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Divisional Round Predictions

Started by R-S.Ben, January 13, 2021, 10:27:49 pm

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Who you got this weekend? Bold takes are also welcome.

I got:
Chiefs over Browns
Ravens over Bills
Packers over Rams
Saints over Bucs

I'm not sure if this is really bold, but I think the Packers are going to blow the doors off of the Rams. The importance of the Adams v Ramsey matchup is kinda overblown imo and I think that the Rams defense will only be able to do so much because of their offense's inability to gain yards at Lambeau.


Browns > Chiefs
Bills > Ravens
Packers > Rams
Bucs > Saints

The Browns pick is mostly just for the sake of being bold, but I genuinely believe that they have a decent shot at an upset



I'm taking


That's pretty chalky, with the upset being Baltimore. I just think the Ravens match up well with Buffalo.


Chiefs over Browns:  KC surges 2nd half
Bills over Ravens:  Allen causes Ravens D problems, believe in McDermott to scheme Lamar Jackson
Packers over Rams:  Home field with Rodgers on mission
Saints over Bucs:  Cohesiveness of Saints beats star accumulation of Tampa Bay


I'm going with this:

Chiefs over Browns
Bills over Ravens
Packers over Rams
Saints over Bucs
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