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Better Career: Brandon Ingram or Jayson Tatum?

Started by Al Preziosi, September 02, 2020, 10:28:49 pm

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Al Preziosi

Who will have a better career: Brandon Ingram or Jayson Tatum?


Tatum. Ingram is a volume shooter and streaky scorer. Tatum developed a lot of his offensive game and became a great playmaker this postseason to go along with a really good scoring ability. Tatum will be much better


Probably Tatum, but he needs to start playing better in bigger moments.


Make it three for Tatum.  I just see him having a better future.
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Tatum, all day errr day..   His offensive game is just so smooth, and he improved a lot defensively this year. Also add in how much big game experience he has in one less season than BI. I think Ingram is a real good player, but Tatum is a level above him.


Tatum...not close

Bigger shot creator from outside and much better on the dribble to the basket


Tatum for me. Better scorer and also can turn it on when it matters