NFL Game Pass Promo Code 2022: Watch the Super Bowl for $0.99

Super Bowl LVI is happening this weekend. Do you want to be the odd one out who didn't watch the game? What about being the schmuck that misses a Championship-defining play because of the cruddy stream you're using? If either of those scenarios sounds like a nightmare to you then look no further because this NFL Game Pass promo code will get your Super Bowl weekend nailed down and then some.

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NFL Game Pass: Watch the Super Bowl for $0.99
Expires on: 31-12-2022
Last check: 2 days ago

What is the NFL Game Pass Promo Code?

In the most simplistic of terms, the NFL game pass promo code is an offer that will give you access to a range of NFL content – both past and present – at a reduced rate.

You can sign up in minutes

If you've already heard enough then you can sign up by following the below steps; it will take you all of 90 seconds:

  1. When on the NFL Game Pass site choose your preferred deal
  2. Hit ‘Sign Up Now'
  3. Enter your personal details and create a password
  4. Populate your payment details
  5. Enter your promo code
  6. Enjoy

* Please note, there is a free sign-up offer. If you opt for this you won't need to provide any payment details.

nfl game pass promo code

The NFL Game Pass Promo Code 2022 is more than just your golden ticket to the Super Bowl

Right, let's get into the meat of this NFL game pass promo code 2022. If you remotely follow the NFL you will be all too aware that the season is nearly over; with that in mind, you might be thinking that this promotional offer is all about giving you access to the Super Bowl. It's not. That's just one component of what is on offer here – admittedly though, it's a pretty attractive carrot to dangle because it is the game of the season.

If your interest in this NFL game pass promo code starts and ends with Super Bowl LVI then it's a happy day for you. You can purchase a 31 day pass for $0.99. That will give you your Super Bowl access along with several other perks along the way too. We'll come on to what some of those are later. If, however, your outlook is bigger than just catching the season finale then there are deals to be had for you too. All of these deals are very reasonable with the most expensive package being priced at $19.99 for an entire 12 months' worth of access. The cheapest option you can tap into won't cost you a penny but the coverage you'll get will be severely limited with the Super Bowl just one key element of the NFL content you won't be able to enjoy.

What different packages are available?

  1. A Super Bowl Pass
  2. A Mobile Only Plan
  3. The Pro Deal
  4. A Free Package

All of these packages are available on a limited time only basis. The cut-off date for banking the offers is July 31st this year, however, needless to say, you'll need to be moving a lot quicker than that if your motivation for swotting up on the promo code is focused on the Super Bowl and the inevitable fallout.

The pros, cons, and price of each package

Package Name Pros Cons Price
Super Bowl Pass – It's cheap

– Great coverage of NFL content

– One key aspect of NFL off-season content missing

– It only lasts 31 days

Mobile Only – Full access to every area of the NFL world – Not available across multiple devices

– No ability to cast

$18.99 Per Annum
Pro Deal – Full access to every area of the NFL world

– Use your account across multiple devices

– It's the most expensive package $19.99 Per Annum
Free Access – It's free

– No bank details required

– You'll miss out on lots of content FREE

What are the different areas of NFL content?

So, in the table above we've referred to ‘NFL content' and access to ‘the NFL world' a few times but what does it actually mean? Well, simply put, using the NFL game pass promo code 2022 will transport you to a homepage of NFL news, games, classic moments and original content, and much, much more. Not all the packages available are equal though with some of the differences subtle and some rather sizeable.

How does the Free Access plan stand up?

In a world where everyone is trying to turn a profit out of anything and everything you have to acknowledge that offering a free account is a nice touch but that's largely where the positive notes end for us. Signing up for free is best seen as a method to “get under the hood” of the site so you can explore what you'd get for your money if and when upgrading to a paid package. As for the free package itself, you get access to game previews and shortened highlights but a lot of the “meaty” content is out of reach.

Our verdict: It's a good way to get a feel of the website for free but it won't do enough for hardcore fans

Go Mobile or Go Pro?

Right, we're going to tackle the “Mobile Only” and “Pro” plans at the same time. The reason for this is because they have enormous similarities between them in terms of the content that is available to customers. With both packages, you'll be able to watch the NFL Super Bowl, the much anticipated halftime show, the NFL Draft, the plethora of NFL originals, and game previews. On top of that you've got a coach's corner you can tap into as well as extended highlights and you'll get access to the NFL Network that is available 24/7.

Of course, there is one big difference between the two packages. With the mobile only package, you keep an extra few cents in your pocket but you are limited to watching all this great content on a device that fits in your hand whilst the prospect of casting from your phone to a TV or tablet is a bust; it's blocked. If you are happy to splash that extra dollar and go “pro”, you'll get every single second of the content and have the ability to cast and use multiple devices.

Our verdict: For an extra dollar, the Pro package is a no brainer

What does a dollar buy you?

Finally, we turn our attention to the $0.99 package. If you're remotely on the fence about shelling out your hard earned money on a near $20 annual subscription then you need to give this a go because it a) gives really good coverage and b) at the end of your 31 days you'll know for sure what your thoughts on upgrading are. You're not overpaying by doing it this way either. If you reverse engineer the $19.99 pro plan that costs more than $0.99 each month and, even if you sign up in 31 days' time, you'll get 12 months from that point; you'll still have had a discounted month at the start.

That all said, this is an honest assessment of what the NFL game pass promo code can do for you so it's important to point out there are downsides to this cheap option. The available content on the $0.99 plan matches the pro plan in every respect with the exception of the NFL Draft; the cheaper option will keep this from you. Now, whether this is a problem or not will depend on when you're reading this. If you're here ahead of the Super Bowl, you're laughing. If it's April, you've got a decision to make on how much you want to see that draft.

Our verdict: This is the ultimate trial

nfl game pass promo code

How good is the NFL content package?

We have spoken about the depth of the content available with the NFL game pass promo code. Here we are going to take a look at the gift wrapping i.e. what the site is like. You're immediately thrust into the core of the content with video options littering your screen in neat rows. The videos are grouped together under certain headings with concise descriptions displayed underneath; this makes it easy for you to browse the available content. Away from the actual video hub, you've got really clear menu options that aid navigation with your account overview located in the top ribbon; in here you can alter your subscription settings and toggle live score updates on and off depending on your preferences.

Anyway, that is pretty much enough from us, check it out for yourself! You won't be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you pay your subscription in installments?

Depending on your package, this option may be available. Check out your options in ‘My Account'.

Is the Super Bowl available for free?

No. If you want to watch the Super Bowl you'll need a paid subscription – even if it is just $0.99. If you are interested in betting for Super Bowl, we have a list of a few best Super Bowl betting sites for you.

When does the special offer end?

At present, the promotional rates end at the end of July this year.

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