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Atlanta Hawks Rebuild Circles Around Trae Young

ATLANTA, GA - MARCH 27: John Collins and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks laugh with Pierre Jordan (L-R) during the 2019 McDonald's High School Boys All-American Game on March 27, 2019 at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

The Atlanta Hawks rebuild centers around their second-year star, Trae Young. Young has been electric in 2019-20 for the Atlanta Hawks. The second-year star from Oklahoma is leading Atlanta in points with 28.9 per game. Though Atlanta is 8-31, Young continues to be the driving factor of the offense.

The Hawks are in a rebuild and have been for some time. Trae Young is obviously the core future of the team. With players like Jabari Parker and John Collins around him, Young is being mentored by pure talent. Veteran Vince Carter is in his final season. The long-time NBA star is giving Young and the Hawks’ future stars insight as to how to be the face of a franchise.

Atlanta Hawks Building Around Trae Young

What Trae Young is accomplishing in Atlanta will be nothing short of great when his career is over. But, the future of the Hawks begins with him. Despite not having a multitude of team success record-wise, Atlanta fans have to be excited for Young’s future. His ability to shoot from deep range and get into the paint and score sets him apart.

From a broader perspective, it is not just about Trae Young, though. The Hawks’ success will take a full team effort. Getting back to the playoffs should be priority number two. The first priority should be to bring in players to build around Trae Young and John Collins. Especially with Carter retiring after the season, a new wave of leadership will be needed in the Hawks’ franchise. Young can provide that, and much more.

What the Hawks are doing in terms of their rebuild could work out well. Building their team around Trae Young and his level of play will pay off in the near future. Atlanta has been through rough times, but their young star will be the team’s savior. Young’s 28.9 points per game so far this season means he is in the All-Star Game conversation.

The Hawks currently have a record of 8-31. That is at the bottom of the league. On Sunday, they travel to Brooklyn to face the Nets. In their first two meetings this season, Trae Young scored a total of 86 points. If he could average that every few games and earn wins, the Hawks might be in a better position.

The narrative for Atlanta and Trae Young is simple. Continue to get the young star the ball. If he is going to be the face of the team, he has to be mentored by the right guys. Having Vince Carter and Jabari Parker, two talented veteran players, on the team will help with that. Young’s success will transition the Hawks into a contender in the future.

Trae Young Success Continues

The Atlanta Hawks’ rebuild and the team’s future hangs on the shoulders of Trae Young. His two years in the league have been stellar to watch. Last season, he probably should have won Rookie of the Year over Dallas Mavericks star Luka Doncic. However, the inspiring level of play from Trae Young will continue to give the Hawks something to look forward to.

Again, the front office has to do their part and place talent around Young after the season. The team does have talent on their roster. But a few moves might need to be made after this season to finally end the rebuild and make the Hawks a true title contender.

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