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Greatness of Al Michaels

Started by EvanThompson, November 02, 2020, 06:29:02 pm

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The Ford Frick Award nominees were announced today, and I'm thinking the favorite is Al Michaels. What characteristics of Al's announcing are testaments to his greatness?

Ross Crawford

I think generally over his career, he rises to the moment with his voice and choice of words.
He's had some struggles in NFL this year in empty stadiums, I think it's harder than ever to remember the games mean so much.

But generally over his career, he's been so good at giving the biggest moments in sport justice as an announcer.

- Miracle on ice obviously
- Superbowl 49
- His Larry Fitz call in Cardinals playoff win over Packers
- Santonio Holmes catch

And people forget how good he was as a baseball announcer. Sport was his start


That Super Bowl 49 call was one of the best in sports history




"To left field, deep AND DOWNING GOES BACK, AND IT'S GONE!. UNBELIEVABLE...you're looking at one for the ages here."


I actually had no idea he used to do baseball haha. I'll always remember him for Miracle on Ice naturally and his NFL calls. But I'm sure if he was as good at baseball as he is with the others that he's more than deserving of the award.
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Department Manager, LWOPW


And now he is the baseball HOFer Al Michaels

Steve Drumwright LWOS

I don't think of Al Michaels as an MLB announcer. His exploits in announcing other sports is what helped elevate him to be a candidate for the Baseball Hall. His "Miracle on Ice" call is epic, from the opening faceoff.
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Completely forgot he did baseball. He'll always be the voice of Sunday Night Football for me



Quote from: DavidLatham on December 12, 2020, 04:07:32 amCompletely forgot he did baseball. He'll always be the voice of Sunday Night Football for me
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