Ohio Online Sports Betting 2022 – Is it Legal?

One of the frequently asked questions by Ohioans is whether online betting in Ohio is legal or prohibited. It is correct to answer the question as either yes or no because there are forms of betting that the law permits and some forms that the law does not permit.

For instance, the law permits horse betting for Ohio locals who must be physically present in the state. Additionally, gamers who find fun in daily fantasy sports (DFS) betting can place their wagers in Ohio as long as they are 18 years or older.

However, casino lovers, poker enthusiasts, and sports bettors are yet to get the green light to commence betting in Ohio. The good news is that several legislative amendments have been made in Ohio to improve the betting situation in the state. For example, HB29 is the specific amendment that gives Ohio punters hope for online sports betting. Bookmakers anticipate that; the dawn of 2023 will mark the onset of sportsbooks' launching in Ohio. As a result, a question every punter must ask, Is sports betting legal in Ohio? DeWine put pen to paper to operationalize House Bill 29. It meant online betting in Ohio became legal on 22nd December 2020. Going by the remarks of Rick Anthony, the OCCC deputy director, several plans will give the betting industry a new shape in Ohio. Ohio legalized daily sports betting in 2018.

The 8th December 2021 remains etched in the memories of Ohioans as far as betting regulation in the state is concerned. Lots of lobbying took place behind the scenes to enable the H.B 29 bill to sail through the Senate and the House with landslide votes. Several bookmakers already operate in Ohio, offering betting opportunities in fantasy sports and providing other services in collaboration with other firms in the state.

Latest updates about sports betting in Ohio

  • A landmark announcement went up on 1st March 2022, concerning public participation to interrogate Type C licenses for wagering via state lottery and wagering management programs running through 11th March 2022 (see LegalSports Report updated 2/32022).
  • Audit report established that on 17 February 2022, the state suffered a possible loss of sports betting taxes following the loss of money line bets because the Los Angeles Rams triumphed over Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl LVI. (Story by LegalSports Report updated 2/32022).
  • An announcement was in the air on 13th January 2022, following an announcement of a partnership between Fubo Gaming and the Cleveland Cavaliers for mobile sports betting in Ohio. (LegalSports Report updated 2/32022).

Bookmakers that are legally operating in Ohio

Online betting in Ohio currently takes place on a limited scale but is expected to get better by 2023. Bookmakers fancy the state for its high population of approximately 11.7 million people. Thus, several sports and many events are expected to feature on many betting sites in Ohio soon. The only question that punters usually ask is, “When will sports betting be legal in Ohio.” Punters looking forward to enjoying sports betting should wait a little longer because the law currently permits only horse racing betting.

Currently, punters must visit designated places to place their bets because the bookmakers are yet to launch their sportsbooks. Punters anticipate that bookmakers will launch online sports betting no later than 1st January 2023. Moreover, bettors in the state will wait until 2023 to access Ohio sports betting apps in the state. Bookmakers will offer betting opportunities in professional, college, and eSport events in Ohio. The following are the operators that are legally operating in Ohio:

DraftKings Ohio

is sports betting legal in ohio

Ohioans know DraftKings as one of the best Ohio sports betting sites for daily fantasy sports in the state. Where else can you get a punter to get a bookmaker with a polished user interface for a fabulous betting experience? DraftKings is the answer. Not only will Ohio punters get a bookmaker with high-profile bonuses but an operator that guarantees faster payouts. The bookmaker features a comprehensive sportsbook that suits beginners who prefer simple betting and experienced punters who often go for handicap markets.

The bookmaker permits betting on several events and sports. Ohio residents, who prefer futures wagering, will be well catered for by DraftKings. Other betting methods such as pre-game betting and live betting will also be possible via this bookmaker. This is one of the bookmakers in Ohio that gives punters the chance to configure personal “custom contests” by getting into the platform and inviting players to participate in the event.

New customers at DraftKings Sportsbook stand a chance to claim a 20% welcome bonus on the first deposit funds up to $1000. DraftKings stands out among other bookmakers in Ohio because it compensates bettors for the wagering requirements for the welcome bonus via the free bet rewards. We expect the bookmaker, to remain consistent in the manner it operates to gain the trust of punters when it finally launches its app in Ohio.

DraftKings is not ideal for new punters because it has a complex reward system that they may not understand easily. Besides, it features expert players who might be tough to win against by an amateur.

FanDuel Ohio

ohio sports betting update

FanDuel is one of the bookmakers that punters are looking forward to using to enjoy the pleasure that comes with sports betting. Ohioans currently enjoy daily fantasy sports betting on the FanDuel platform, an operator that has built its reputation by providing state-of-the-art and reliable products. The new regulations will encourage FanDuel to move into the retail and sports market for punters to enjoy an unmatched betting experience. This bookmaker will offer competition to other reputable operators through competitive odds.

