NCAA Preseason Rankings: Part Three


The moment we have all been waiting for. The top ten of the NCAA preseason rankings. It should be somewhat clear who is on this list, but the order may be surprising to some. It is not as heavily populated by the traditional powers as one might think. You can find teams 30-20 here and […] READ MORE

NCAA All-State Tournament Midwest Region


LWOS’ NCAA All-State Tournament continues with the Midwest Region. As a reminder, 32 teams were selected from the roughly 5,000 division one basketball players this year. The teams were created based on the players’ listed hometown. NCAA All-State Tournament Midwest Region Round 1 #1 Maryland / Washington D.C. (Overall 2) Starters: Luka Garza, Jalen Smith, […] READ MORE

LWOS Bracketology 6.0

LWOS Bracketology 6.0 is here. This week, several mid-major conferences started their conference tournaments. The rest of the conferences will wrap up conference play this week and will begin tournament play next week. Over the last week, plenty of good teams have lost and the bubble is shrinking already. Here is Bracketology 6.0. LWOS Bracketology […] READ MORE

LWOS Bracketology 5.0


Selection Sunday is just two weeks away. Ahead of us are conference tournaments and a whole lot of nail-biting. LWOS Bracketology 5.0 is here with an update that will now come in a weekly fashion leading up to the official bracket reveal. Here is Bracketology 5.0. LWOS Bracketology 5.0 Conference Breakdown The Big Ten has […] READ MORE

LWOS Bracketology 1.0


The 2020 college basketball season is about halfway through. These means it is time for the first installment of LWOS Bracketology 1.0. Throughout the rest of the NCAA season, LWOS will produce an updated bracket, including overall seeding, bi-weekly. Here is the first version of the bracket. LWOS Bracketology 1.0 Conference Breakdown Much has been […] READ MORE

NCAA Conference Power Rankings


College basketball is loaded with talent every year. Typically, the “Blue Blood” schools are considered to be the cream of the crop. This means the Big 12, Big Ten, and ACC have legs up on the competition. This year, parity is the word used to describe the college landscape. This makes it increasingly difficult to […] READ MORE