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March 15th Game Thread

Started by DougWinkey, March 15, 2021, 11:06:07 am

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Lots of games on today! We even had an early start with NSH-TBL. What's the best matchup to watch in people's minds?


Uh, hey, Canucks? Nice first goal for Hawryluk and all - good work, well earned - but giving up 20+ shots in a period probably isn't helping the cause, you know?


You can freely suspect you hockey pool is too deep when you have Jace Hawryluk on your team. *raises hand*


Hawryluk - gets two minutes for high-sticking, later scores goal.
Gaudette - gets two minutes for high-sticking, later... ?


Okay, gonna have to look up "shots from defence" as a stat. Nine of the first 14 for Vancouver from the blue line.


Im late to the party, but...

If only pekka played like that all season!

Panthers are legit.

JT Miller had a nice OT winner



Panthers very much are. Still suspect they'll move Driedger. They should, anyway - get what they can for him.

Said it before the season started, say it now: I can really picture Ottawa getting 20 wins and still finishing last. Less likely now, but they'll come close.


Yes, unfortunately they will most likely have to move Driedger. I hope they at least wait till the off-season to do it. Try and get the most of him through playoffs too