FanDuel Sportsbook features among Ohio sports betting sites as a platform that will have generous promotions. Expect a robust market feature across multiple events as well as a simple racebook for new customers. For instance, first-time customers will get a chance to claim a risk-free bet to the maximum of $1,000. Besides, this bookmaker allows several payment methods to ensure more convenience to the customers. One aspect of FanDuel that will make it possible for the operator to win more loyalty among citizens in Ohio is the ability to foster partnerships with other firms.

Punters need to be informed that FanDuel requires downloading of different apps for different sections- casinos and sports have separate apps. This requirement results in a loss of space on the mobile device. Furthermore, punters often complain that the bookmaker has a frozen market where certain events are not featured.

BetMGM Ohio

when will sports betting be legal in ohio

BetMGM Resort is not new to Ohio punters because of the marketing initiative by the bookmaker. Note that the bookmaker has excelled in offering casino games and hotel services. BetMGM will easily find its bearing in the state because of the already established partnerships with firms in the hotel industry.

BetMGM bonus code offers punters an app that is built with a focus on the key pillars of a successful sportsbook – competitive odds, simple to use, and a sleek appearance. Punters are keen for every Ohio sports betting update to know when they will commence using the BetMGM betting apps to tailor their betting experiences. The bookmaker uses easy-to-understand terms that suit novices as well as established punters.

As has been the case with other states, it is expected that BetMGM will launch a sportsbook with a comprehensive catalog. The bookmaker is expected to feature several events and a variety of markets to choose from. Did we mention one of the bookmakers with player-friendly odds? Punters will have the chance to modify odds on BetMGM using the “LIONS BOOST” service. This bookmaker will become a sought-after operator for featuring a risk-free bonus to new punters. Moreover, bettors will place pre-game bets, live bets, and futures bet when BetMGM finally launches its sportsbook in Ohio.

However, punters should be aware of the continual adverts popping up on the BetMGM homepage that might distract punters.

Caesars Ohio

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Caesars’ merger with William Hill gives it an edge over other bookmakers in the betting industry. Caesars will launch its sportsbook in Ohio soon following a stream of betting legislation activities in the state. Caesars sportsbook has a simple design that is easy to navigate and use. This bookmaker has one of the leading reward systems for existing and new customers. For instance, new customers will claim a maximum of $1,000 bet insurance following the first deposit. Punters who fancy early cash-outs will opt for this bookmaker so that they may withdraw the cash before all games get settled.

Caesars features an interactive and user-friendly betting homepage via mobile and desktop websites. The user interface is sleek and lustrous making it enjoyable to bet on. Besides, the bookmaker has one of the most generous welcome offers in the industry. This bookmaker requires punters to verify their documents to ascertain that they are eighteen years or older and are residing within the state.

BetJACK Entertainment

BetJack has established itself as one of the pioneers in the Ohio betting industry with its gaming sites located in Cleveland. It is only a matter of time before the bookmaker launches its sportsbook to start receiving bets from locals. Expect the bookmaker to build upon its trademark product, BetJACK promo code, to assist new customers to create their accounts. We expect two forms of bonuses from the bookmaker. First, a welcome match-up bonus on the first deposit into the account will attract new players. The second offer will be a free-bet cash-back for the losing initial wager.

BetJACK comes with an interactive website that leaves punters with a mesmerizing betting experience.

BetJACK features an extensive range of events in its sportsbook from where punters chose pre-games or live events. The sportsbook is strategically located on the homepage for easy access to games. You can also use the homepage to watch live games and quickly switch to a betting platform. Punters with accounts on this website will be able to place bets on major events in the US like NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

The only turning point for BetJACK is that it is a social gaming platform whose payouts are less competitive compared to other universal betting websites operating in Ohio.

Placing an online bet on sports in Ohio

The procedure of placing a bet is the same across most bookmakers. Let’s explore the process of getting started with sports betting in Ohio. Because sports betting is legal in Ohio, punters should follow these steps to place their bets on sports events:

  1. Select your preferred bookmaker from the list above. Verify to ascertain that you are using a bookmaker that is legally operating in Ohio.
  2. Decide whether you will use a betting app or a betting website. Ohio sports betting apps are available at the App Store or PlayStore depending on the nature of the betting site.
  3. Launch the betting app on your mobile phone. You only need access to the internet to launch the apps. Suppose you prefer the desktop, you can use the promo codes from referrals to create a betting account.
  4. Navigate to the label “Sign Up” to start creating your betting account. The homepage will direct you to a form that fills in your details. Here, provide your name, address, and bank details.
  5. Select the event you intend to place your bet on. As soon as you launch the app, the home page then directs you to several events. You will see sports, racing events, esports, and gaming events.
  6. Select the tab containing the events you intend to access and scroll downwards. The homepage further directs you to the markets you intend to choose from. Make the selection of your choice and include it on your bet slip.
  7. Deposit funds into your betting account. Ensure you select the payment option that is accepted by the bookmaker. Additionally, the payment method of your choice must be acceptable in the state.
  8. Key-in the amount you intend to wager for the bet slip. You need to be aware of the minimum amount that your preferred bookmaker accommodates.
  9. Confirm your selections and place the bet. Confirm that the selections are those you intended before accepting to place the bet.

