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Head to Head Comparison: eBay vs COMC

Almost any sports card collector can tell you that online is where most of us do our shopping whether it is for singles, boxes, or break spots. The internet offers several advantages that local card shops do not, such as being open 24/7, an almost unlimited inventory, cheaper prices, and the ability to really narrow down your search to find…

Baseball cards in Bill's Sports Collectibles store in Denver, on Friday afternoon, May 28, 2010. Diego James Robles, The Denver Post

Hot Packs: What Are They and Are They Worth It?

One of the main reasons I (and probably a majority of others who collect) like to buy packs of cards is for the thrill of the chase. The chance of not knowing what could possibly be hiding inside a pack of cards, whether it is a dud or the hit of a lifetime. To me there is no better rush…

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 18: Max Jenkinson 11 holds up his signed card. Former Toronto Maple Leaf captain  Wendel Clark signed autographs at the Hockey Hall of Fame. It is part of the Leafs fan day at the Hall.
August 18, 2014        (Richard Lautens/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

Do Hockey Cards Get the Respect They Deserve in America?

Do Hockey Cards Get the Respect They Deserve in America? By Gabe Weeden   It is no secret that I love to collect sports cards. I am always searching for something new and exciting to add to my personal collection, especially with a wow factor to it. Despite collecting for over ten years, I only focus on two sports when…

Nomar Garciaparra Derek Jeter

Understanding Your Sports Cards: The Fine Print

Sports cards are nothing new and some date as far back to the late 1800s. However, back then they were never meant to be collected. Instead they were offered in packs of gum and cigarettes as gimmicks to get you to buy them. It wasn’t until the 1980s did sports card collecting take off and the manufactures started making cards…

11225780_10153205124486421_1569985525_n (1)

The Sporting Gents: Barbecue World Championship

On the latest Sporting Gents, Mike and Sean of Team Canada BBQ get you caught up on what they’ve been up to over the last few weeks – including a competition in Greencastle, PA, terrible weather, and most recent results. Then, they talk about their upcoming trip to Memphis, for the Memphis in May, world championship BBQ cooking contest. Why does…

Calgary Stampeders v Edmonton Eskimos

What’s There to Talk About – CFL Tailgate Parties

It’s game day in Calgary; it’s a new season, the sun is shining, and you’ve got five hours until kick-off. What do you do? You tailgate. Sure, you can sit in your own back yard with a few friends or head over to a pub close to McMahon, but wouldn’t you want to go to “Our House”, as the flags…

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