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Draft Day Steals?

Started by JordanHaddock, November 21, 2020, 07:42:06 pm

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Who's your biggest steal of the draft?

For me it's gotta be RJ Hampton late in the first. Guy has some elite talent and I think a lot of teams looked too deeply at his down year.

Raheem Farhan Bashir

I am going to go with the Toronto Raptors. Listening to an interview with one Raptors representative, they feel like they got two players who they felt were drafted low in the NBA Draft.


I agree on RJ Hampton. I had also been big on Cole Anthony for a while but I've cooled on him a bit. I still think he has nice upside as an explosive guard that can score. RJ is similar too but a bit bigger and both need to work on shot selection so we'll see but I like both especially Hampton.
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