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MLB / How many starts will Cole, Klu...
Last post by DJKleinbard - Today at 02:32:56 am
Over/Under 80 combined starts from the three of them?
NFL / Re: Should Rodgers want to lea...
Last post by RyBred - Yesterday at 11:40:19 pm
I think he still has the best shot at a SB if he stays put. Made the NFC Championship and is likely going to win MVP. Not sure if another team really gives him a better shot.

Having said tbat, send him to the Raiders
NFL / Should Rodgers want to leave G...
Last post by R-S.Ben - Yesterday at 11:33:46 pm
So I couldn't help but notice how pissed Rodgers looked at the end of the NFCCG presser and I think we need to revisit if he should want out again.

Rodgers is going to win the MVP this year but his team really isn't that great. I think Adams eluded to it earlier in one of the features. He said something along the line of 'if the team isn't going to get him more targets, I have to step up' and I thought that was really telling of how they've treated Rodgers these past few years. I also think Matt LaFleur had to answer a question of whether Rodgers will be back or not.

The Packers aren't a great team and while they've won a lot they are clearly below the elite tier when it comes to their roster. Not only that, instead of upgrading their roster where it would've benefitted Rodgers, they drafted his successor. That would rub me the wrong way personally.

Favre left. Manning left. Brady left. It's not out of the question. So do you think Rodgers best move is to leave the Packers?

(Also this is not will he leave, because I don't think we're there yet, but SHOULD he want to leave?)
Pro Wrestling / Re: WWE Thread
Last post by LWOS_Marilee - Yesterday at 10:06:36 pm
Quote from: LWOS_Robbie on January 22, 2021, 04:00:51 pmIt has to be a weird Vince McMahon thing, as he's not been known to be high on much tag team wrestling. It sucks because when done well, tag teams can put on some great matches and tell gripping stories. I don't know, man.

Yeah I mean, it sucks because at times, that company has been at it's best on the backs of its tag division.
NFL / Re: Eagles Hire Nick Sirianni
Last post by DavidLatham - Yesterday at 10:04:40 pm
As a Jalen Hurts dynasty owner, this move crushes me
NFL / Re: Matthew Stafford Trade Thr...
Last post by DavidLatham - Yesterday at 10:03:23 pm
WFT really is just a quarterback away. For McLaurin's sake I hope they find one
NFL / Re: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas Ci...
Last post by DavidLatham - Yesterday at 10:02:46 pm
It was a good run, Buffalo. Future is bright, even if Allen never plays THIS well again, they've got the right coach and GM for the job.

Question for Bills fans: do you root for the team that just killed your Super Bowl dreams, or do you root for the guy that destroyed your hopes and dreams for the better part of two decades?
NFL / Re: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas Ci...
Last post by LWOS_Marilee - Yesterday at 09:33:00 pm
The Bills and Josh Allen are who we thought they were. Good, but not ready for this stage.
NFL / Re: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas Ci...
Last post by LWOS_Marilee - Yesterday at 09:32:12 pm
It's easy to say this now but I've got a betting preview I wrote as proof if anyone doesn't believe me, lol, but the second I heard Mahomes was playing I knew the outcome. I will say though, I really thought it would have been closer. Was not expecting a blow out like this. Chiefs proved tonight they are in a class of their own.
NFL / Re: Buffalo Bills vs Kansas Ci...
Last post by LWOS_Marilee - Yesterday at 09:30:32 pm
Quote from: Ross Crawford on Yesterday at 09:09:48 pmToo much faith in defense that played well last week but hasn't shown any capability of stopping Mahomes tonight

I tried to warn people that the Colts/Browns stuff was fools gold. Chiefs are a whole nother animal. A class of their own really. No one is on KC's level.
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