Super Bowl parlays: Our picks for Sunday’s showdown

Selection Odds
Odell Beckham Jr Over 63.5 receiving yards -115
Highest scoring half – 2nd half -120
Evan McPherson Kicking points Over 7.5 -120
Time of 1st field goal: Score before 16:00 elapsed -115
Total Odds +1070
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super bowl parlays bookmakerThe Super Bowl is finally upon us and bettors around the world celebrate it by getting a piece of the action. What we love the most about the biggest game of the NFL season is the fact that we have countless opportunities to place a bet. In that sense, a Super Bowl parlay is usually the top choice of bettors because stakes do not need to be large but the payout may be worth it.

What is there to bet on Super Bowl 2022?

The bookies around the USA pull all the stops when it comes to the offer and we can wager on anything ranging from the duration of the national anthem to whether a sack is going to occur before a touchdown. You don’t believe us? Here are some more examples of prop and novelty bets

  • What will the coin toss call be? You bet not on the outcome of the actual coin toss but what the team captain of one of the teams will call.
  • Color of Gatorade bath: You are asked to predict what color will be the Gatorade inside the container that is usually poured over the winning coach.
  • Shirt number of first touchdown scorer: – You are betting on whether the number on the shirt of the first player to score a TD in the game will be odd or even.

As you can see, it’s not just money line, spread, and totals bets. Which reminds us…this year’s Super Bowl main lines are as follows:


LA Rams -4.5 @ -110


Over/Under 48.5 @ -110

Money Line

Rams to win @ -200

Bengals to win @ +170

How do Super Bowl parlays work?

Parlays during the Super Bowl work in a very similar fashion to your regular accumulator bets during the season. You pick any number of selections and you place them all on the same slip. Thus, you multiply the collective odds times your stake and this is how the payout is calculated.

Let’s see an example: pretend we want to put 3 selections in our Super Bowl 2022 parlay with the following odds

  • Selection 1: odds of -115
  • Selection 2: odds of +333
  • Selection 3: odds of -200

If we put them all together on the same betting slip, we will get accumulated odds of +1115. For the bet to be a winner, we will need all 3 selections to be winning. If one loses, the whole slip loses.

Calculating the payout

Calculations are absolutely the same as any other parlay bet you would place. In the example above, the odds are +1115 which means that a $100 bet would earn net winnings of 1,115.

Why are Super Bowl parlays better than regular parlays?

At first glance, Super Bowl 2022 parlays do not seem to be any different than your usual accumulator bet that you place on all other sports. However, there are a few key differences that set them apart.

  • Same game parlays are generally allowed.

US-based bookies will let you combine selections from the same game pretty much only during Super Bowls. More often than not, this is a big no-no and sportsbooks require that their customers build parlays from separate events. With SB LVI it’s different mainly because most bookies will offer 1000+ markets to wager on and because…well, they want to make it fun for everyone.

  • Boosted odds for parlays and combos

Another way sportsbooks put emphasis on Super Bowl parlays is by increasing their odds slightly. There’s nothing wrong with that when customers are happy. If a typically 4-way parlay gives you odds of +1300, the same parlay during Super Bowls may go up to +1500. Who wouldn’t want that?

  • There are special promos attached to Super Bowl parlays

It’s no secret that sportsbooks are in fierce competition with one another. This is why together with all the player props, novelty bets, and parlay cards they give away promos. Just check out the Caesars Sportsbook Super Bowl promos for example. And that’s not only for new customers but existing ones as well. All of that makes betting parlays during a Super Bowl even more special.

Where can I get a promo for betting on a Super Bowl parlay?

Many houses will gladly offer you some bonuses but we are going to mention a few that we think are the best:


They will let you place a same game parlay (SGP) and if it wins, the sportsbook will give you up to $56 in free bets. Odds cannot be shorter than +1000.

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No special promo here but they have a ton of pre-packaged parlays with boosted odds. You can bet on theirs or build your own. Incredible fun at good odds.

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They will refund your Super Bowl parlay if it loses. You need to have at least 3 legs and the odds have to be +400 or longer.

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What is our top parlay for the 2022 Super Bowl?

We think bookies are always on top of the main markets for Super Bowls. There is little value there so we look for some good lines on player props or game props in general. This is why we believe that our parlay card is going to be a winning one:

Selection 1: Odell Beckham Jr Over 63.5 receiving yards @ -115

Selection 2: Highest scoring half – 2nd half @ -120

Selection 3: Evan McPherson Kicking points – Over 7.5 @ -120

Selection 4: Time of 1st field goal: Score before 16:00 elapsed @ -115

The odds of that parlay card are +1070. The size of your stake is completely up to you, but we encourage you to bet responsibly and to keep track of your record.

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