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The Sporting Gents: Barbecue World Championship

On the latest Sporting Gents, Mike and Sean of Team Canada BBQ get you caught up on what they’ve been up to over the last few weeks – including a competition in Greencastle, PA, terrible weather, and most recent results. Then, they talk about their upcoming trip to Memphis, for the Memphis in May, world championship BBQ cooking contest. Why does…

Calgary Stampeders v Edmonton Eskimos

What’s There to Talk About – CFL Tailgate Parties

It’s game day in Calgary; it’s a new season, the sun is shining, and you’ve got five hours until kick-off. What do you do? You tailgate. Sure, you can sit in your own back yard with a few friends or head over to a pub close to McMahon, but wouldn’t you want to go to “Our House”, as the flags…

2013 RA Dickey

The Top 10 Worst Sports Card Sets of the 2000s pt II

If you recall the first part of my article, I counted down some of the worst sets or screw ups to happen in the sports card collecting industry from 2000 to present day. Here is part two, the worst five sets or debacles to ever happen in the first fifteen years of the 21st century. The Top 10 Worst Sports…

Baskets full of acai fruit from the riverbanks of the Amazon

The “Gracie BJJ DIET” Interview with Rayder Machado owner of Amaçaí UK

I had heard of Açaí Berry before as the health benefits of this “superfood” were made famous by Oprah Winfrey a few years back, but I never had the chance to try it. An opportunity came my way when I attended the SENI UK Martial Arts Event in London 2014 and I was instantly hooked. It almost tasted like a cross…


The Top 10 Worst Sports Card Sets of the 2000s Pt I

It’s no secret that sports card companies such as Panini, Topps, and Upper Deck compete regularly to outdo each other by offering unique cards and experiences. While each might offer anywhere between 10-20 different series or sets in a year, there have been some unusual promotions severely lacking in card quality and design. These poorly designed products that have left most collectors scratching their…

Baseball cards in Bill's Sports Collectibles store in Denver, on Friday afternoon, May 28, 2010. Diego James Robles, The Denver Post

Super Short Prints: Defining the Line

Aside from coming with autographs or pieces of memorabilia sports cards these days come numbered/short printed. As I have mentioned become numbered cards are cards that have a fraction on it (usually in foil), the bottom number is how many cards were made while the top is the specific card you have. So if a card read 7/125 that means…

The Babe

1/1 Sports Cards: Holy Grails or Traps?

Part of the fun of collecting sports cards is finding truly rare and unique cards.   Card companies often number or short print their cards to motivate collectors to buy more products and hunt for those super rare cards to add to their collection. Another thing short printing and numbering does, is it helps control the supply of cards and limits…

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