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Masters Week

Started by Alex Metzger, November 12, 2020, 12:56:11 pm

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Alex Metzger

Seeing as there is no actual golf spot, let's discuss here! Who do you think is taking the Masters this weekend?

Dan Mount

Used to be one, but the golf place flopped. I always look forward to this tournament.
Marketing Manager, Last Word on Hockey

Dan Mount

Marketing Manager, Last Word on Hockey


Yeah it was cool to see it go down a different time of year

Ross Crawford

One of the plus points about all sport being cancelled for three/four months.

That's all in the past, and now fans are getting tons of rescheduled events at random times of the year.


True, and the random spot of the Masters in November set up a very rare scheduling scene in golf majors.  At this point in time, the last major played was The Masters (Nov. 2020) and the next major to be played is...The Masters, (April 2021).