Caleb Begley - Jun 3, 2022

Rogers Hornsby has one of the most intriguing statistical anomalies in the game of baseball. Although he hit over .400 three times, he does not have 3,000 hits as he has 2,930. The two-time MVP could be considered the greatest pure hitter not to eclipse the mark. He had some incredible seasons. In 1922, while […]

Longest Standing MLB Records
Matt Graves - Feb 27, 2022

The longest-standing MLB records have either been broken or will never be reached. For instance, Roger Maris hit 61 home runs in 1961, surpassing Babe Ruth’s long-standing record of 60. Maris remained the record holder until 1998, when Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa hammered their way into baseball’s record books. That home run chase, in […]

Left-Hitting Catchers
Matt Graves - Feb 14, 2022

Left-hitting catchers are very rare in baseball. Benny Distefano, who threw and bat left, was the last true left-handed catcher to play in the majors, caught three games for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Before Distefano, there were a handful of lefty-hitting catchers. But, only five players who have spent their careers behind the plate have finished […]

2007 milestone
Matt Graves - Feb 13, 2022

Any MLB milestone is an incredible moment once a player accomplishes the feat. But, in 2007, it was a year to remember. Fans would witness some players’ pursuits of career records and milestones achieved in unique ways. History would unfold during the campaign, with several players reaching significant milestones. Here are some of the milestones […]

Yankees All Time Team
Jeremy Breland - Jan 23, 2022

It isn’t hard to create a lineup filled with the greatest players to ever play for the New York Yankees. Perhaps the hardest part of it all would be constructing this lineup to fulfill everyone’s egos and desires. All in all, it would be arguably the deepest and most talented lineup in history. This is […]

Benjamin Sabin - Jan 7, 2022

To be fenced in means to be restricted or confined. For example, Bobby is a young man who wants to go out with his friends. His Dad, or in this case let’s say his Father (it just sounds more authoritative), says “no.” Bobby asks “why?” His Father says, “As long as you live under my […]

Jorge Posada
Jeremy Breland - Dec 16, 2021

With Yogi Berra, Bill Dickey, and Elston Howard, the New York Yankees have a rich history of catchers. Jorge Posada is among them, too. He was an all-star and silver slugger five times, and a World Series champion four times. He was often behind the plate for two of the best postseason pitchers in history, Andy […]

Kershaw Verlander
Matt Graves - Dec 6, 2021

Winning the Triple Crown of Pitching is an incredible accomplishment. Many pitchers have stood out among the rest of their peers to lead their league in statistical categories. However, nothing was more impressive than the two pitchers who won it in 2011; Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander. Kershaw and Verlander throw with different hands have spent […]

Benjamin Sabin - Jul 23, 2021

July 20, 1969, was a day like any other save for one thing, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon. After spending the previous day in lunar orbit, Armstrong and Aldrin climbed into the lunar module Eagle and headed for the moon. Leaving fellow astronaut Michael Collins orbiting in the command module Columbia, […]

Benjamin Sabin - Jul 18, 2021

The year was 1968 and the city of Toronto was without a professional baseball team, that’s right there was no Blue Jays. For many years the minor league Toronto Maple Leafs had been a beloved part of the city’s identity. But after the 1967 season, the Maple Leafs had been sold and relocated to Louisville. […]

Matt Graves - Apr 29, 2021

Fergie Jenkins is the pride of Chatham, Ontario. The 78-year old Canadian has a bronze plaque in the Baseball Hall of Fame for his pitching. Next season, Wrigley Field will look a little different next year as the Chicago Cubs announced plans to create a statue to honor the Hall of Famer. Chicago company, the […]

MLB Milestone
Matt Graves - Apr 2, 2021

Last year, plenty of MLB milestones occurred. One that stood out the most was when Albert Pujols surpassed Willie Mays for fifth-most home runs in MLB history, where Pujols currently sits at 662. The future Hall of Famer needs 35 home runs to move into fourth place all-time. Now, we’re quickly approaching the 2021 MLB season. […]

