Football Betting Apps to Have in Your Android Arsenal

One of the most convenient tools at your disposal for online sports betting is making use of football betting apps. There are numerous different apps on the market, each of which varies in what they provide the user in terms of benefits. While many people reading may already use apps to make bets via making using of the mobile sportsbooks, there are others that offer benefits for players that concern make your betting more accurate. On this page, you will find some of the most beneficial forms of football betting apps available on Android, which will allow you to get an edge on others and enjoy more successful betting.

Mobile Betting Apps

These are the most commonly used apps by online bettors and you may already have one on your phone already. Essentially, they keep all the best things about online sportsbook in a neat little package and allow you to keep all your bets in one place, get a heads up about bonuses or upcoming events, and as well as potentially get heightened odds. You can find some great mobile betting apps at

Odd Checkers

Odds check apps will let you monitor the odds you have been offered against any number of other betting sites online. By making use of these you can find the best odds on the market for not only football but also any other sports that you may fancy betting on. Getting this will allow you to quickly evaluate your betting options on a particular event and then grab the bests odds as possible. Odds checker are used more efficiently when you are signed up at various different sportsbooks, as such you can quickly evaluate who has the best odds and log straight into that casino to claim them.

Tipster Apps

Tipster apps will allow you to get ahead of the competition by getting updated on the hottest tips from professional gamblers. As such, by using these you will be able to make the same calls on football as some of the sharpest minds in the industry are making. Unfortunately, this often comes with a subscription, but after a few hot tips, you will realise that it is money well spent.

Sports News Apps

While not strictly a gambling device, getting around the clock updates on football is only going to benefit your bets. This is thanks to that old adage that knowledge is power. By staying in the know constantly, you will know who is injured, who is looking like they have a lot of potential and other important information that can really give you an edge. A useful tip is turning on notifications so when the latest news important to the betting world is made public, you can quickly alter your bets and benefit from the news before the masses have even realised.

Bonus Notifiers

Bonus notifying app will give you a full list of all the latest sport betting promotions on the market as and when they become available. These will include free bets, cashback bonuses or bonus cash to give you a bit of risk-free playing time at some of the biggest sportsbooks. You will likely get access to special promotions for selected events that many other people wouldn’t have the heads up on. Again, it is well worth turning notifications so you don’t miss out on one. Remember though, any bonuses you might get offered on these apps will likely come with terms and conditions so make sure you are aware of these before you commit.

Get some of these apps in your arsenal, and just wait and see how quickly your betting improves!

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