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How has the Baabaas Covid-breach damaged the brand?

Started by RugbyNZ_, October 23, 2020, 06:11:09 pm

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If not a few people, then many of the group have done plenty of damage to the Barbarians FC reputation, breaking all common Covid-19 restrictions 'twice'.
Even while Chris Robshaw plays to social media sympathy, how badly has this damaged the Baabaas brand?
Does it show how comical now, the continual matches have removed the once sacred place with which the Barbarians were held up to? Their once-proud values are under pressure, with the marketability unclouding the exclusivity that it held for so long. Are the 'type' of players being asked to represent not aware of their place in a queue of legends and games' greats, that they would spoil it just for a Curry & a Lager?

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I always thought the match should have been cancelled ages ago. No crowd or the traditional Barbarians team experience were possible, what was the point?