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February 22nd NHL Game Thread

Started by Alex Metzger, February 22, 2021, 04:46:57 am

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Alex Metzger

8 games on the plate tonight! Who you watching?


I'll try to watch part of VGK-COL. The teams are just so darn good from top to bottom that it's impossible to ignore.

However, St. Louis-Los Angeles has sneaky potential to be the best game of the night. The Kings are battling for a spot in the top half of the division.


Colorado may have wanted to let Grubauer rest for this one. Yes, he had some time to rest, but that's after the bizarre start/stop nature of the weekend Lake Tahoe game. They can't rely on Grub to start 75 percent of the games this year if Francouz remains hurt.


Minnesota was very impressive last night. Kaprizov and Zuccarello, in particular, were electric. I just wonder if they have the raw talent and depth to get into that fourth spot when LA and Arizona seem capable of beating San Jose and Anaheim often enough to hold the Wild off.