Justin Merrlles - May 26, 2023

As one of the mainstays of the Cleveland franchise, Jose Ramirez has had a remarkable career. As a four-time all-star and Silver Slugger, he has been there through some of the best Cleveland teams. When it is all said and done, he will likely be one of the best players to play for the organization. Currently, […]

Jack Flanagan - Apr 12, 2023

Continuing our new series, here’s a look at notable events in baseball history from the week of April 10. This Week In Baseball History: April 10th Another Remarkable Maddux Streak On April 11th, 1996, Greg Maddux saw one of the most impressive streaks of his career come to a close. 27 years ago this week, […]

Caleb Begley - Apr 6, 2023

During this time of the sporting year, much emphasis is placed on the idea of knockout tournaments. More specifically, the tournament that the NCAA puts on each year for college basketball. There are many such competitions, but the one that is the most popular is the one that is presented by Division I. The Final […]

Jack Flanagan - Apr 4, 2023

Major League Baseball is a league rooted in history. The first professional baseball games were played in the shadows of the Civil War. During World War I and II, hundreds of major league players signed up to fight for the United States. Baseball’s desegregation efforts made a lasting impact on the rest of the country […]

Caleb Begley - Jan 7, 2023

The search for the best Arkansas baseball players weaves its way, ironically enough, through one Cooperstown, New York. Yes, indeed, Arkansas boasts not one, not two, but six Hall of Famers. All of them make appearances here, along with four that, some might argue, deserve spots in the hallowed Hall of Fame all their own. […]

Collin Carofano - Dec 26, 2022

Last Word On Baseball will be traveling to Connecticut for this edition of each state’s top 10 baseball players. There have been many players that have cycled through the league that was born in CT. Some of the best names have been more recent players and some are still active. This list contains players from […]

Alabama may not be known for many things in the sports world. Outside of the Alabama Crimson Tide college football dynasty, there is not much else the state has going on for it. That is, outside of producing multiple members of the MLB Hall of Fame. There are also some current Alabama baseball players in […]

Benjamin Sabin - Nov 4, 2022

According to a cartoon kangaroo on Sesame Street, words that begin with the letter ‘K’ are kettle, keg, kick, kiss, kite, and kitten. The kangaroo is, of course, correct.  In addition to what the marsupial said some other words that start with the letter ‘K’ are keratin, king, klutz, kazoo, and koala, which is also […]

World Series MVP

Starting in 1955, MLB began to give out an award for a player who had the most impact on his team’s performance in the World Series. It’s an exclusive club, but some MVPs had a more decisive impact than others. It’s not just about the individual contribution but the bigger context of the Series altogether. […]

1992 World Series

The 1992 World Series was special because Canada was represented in the Fall Classic for the first time in 89 years. Led by Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, and Dave Winfield, the Toronto Blue Jays were ready to make a statement to the rest of the baseball world. Meanwhile, their opponents, the Atlanta Braves, were coming […]

Benjamin Sabin - Sep 30, 2022

On April 9, 1865, at Appomattox Courthouse, Robert E. Lee surrendered the last major Confederate army to Ulysses S. Grant, thus ending the U.S. Civil War. Even though the war was over many Confederate soldiers wanted to continue fighting. But they didn’t do it on battlefields against an army, instead, they chose to rob banks, […]

World Baseball Classic

Great Britain and the Czech Republic are in the World Baseball Classic. On Tuesday night, Great Britain trailed 9-8 against Spain entering the bottom of the ninth inning. Jaden Rudd belted the game-tying run to right field off reliever Rhiner Cruz to push the game to extra innings. The following night, the Czechs put out […]

Collin Carofano - Sep 22, 2022

Albert Pujols and Aaron Judge are two players on different paths. But, baseball fans get to witness each player chase a historic milestone that will mark their names in the Hall of Fame. Both players are both two home runs away from those special achievements. Pujols is sitting at 698 career home runs, whereas Judge […]

Bo Bichette

Bo Bichette is raking again. But, for a player who’s been looking for consistency all season, he did something no other shortstop in the AL has done before. According to Stats by STATS, he’s the first shortstop in AL history to have six hits and three home runs in a single day. Bo Bichette of […]

Justin Merrlles - Sep 3, 2022

With an appearance in last night’s game against the New York Mets, Nelson Cruz played in his 2000th career MLB game with the Washington Nationals. After his major league debut with the Milwaukee Brewers in 2005, the 41-year-old has also played with the Texas Rangers, Baltimore Orioles, Seattle Mariners, Minnesota Twins, and the Tampa Bay […]

Justin Merrlles - Aug 28, 2022

Canada has produced a plethora of MLB talent over the past two centuries. Many fans of America’s pastime would be surprised how many of their favorite players were born in Canada. Over 200 Canadians have made their mark in baseball. That includes two Cy Young Award winners, three MVPs, four batting titles, 11 Silver Slugger […]

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Jameson Taillon
pgolden - Aug 28, 2022

Jameson Taillon inked a four-year contract with the Chicago Cubs in the offseason. That, plus a fiery of moves, solidified that the Cubs were ready to compete again. It hasn’t been working out well for Taillon; entering this month, he had an 0-3 record with an 8.04 ERA. To make matters even worse, the Cubs […]

Justin Merrlles - Aug 28, 2022

The NL Cy Young Award race is starting to take shape. Two months into the MLB season, we have seen some pitchers begin to separate themselves from the pack. While the early pre-season favorites like Justin Verlander and Max Scherzer have stumbled out of the gate, a few unlikely starters have emerged. Teams like the […]

José Berríos has been on one of the most consistent stretches of his career. Yesterday, he held the New York Mets to a run on four hits and a walk with six strikeouts over six innings. Berríos has a 2.48 ERA in his last 10 outings, the second best-ERA over a 10-start span since his MLB […]

Chase Dollander

Chase Dollander went from a recruited prep pitcher to the best pitcher in college baseball and a potential top-five pick in the 2023 MLB Draft. He’s a fascinating arm to watch with lots to like. Last season, he transferred into the Tennesee Volunteers program and played a significant role in their historic season. However, teams […]

Tanner Witt was a late first-round target for teams in the 2020 MLB Draft out of high school. He made it clear, however, that he wanted to go to college. He helped lead the Texas Longhorns to the semifinals of the 2021 College World Series. In only his second start of his sophomore season, Witt […]

2023 MLB Rookies

2023 MLB rookies are making an impact already in different ways after eight weeks of baseball. In the American League, there’s some clear favorites including Japanese import Masataka Yoshida. While he’s been a star for the Boston Red Sox, two other players are right behind him in the hunt. Meanwhile, the National League has a […]

The Washington Nationals have been dealing with injuries to their star pitcher for the entirety of his career. With the recent Strasburg news, it does not look to be getting any better. After being shut down from all physical activity since late April, it is now believed that Stephen Strasburg may never pitch again. What […]

Cody Flavell - Aug 28, 2022

Paul Skenes is one of the most intriguing MLB Draft prospects in recent memory. Standing at 6’6′ and 235 pounds, the LSU right-handed pitcher sits at 97-98 MPH with his fastball but has reached triple-digits. Skenes also has full-field power at the plate but hasn’t been a two-way player this season as his pitching stock […]