and push onto each other for a win.

Passion grows by the final 15 minutes, and the players fail to turn the passion into a win. Instead, the passion grows into anger, which is let out during practice.

Serious precautions need to be taken to make sure players don’t fight anymore. It is getting embarrassing for the organization.

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