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Myles Turner Trade Talks

Myles Turner

Indiana Pacers player Myles Turner (C) trains during the training session at the NSCI Dome in Mumbai on October 3, 2019. - Stars from the Sacramento Kings and Indiana Pacers will play pre-season games in Mumbai on October 4 and 5 to boost a desperate campaign to improve the sport's popularity in South Asia. (Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE / AFP) (Photo by PUNIT PARANJPE/AFP via Getty Images)

Myles Turner could be traded before the All-Star break. The two-time NBA block leader is unlikely to sign an extension with the Indiana Pacers before the start of the season. Several teams around the league are rumored to be interested in the 25-year-old center. Turner has been mentioned in trade talks before, but will this be his last season in Indiana?

Myles Turner Trade Talks

Myles Turner Trade- Player Profile

The Pacers drafted Turner with the 11th overall pick in the 2015 NBA draft. The former Texas Longhorn has been a key part of the Pacers’ starting lineup since the 2016-17 season. Turner has a career average of 2.2 blocks per game, averaging an astonishing 3.4 last season. He finished the year second in the league in blocks despite only playing in 47 games. Turner relies on his three-point shot offensively, shooting over 4 per game on average over the last two seasons. He’s shooting 35.2% from three and 77% from the foul line for his career. Turner isn’t a great rebounder, grabbing 6.5 per game last season. His defensive prowess and long-range shooting make Turner a great fit for many teams around the league.

However, Turner is under contract for two more seasons and coach Rick Carlisle has committed to starting both him and Domantas Sabonis. The Pacers will want a favorable deal and seem to have a number of suitors. How many of these teams can offer the Pacers enough to acquire Turner?

Los Angeles Lakers

This rumor seems to be the easiest to debunk. While Turner would certainly fit well with the Lakers on both sides of the ball, they lack the assets to offer the Pacers to get a deal done. Bringing in a third or fourth team would be the only way to make this happen and that seems unlikely.

Los Angeles Clippers

See above. Turner would fit nicely with the Clippers and former teammate Paul George. Without a first-round pick in the near future, the Clippers don’t have much to offer Indiana. A combination of Luke Kennard and Ivica Zubac would work financially, but the Pacers can likely find a better offer elsewhere.

Dallas Mavericks

A recent rumor suggested a potential three-team trade for Turner involving the Portland Trail Blazers. Turner and Jeremy Lamb would be sent from Indiana and CJ McCollum would arrive in return. If the Mavericks are looking to move Kristaps Porzingis and the Blazers would take the former Knick in return for McCollum, this trade could work. For now, this scenario seems unlikely to play out.

New Orleans Pelicans

I slept on this trade rumor last season and I’m pressing the snooze button on it again this year. It’s a bit surprising to see the Pelicans listed as an interested party. They just acquired Jonas Valanciunas in a trade, so he would likely be included in any potential Turner trade. Although New Orleans has more to offer than some of the previously listed teams, there are still better deals available to Indiana.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics are allegedly in talks with the Pacers regarding Turner for the third offseason in a row. Will this be the year a deal finally comes to fruition? Not likely. Boston finds itself without much to offer Indiana. The Celtics added Al Horford this offseason, but he won’t have the impact that Turner could. A third team is likely necessary to get a deal done here. The Pacers will likely prefer to find a deal with a team in the west to limit the impact of playing against Turner.

New York Knicks

Turner would pair well with Knicks star forward Julius Randle. The Knicks have solid rotation players and first-round picks to offer in return. The question here is whether the Pacers will be willing to do business with their rival?

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are looking to push back into the playoff picture this season and Turner could be just what they need to make another run at the western conference title. They have James Wiseman and several first-round picks to offer, which could draw interest from Indiana. Andrew Wiggins has been included in these rumors as well, but I don’t see him as a good fit for the Pacers.

Charlotte Hornets

If Indiana is going to cut a deal in the eastern conference, it will likely be with the Hornets. These teams have discussed a trade previously and the Hornets have a talented core of young players that could provide the Pacers with the best return. A package centered around Miles Bridges or PJ Washington and future draft picks could help the Hornets secure their center for the future.

Minnesota Timberwolves

The Timberwolves are alleged to be one of the most aggressive teams in the Turner sweepstakes. A potential deal could include Malik Beasley, who has averaged 19.9 points per game while in Minnesota. Of course, the Pacers will be looking for more than just Beasley in return for Turner, but if the Timberwolves can put together the right package, they are a prime trade partner for the Pacers.

Myles Turner Trade – What’s Next?

Carlisle and the Pacers staff are convinced that the frontcourt of Turner and Sabonis is a winning combination. If they are correct, the odds of a trade featuring Turner this season drop significantly. Turner has expressed excitement about playing in Carlisle’s system, so it appears that the center has no issues with his current situation. If the team stays in the playoff picture, they will likely risk lowering Turner’s trade value by keeping him throughout the year.

If the Pacers struggle, they will have a hard time not moving on from the team’s defensive anchor. Turner’s value will be at its peak just before the all-star break. If that is the case, they would be wise to make a move then.

Turner has also been mentioned in rumored deals with the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs, and Toronto Raptors.

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