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London Perrantes’ Chances to Make an NBA Roster

“Let’s Go Hoos, Let’s Go Hoos, Let’s Go Hoos”; these were the last supporting chants for Virginia senior point guard London Perrantes. For numerous college basketball players it is their dream to move on to the next level, but competition gets stiffer. According to the NCAA, the conversion percentage for college basketball players to pro ball is under 1.5%. Any workout invitation from an NBA team must be taken advantage of at all costs, as it may be one’s only chance. There have been various instances that undrafted players became successful NBA players; this prominent list includes Jeremy Lin, Ben Wallace, Brad Miller, and Bruce Bowen. Luckily for Perrantes, the Miami Heat gave him an opportunity to play for their summer team.

London Perrantes’ Chances to Make an NBA Roster

How Did He Fare in the NBA Summer League?

In the four games he played, Perrantes made the best of it and showed his preparedness. In averaging about 29 minutes a game, Perrantes ranked in the top five in the summer league in assists. He has stuck to his blueprint as a pass-first point guard that looks to set up his teammates around him. At the same time, he knew exactly when he needed to score and drive to the basket, averaging 11.3 points. Similar to his tenure at Virginia, Perrantes only took his best shot opportunities and did not force any shots. Another great skill set he has over other prospective point guards is his ability to play defense.

Coming from a defensive-minded team, Perrantes has a knack for coming up with steals and being active with his hands. His lateral quickness allows him to contest shots frequently, causing trouble for shooters. This explains why he was able to average 1.3 steals a game, which is a high number for point guards. It ties Houston Rockets point guard Patrick Beverley, who was recently voted All-Defensive first team for the 2016-2017 season.

Which NBA teams Can Use Him?

One team that could use a defensive-minded point is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who have reached the NBA Finals the last three years. In those three years, the Cavaliers struggled to have an adequate point guard to handle the change in pace once Kyrie Irving sat. Though they had former five-time All Star point guard Deron Williams at the helm, his defense is below average. His prowess is on offense where his high basketball IQ allows him to gain similar looks to what Kyrie gains. He also has an ability to take on players in isolation situations and create his own shot. However, the Cavs could utilize Williams more as a shooting guard when the second team comes out. Perrantes has a calm and selfless demeanor that allows him to focus on finding players off screens. He is not a ball hog that demands a high usage percentage with the basketball.

Another team that can utilize his talents are the Houston Rockets, who focus on spacing the floor and shooting three pointers. Perrantes, a career 40% three-point shooter at Virginia, has the ability to learn D’Antoni’s offensive pace and find his wing shooters. The Rockets also employ multiple pick-and-roll schemes that force defenders to either choose the big man or the point guard. This creates enough separation for hitting jump shots, which Perrantes thrived in. With Beverley shipped to the Los Angeles Clippers, the Rockets lack a defensive-minded guard that can cause havoc for opposing point guards. Similar to Beverley, he can induce turnovers and poor decision making by opposing guards and limit their offensive production. Thus, this alliance between Perrantes and the Rockets can pay dividends.


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