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SheBelieves Cup Predictions

Started by Raheem Farhan Bashir, January 27, 2021, 12:43:30 pm

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Raheem Farhan Bashir

The SheBelieves Cup will take place this month between the USA, Canada, Japan, and Brazil. The winner of this tournament will win the SheBelievesCup. Here are my predictions for the tournament:

1. USA 3 wins 0 ties 0 losses +7 goal differential - They are the best team in the tournament and will be hard to beat.

2. Canada 1 win 0 ties 2 losses -1 goal differential - Yes, they have struggled as of late, but have the second-highest number of NWSL players in this tournament and they also have Christine Sinclair.

3. Japan 1 win 0 ties 2 losses -2 goal differential - Japan will be a tough team to beat but have not found success they had from 2011-15.

4. Brazil 1 win 0 ties 2 losses -4 goal - Brazil is a good team and has Marta on their team. They, Canada, and Japan are around the same level.