A Baseball Betting Guide in 2022 | Types of Betting Wagers & Options

Baseball is one of the most attractive sports markets for sharp bettors. The substantial inventory of games during the regular MLB season and World Series offers thousands of fixtures for a seasoned bettor. At the same time, casual fans of the sport can make a recreational wager and increase the excitement levels during a game.

It is a sport driven by statistics, offering players an opportunity to use analysis when making baseball predictions. The season is in full swing, and it is time for novice punters that wonder how to bet on baseball to get initiated into MLB betting trends.

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Understanding Baseball Odds

If you are interested in learning how to bet on baseball, you need to know that baseball betting is not very different from other forms of sports wagering. Essentially, players have several choices that focus on different elements from the game, appropriately represented by MLB betting lines, which make it easy to identify the favorite and underdog in a game.

Odds can be represented in three formats – fractional, decimal, and American. We will focus on the American odds because they are typically a default option on most platforms. However, most sportsbooks make it possible to change the way odds get displayed.

In American odds, the expected winner gets a minus in front of the odds, while the longshot gets rewarded with positive odds.

Let’s say our MLB betting picks are the Minnesota Twins against the Detroit Tigers. If the former is a favorite, they may get odds such as +150, while the sportsbook may offer -250 on the Twins. If wagering on Minnesota to win, the bettor must invest $150 to win $100 if the prediction comes true. On the other hand, wagering $100 on Tigers can generate a gain of $250 if the team upsets the Twins.

It is crucial to know that betting types can vary, but the odds that accompany each type are consistent with our explanation, making it easy to calculate what would be the potential win for the wager.

MLB Betting Types

When making baseball predictions on a betting slip, bettors need to select the MLB betting picks, the amount they plan to wager on the game, and on what part of the game they are wagering. Online sportsbooks provide various betting types, so let’s examine the different options.


The Moneyline bet is the most basic form of wagering, offering the choice of which baseball team will win a match. Sportsbooks provide action on both sides of the game, providing odds for the two teams following the standard favorite and underdog concept. For example, if the Tampa Bay Rays face up against the Toronto Blue Jays, the in-house odds favor the Rays with -250, while as the underdog, the Jays can get +350.

The MLB betting lines are straightforward – a $250 wager on the Rays can potentially generate a win of $100. Yet, baseball betting is fun when taking a chance on the long shot, which in this case can bring in $350 for a wager of $100.

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Run Line

It’s called point-spread in most sports, but it's referred to as the run line in baseball. The concept is to increase the stake when selecting a winner by focusing on the run difference by which a team wins or loses. Baseball is typically a low-scoring sport, and a usual run line is a minus or plus 1.5. This means that a favorite team must win by more than 2 runs, while if betting on the underdog, the team needs to lose by a run for you to win.


If choosing the winner in baseball betting seems complicated, the alternative is betting on if the match will be high scoring or not. How to bet on baseball totals? The sportsbook will offer a number representing the most likely outcome of the combined runs scored. For example, the Twins and the Tigers match can have an over/under of 6.5. When betting on ‘over 6.5’, you predict that the game will have 7 or more runs. However, if you select the “under 6.5’, you anticipate the game will end with 6 or fewer runs in total.


Live betting is known as in-play betting and is a format that emerged as one of the more popular MLB betting trends, especially after smartphones brought a new level of convenience to sports betting. Punters get a chance to wager while an MLB game is active. There are several options, from predicting runs, the base a batter will go on, and strikeouts a pitcher will record in an inning.

This is an exciting betting type, where the odds change frequently depending on the developments during a game. However, not every sportsbook offers in-play betting. Yet, because games get regularly televised, and there are live feeds on most online platforms, live betting makes it possible for bettors to feel they are part of the game.

how to bet on baseball

First 5 Innings Line

Most sportsbooks allow wagering on halftime results. Unfortunately, in baseball, there is no halftime; the closest to a middle point in a game is the first 5 innings. Punters can make a Moneyline bet on the first 5 innings or a total bet.


Proposition bets are an imaginative and popular format. They allow bettors to predict the number of runs a specific player will have, who will win the MVP or the number of strikeouts a pitcher will have. There are numerous options, which are limited only by the creativity of the sportsbook personnel. Nevertheless, not every online bookie offers large MLB betting odds for prop bets.

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A parlay enables punters to combine several MLB betting picks on one slip. However, to win, you must correctly guess all the games. The advantage of parlay bets in baseball betting is that the odds multiply with each addition to the betting slip. Naturally, the bigger potential payout comes with more risk than wagering on individual games.


Wagering months in advance provides access to lucrative MLB betting lines. This type of bet entails selecting who will win the division or the World Series. The only drawback of futures in baseball betting is that a significant portion of your bankroll gets tied up for more than half a year.

Final Thoughts

Our comprehensive guide will teach you how to bet on baseball like a pro. The overview of betting types and odds will enable you to get a better understanding and make educated wagers during the MLB season. However, before making a bet, you must choose a platform that facilitates betting on baseball games. There are a large number of sportsbooks vying for players' attention. Before registering at an online bookie, be diligent and perform detailed vetting to identify the best options.

Focus on sportsbooks with a solid reputation in the gambling industry. Check their history and reviews from bettors. Security is a priority, so make sure the platform is licensed and implements encryption systems that protect the bettor's data and fund. The best online platforms will offer competitive MLB betting odds, mobile betting, generous promotions, and a diversified cashier section.

Finally, with a reputable platform, you can choose the preferred betting types and formulate a potentially winning betting slip.


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