Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds: Mahomes, Hurts Favorites to Claim Accolades

Super bowl 57 mvp odds quarterback

Super Bowl Sunday is a wonderful time for bettors to place a few wagers and add some skin to the game. Especially for those without a dog in the fight. Even a bet on Super Bowl 57 MVP odds can make the action more fun.

Best Super Bowl 57 Odds, Lines, Totals, Player Props, Bets

While Super Bowl 57 lines may – emphasis on “may” – settle more quickly and solidly than those throughout the season, it’s always worth checking around for the best Super Bowl odds. That applies to game lines, totals, and prop betting odds.

Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds & Outlook: Quarterbacks

Quarterbacks account for six of the last 10 Super Bowl MVPs. It’s no surprise that Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes are heavy favorites to take home Super Bowl 57 MVP honors.

Bettors are likely to find favorable prices on the signal-caller of their choice by shopping across the available sportsbooks, but no matter the shop, Hurts and Mahomes will have the shortest odds.

There are often occasions when one team enters its Super Bowl matchup with a stark advantage/disadvantage under center. That’s not the case here. Though most would anoint Mahomes as the superior technician at the position, Hurts possesses unrivaled leadership and charisma.

Leadership and charisma don’t shorten odds or accumulate stats in the boxscore, but Hurts more than proved that he can produce tangible results to match his intangible strengths. That certainly isn’t to suggest Mahomes hasn’t earned the respect and admiration of his teammates.

Betting on a quarterback to win Super Bowl MVP is typically a safe bet. The tough decision – this year as much as any – is deciding which one leads his team to victory.

Super Bowl 57 MVP Quarterback Considerations

Patrick Mahomes Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds

Mahomes and Co. are coming up against the league’s top-rated pass defense, according to DVOA, an advanced efficiency metric. The Denver Broncos (7th) are the highest rated team Mahomes faced in recent weeks (January 1).

The Eagles also led the league in sacks by a wide margin, and we know getting after the quarterback is a great recipe for success. Mahomes was taken down 26 times this season, third fewest in the NFL, so something will need to give in this dynamic.

By all accounts, Mahomes’ high-ankle sprain is healing well, but it’s a serious injury that hampers players for extended periods. The Eagles’ front four has the ability to take advantage of any lingering limitations or compromised mobility. It’s at least worth keeping that possibility in mind when considering wagers.

Jalen Hurts Super Bowl 57 MVP Odds

On paper, Hurts has the skill set to lead the Eagles to a win while producing the numbers that warrant Super Bowl MVP honors.

Hurts looks great off the paper too, but one thing he will not have until Sunday evening is Super Bowl experience. No matter how impressive Hurts’ makeup is, there simply is no substitute for being on that stage.

We’re certainly not suggesting Hurts can’t or won’t overcome the magnitude of the moment. It’s a factor that bettors should consider though. Hypothetically, should Hurts succumb – to a degree – to the pressure, momentum will shift in the Chiefs’ direction, making Mahomes a more likely MVP candidate.

Finally, consider the Eagles’ No. 1 rated rush offense and dominating offensive line. A quality ground game can do a lot for a quarterback – and a team’s odds of winning any given game. The quality of the Eagles’ run game will go a long way to determining how much damage Mahomes can inflict when he’s under center.