Benjamin Sabin - Feb 26, 2021

Spring Training: The Short Season A Cyclical Rebirth Life is a series of cycles much akin to the seasons of the year. We begin in the spring with our birth and travel into adulthood with the summer. In the fall our hair starts to gray and with winter the leaves descend and our cycle ends. […]

Benjamin Sabin - Feb 12, 2021

“Moonlight” Graham and His Brush With The Bigs Archibald Wright Graham The Game If you have ever read W.P. Kinsella’s Shoeless Joe, or caught the 1989 film, Field of Dreams, you’ve probably heard of “Moonlight” Graham. He played two innings of one game and never came to bat. That’s it. He would never play in […]

Benjamin Sabin - Jan 30, 2021

The Zimmerman Chase and World Series of 1917 U-boats and the Zimmermann Telegram World War I had been raging for nearly three years when Great Britain intercepted an encrypted telegram. The telegram was sent from the German Foreign Minister Arthur Zimmermann, to the German minister to Mexico Heinrich Von Eckhart. The British deciphered the message […]

Braden Herb - Jan 20, 2021

For the final installment of this Reliving History Series, it’s time to head back to Game Seven of the 2017 World Series. The series clinching game between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers wasn’t the thriller that Games Two and Five were. However, for various reasons, it is a game that will never […]

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Tigers Diamondbacks

Tigers 5, Diamondbacks 1 PHOENIX, Jun 24 — Detroit shortstop Javier Baez hit a third-inning grand slam, paving the way for his Detroit Tigers to defeat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 5–1, Friday night. Tigers pitchers combined to hold the Diamondbacks to one run on three hits, ensuring that the grand slam was more than enough to […]

Rangers Nationals
Nate Miller - Jan 20, 2021

Nationals 2, Rangers 1   ARLINGTON, Texas, June 24 — The Texas Rangers fell in their series opener to the Washington Nationals by a final score of 2–1. Rangers Center fielder Adolis Garcia hit his 14th home run of the season in the bottom of the sixth inning. While it provided a spark inside Globe […]

Henry Aaron
Caleb Begley - Jan 20, 2021

It should not shock anyone that Henry Aaron is included on this list. From 1954-1976, Aaron dominated opposing pitchers. Few players in the history of the game have come close to repeating his feats. In fact, some might argue, none have. His 755 home runs rank second (albeit, controversially so) to Barry Bonds. He still […]

Scoreless Outing

Scoreless Outing Percentage and Goose Eggs, 2022 Presenting the full list of Scoreless Outing Percentage (ScOtg%), Goose Eggs (GE), and related statistics for 2022. Statistics run through the end of play on June 23. These statistics aim to further measure effectiveness of relief pitchers. Scoreless Outing Percentage, which first appeared in this piece, is based […]

Benjamin Sabin - Jan 20, 2021

We all know that you shouldn’t spook the horse. If you don’t know this then you’ve probably never had the pleasure of listening to Neil Young and Crazy Horse. And if you’ve never had the pleasure, then pick up a turntable, some decent speakers, and a copy of “Rust Never Sleeps” by Young and the […]

Rangers trade Calhoun
Nate Miller - Jan 20, 2021

In a move that was sure to come sooner or later, the Texas Rangers have traded outfielder Wille Calhoun to the San Francisco Giants. MLB.com was the first to break the news on Thursday afternoon. In exchange for Calhoun, the Rangers will be receiving outfielder Steven Duggar, and cash considerations from the Giants. A lot […]

Rangers sweep Phillies
Nate Miller - Jan 20, 2021

Rangers 4, Phillies 2   ARLINGTON, Texas, June 22 — The events of Wednesday afternoon saw the Texas Rangers sweep the Philadelphia Phillies. The final score of the series finale was 4–2. A two-hit afternoon by shortstop Corey Seager was a big factor in this one. It helped the Rangers secure their second win in […]

Bumgarner 2000 Strikeouts

Madison Bumgarner Reaches 2000 Strikeouts Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Madison Bumgarner became the newest member of the 2000 Strikeout Club Wednesday afternoon against the San Diego Padres. It came in the bottom of the fourth inning, as Bumgarner fanned Luke Voit with a high fastball for the second out. Bumgarner is now one of only four […]