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fantasy sportsWelcome to the LWOS Fantasy Departments Official Fantasy Football Rankings.  We will release our rankings and player profiles over the next few weeks to get you prepared for your 2014 fantasy football draft. Everyday we will be releasing either a group of player profiles with their rankings or articles that will provide you with outstanding fantasy advice. