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Our Top 2 Free Daily Betting Picks for the NBA Playoffs

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Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors   (Game 1)


Mavericks Under the Spread (+5.5) @ -110



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Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors   (Game 1)


Over 214.5 Total Points @ -110




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The Best Free Same Game Parlay Picks You Can Get for the NBA Playoffs Game 1

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Selection 1: Dallas Mavericks Over 104.5 Total Points @ -115 (Game 1)

Selection 2: Klay Thompson Over 21.5 Total Points @ -110 (Game 1)

Selection 3: Luka Doncic Over 33.5 Total Points @ -115 (Game 1)

Parlay Odds: +567


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Daily NBA Playoff Picks

Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors: Mavericks to Come Under the Spread (+5.5)

The Mavericks surprised everyone by eliminating the Suns from the playoffs, but the more surprising was the manner in which they did it – by blowing them out by 30+ points in Phoenix. The young phenom Luka Doncic continued his amazing performances in the playoffs and led his team to one of the biggest wins in the league's recent history.

Meanwhile, the Warriors did well enough against the Grizzlies, but they were far from impressive, especially in a blow-out loss in Memphis in Game 5, which the Grizzlies played without Ja Morant. Even in Game 6 the Warriors struggled until the second half of the last quarter. With that in mind, we can see the Mavericks making this a close game and coming under the spread.

Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors: Over 214.5 Total Points

While both teams were among the best in the regular season, the Mavericks justified that in most games against the Phoenix as well. However, the Warriors were not able to keep Memphis down under 100 points in all but two games. In the others, they allowed the Grizzlies to score 106 or more points.

The biggest problem for the Warriors were the turnovers, which led to many easy points for the Grizzlies. If that happens to be the case against the Mavericks, we can see this game going over 214.5 total points. After all, both teams have a lot of potential on offense, so we expect more games in this series to go over than under total points.

Game 1 NBA Playoff Parlay Picks for Dallas Mavericks @ Golden State Warriors

Dallas Mavericks Over 104.5 Total Points

We mentioned already that the Warriors were able to keep the Grizzlies under 106 points in just two of the six games they played in the series. And while the Mavericks play at a much slower pace, we can see the same happening to the Warriors in this series. After all, the Mavs have Luka Doncic who can score at will and involve his teammates as well.

With that in mind, we can see the Mavs scoring 105 or more points in Game 1, especially if they fall into the Warriors' rhythm which they will try to impose, with a lot of running and high pace. On top of that, the Warriors are missing Gary Payton Jr, who is one of the best defenders on the team and his absence hit the Warriors harder than they expected.

Klay Thompson Over 21.5 Total Points

Since we expect both teams to score plenty of points in this game, we can see Klay Thompson continuing his shooting streak from the last game against the Grizzlies. We saw the vintage Thompson in that game, as we were sued to seeing him before his injuries. In that game, Thompson dropped 30 points, going 8-14 for three points.

Some may say that this was the “Game 6 Thompson”, alluding to the famous Game 6 against OKC. Those people might also say that we shouldn't expect the same from him in the next game. However, we can see that he is getting his confidence back with each passing game and for him to score 22 or more points would hardly be a surprise.

Luka Doncic Over 33.5 Total Points

Can anybody stop Luka Doncic? The young Slovenian superstar is playing one of the greatest playoffs in history and in his short NBA career, he is averaging more 32.7 points per game. That's an amazing result and only Michael Jordan averaged more in NBA history.

Of course, the sample size is too small since Doncic only played in 32 playoff games so far. On the other hand, he is only 22 and we haven't seen such playoff performances by many players of his age. So, Doncic is without a doubt a special player and the Warriors know this, so we can expect them to prepare a game plan for him. However, we don't know if that's possible. So, we expect Doncic to score 34 or more points.

Should I place single or parlay bets on the NBA 2022 Playoffs?

There is no perfect answer to this. Single bets are prefered by many because they are simple to keep track of and the winning are also easy to calculate. Furthermore, the success of your betslip depends on the outcome of just one selection.

With parlay bets you have a chance to get larger odds in attempt to receive a more substantial payout. This, of course, comes with a catch. All selections on your betslip must win. If one loses, the whole slip goes down. If you know how the NBA playoffs Round 1 works, you can parlay together some predictions on the outcomes of the series. You can net some good value this way.

That being said, we can summarize the types of NBA betting slips like that:

Placing only single bets


  • One selection, one slip – easy to follow.
  • Win or lose, you depend only on your one selection.
  • You can always place wagers on the same odds and thus keep better track of your progress.
  • Can cash out almost at any time.


  • You get shorter odds therefore smaller payouts.
  • Not as fun as parlay slips.

Wagering on parlays


  • You get longer odds, but the payout is significantly better than the one of single bets.
  • A well-though out parlay card can give you plenty of value.
  • Often times there are promos associated with parlays.
  • The variety of combinations and selections can be a lot of fun.


  • All selections on the slip must win or you lose your stake.
  • If one selection has the ‘’cash out’’ feature deactivated by the operator, the whole slip is affected.
  • Longer odds


NBA Playoffs free picks and parlays


Are NBA playoff same game parlays worth it?

If you are going to be betting parlays, might as well place an OGP (One game parlay). There are many reasons to do so. The same game parlays have some significant advantages of the regular parlays and this is why bookies rarely allow bettors to place them.

However, the 2022 NBA playoffs are a time during which most sportsbooks will have that option available. Some of the more distinct advantages of same game parlays are:

  1. You can find a lot of value if you focus on the same game

Sometimes there may even be some corelation between the selectons on your betslip and this will increase your chance of success.

  1. Same game parlays often have boosted odds by the operators

The more selections you put in your same game parlay betting slip, the longer the odds. Bookies across the US, however, will sometimes give you a little extra on top of your odds thus increaasing your potential payout even further. Pretty sweet.

  1. You can get a bonus or a special betting promotion

Many times, there will be a bonus related to SGPs. You may end up placing some wagers for free even. This happens when sportsbooks offer one game parlay insurance or a same game parlay free bet funds. In any case, if your slip loses, you will get a refund allowing you to place a whole new wager for free.

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