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Besides your “main” sport? What’s your second?

Started by DougMurray, October 26, 2020, 11:34:42 am

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Quote from: DJKleinbard on November 19, 2020, 01:27:09 amMLB is far and away number 1 for me. Number 2 is college basketball. I've always liked college more than the NBA. 3 is kind of a toss up. In the past it was the NFL (and fantasy), but of late, I think the NHL has surpassed the NFL for me.

Why do you like college basketball more? As someone who only watches NBA (other than March Madness), that's intriguing haha.


I don't watch much of either but I also prefer college to NBA. In the pros it really feels like you either have a top-five player or you have no chance at all. College the competition seems more balanced

Ross Crawford

Football (soccer) is my number 1 sport, grew up with it in Scotland.

But I'm so happy to cover NFL for LWOS. American football has taken over my Sunday nights. Clear my schedule best I can from 6pm onwards. And love either staying up for primetime games at 1:30am or catching the full game replay the following morning with a coffee and work on another screen