Teams to bet on in Ohio

Any punter intending to participate in sports betting in Ohio needs to ask the question, are sports betting legal in Ohio? As things stand currently, note that Ohioans cannot place bets on any sports save for daily fantasy sports. However, there is hope that the citizens will soon begin to experience the joy of sports betting. As soon as sports betting kicks off in Ohio, locals will be able to place bets on leagues like MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA. Additionally, Ohio citizens will be able to access sports events from the US as soon as the above sportsbooks launch their operations in the state. The following are the local teams that punters will likely meet in the bookmakers' sportsbook when sports betting go up:

Cleveland Cavalries

Ohio basketball fans know Cleveland as the team to watch as soon as they have an answer to a question of when will sport betting be legal in Ohio Expect bookmakers to feature Cleveland Cavalries in their sportsbooks, not just for betting purposes but to win the loyalty of locals. Ohio soccer lovers follow the activities of the NFL championship. Cleveland Cavalries represents Ohioans in the popular soccer league in the state.

ohio sports betting apps

Cincinnati Bengals

Another team that has drawn the interest of Ohio in the NFL is the Cincinnati Bengals. Paul Brown Stadium faithful follow events involving Bengals and will not be left out when bookmakers feature their home team in the sportsbooks. Most bookmakers have promotions for new punters to sign up accounts and claim bonuses via the NFL Bonus pages.

Cleveland Indians

Baseball is one of the events that Ohio citizens are known to fancy. Cleveland Indians have drawn lots of following because of starling performance over the years. Expect bookmakers to feature Cleveland Indians in their sportsbooks. Besides, we anticipate a partnership between baseball clubs and Ohio-based bookmakers. The partnership will result in the presence of the local baseball team in Ohio sports betting sites.

Columbus Blue Jackets

NHL Betting in Ohio attracts hockey lovers in their number to watch Columbus Blue Jackets. It is expected that as soon as Ohio-based bookmakers launch their sportsbooks, punters will be able to access their favorite team and place bets on it. Columbus residents will not rely on information from the internet but base their decisions on facts they observe on the cots.

FAQs about online betting in Ohio

Several questions have been asked about sports betting in Ohio, especially how to start betting on sports in the state and most importantly, have the best betting experience. The following are the questions that people often ask concerning online betting in Ohio:

Is online betting legal in Ohio?

Yes. Ohio citizens have a chance to place online bets on fantasy sports after the passing of House Bill 132. However, punters should note that there are restrictions concerning the scope and manner of online betting. For instance, betting is legal, but it is restricted to individuals who are eighteen years. Each punter can use the registration documents once. You must prove that you are of legal age to sign up for an account as a bettor in Ohio. The law prohibits punters from wagering on youth and collegiate levels events.

Are there bonuses and promotions for Ohio bookmakers’ sportsbooks?

Online betting is now legal in Ohio. However, Ohio bookmakers are yet to launch their sportsbooks for punters to place online bets. The bookmakers that have shown interest in launching their sportsbooks in Ohio will offer promotions, bonuses, and deals to new and professional bettors. However, punters should be wary of the terms and conditions that accompany the offers advertised by the bookmakers. Popular US bookmakers such as Draftkings and Fanduel are expected to launch their operations in the state soon.

What betting options do I have in Ohio?

Betting in Ohio is still limited to daily fantasy sports. However, there is good news for betting enthusiasts. You will soon find your favorite teams on prospective Ohio sportsbooks. The international bookmakers present in the state have comprehensive sportsbooks hence we believe that they will continue with the trend in Ohio. Punters will place bets on outright winners, event winners, half-time results, correct scores, and the number of scores per event.

Which deposit methods can Ohio citizens use to transfer funds into their betting accounts?

Ohio bookmakers will accept several payment options. The most common options include VISA, MasterCard, eCheck, and PayPal. The other methods that punters can use to transfer funds include; Skrill, eCheck, online banking, PayNearMe, and Wire transfer. Confirm the payment method acceptable to specific bookmakers because they may differ from one bookmaker to another.

Is live betting legal in Ohio?

Yes, some of the bookmakers discussed above have a live betting service. This option enables bettors to place bets on events that are ongoing. Bookmakers will integrate this service will live streaming products to assist punters with an informed decision when placing in-play bets.

Are bettors allowed to withdraw their payouts before each event in the bet slip comes to an end?

Yes, some of the bookmakers permit cash-out. This service allows punters to claim a portion of their potential payouts before all events come to an end. This service is crucial because it can assist a punter to earn funds even when they rightfully think that the remaining events will bring down the bet.