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Yeah Tua will be back next week. This game was awful.
I'm surprised the Raiders are hanging in this one. I thought KC would stomp them this time around.
Might have been but I hope not for Jalen Reagor's sake.

Quote from: DavidLatham on Yesterday at 09:01:54 pm(What if the problem with Nelson Agholor was Carson Wentz)
Ravens need to turn it around soon or it's gonna be too late.
Some of the throws he made, like the TD to Keenan, were truly elite throws. He makes so many throws look so smooth and effortless. He's pretty, pretty, pretty good.
I was honestly shocked Jakobi didn't have a big game.
There's really a debate between the talent level between Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan?!?! Wow. I mean Matt Ryan is clearly the superior talent and better QB while Flacco just has a ring on him while playing for a team with an elite defense.

There may be a debate on whose career you'd take but there shouldn't be a debate on who is the superior talent.
Man Wentz looks so bad. Him and Baker battling it out for which QB that's considered a "franchise QB" wants to become a backup.
Yeah he definitely looked and played much better than I thought he would.
Hate to see that for any player especially Burrow. I love me some Burrow and hope to see him back strong.
Yeah the Panthers thing with the QBs was weird but man are the Lions awful!
This one got ugly. Luton ain't it. Put Minshew back in if he's healthy.
Dalvin didn't go nuts but had an awesome game but my god Vikings..... that's a terrible loss when trying to make a wildcard push.
Nice call! I thought for sure GB would win and it was crazy to me that IND was favored by Vegas too but they pulled it off.
I agree... Bucs in a close one.