NBA Playoff Prop Picks: Nets, Warriors Aim To Even Series Away From Home

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We’re eyeing a handful of Monday NBA Playoff prop picks as the first round of the postseason continues. Tonight features Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets and Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings.

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Brooklyn Nets Game 2 Odds

Let’s take a moment to consider a couple of factors from a macro perspective. The 76ers eviscerated the Nets from three-point land, converting 21 of 43 long-range attempts.

To what degree do the Nets adjust? Do they dare Joel Embiid to pummel them relentlessly or force the Sixers to match their efficiency from beyond the arc? The answer to these questions may vary from bettor to bettor, but they’re worth considering before placing wagers.

76ers vs. Nets Player Props

James Harden Over 30.5 Points + Assists

This is about Harden’s ability to counter how the Nets decide to play Embiid. If they continue doubling the big man, Harden will have the opportunity to knock down clean looks and find teammates for easy buckets.

If the Nets decide to play straight up, Harden can still rack up a dollar-plus worth of dimes feeding the block while contributing in the scoring column as well. He totaled 36 points-plus-assists on Saturday, and it’s reasonable to anticipate he and the Sixers overpowering a plucky but overmatched Nets squad.

Mikal Bridges (+5.5 Points) vs. Joel Embiid

Bridges outscored Embiid 30-26 in Game 1. We’re not anchoring our pick to that small sample, but it’s still significant for two reasons. For starters, it reinforces the fact that Bridges is the Nets’ focal point. He led the team with 18 shot attempts and posted a 33.2% usage rate over 34 minutes.

Embiid, meanwhile, has the support of Harden, Tyrese Maxey, and Tobias Harris. He can certainly go off, but he doesn’t have to in order for the Sixers to win. Look for the Nets to continue flowing through Bridges and for him to remain within 6 points of Embiid’s final tally.

Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings Game 2 Odds

Steph Curry expressed optimism following the Warriors’ Game 1 loss. After all, they absorbed the Kings’ best shot – presumably, at least – and were still within inches of overtime despite losing the rebounding and turnover battles.

From the bettor’s perspective, it’s worth taking into account the Warriors’ playoff-hardened core, and their ability to adjust and overcome adversity. The Kings – while confident, capable, and well-coached – are less experienced on this stage, particularly as a unit.

Warriors vs. Kings Player Props

Draymond Green Over 15.5 Assists + Rebounds

If you’re bullish on the Warriors evening the series – oddsmakers have the Dubs as small favorites – it’s worth looking at Green. It’s often difficult to measure the impact of a player like Green, the proverbial “glue guy”, because so much of his value is intangible. However, it won’t be the first time Green wills his team to a winning performance.

Those intangible qualities can serve as the foundation from which he’ll make tangible contributions. Golden State struggled from three on Saturday (16 of 50), an area they’ll likely improve, resulting in a quality assist total to combine with another strong effort on the glass.

Domantas Sabonis Over 18.5 Points

It was the De’Aaron Fox show on Saturday. He led the way with 38 points on 27 shots while Sabonis struggled with efficiency (5 of 17). Sabonis shot at a 61.5% clip on the season, so a rebound is firmly within the realm of likelihood.

Bettors can also consider the degree to which the Warriors adjust to slow down Fox. Sabonis isn’t a volume shooter – he averaged 11.9 attempts on the season – but it won’t be a surprise to see him continue to handle elevated shot volume throughout the postseason. He’s still efficient enough to go Over on a relatively modest total of shot attempts.

Bonus: Domantas Sabonis Triple-Double

We don’t encourage chasing plus-money profits on long-shot wagers, but those with the room to have a little fun can consider Sabonis for a triple-double. He averaged 19.1 points and 12.3 boards on the season and delivered 12 points and 16 rebounds on Saturday.

He averaged 7.3 dimes with a 30.4% assist rate compared to two helpers and a 7.4% mark in Game 1. Oddsmakers peg Game 2 as another high-scoring contest. Bettors can do worse than banking on Sabonis delivering a monster all-around performance.

Note: Odds and lines for NBA playoff player props and games. Be sure to check the best NBA betting sites for the most up-to-date numbers before finalizing your wager(s).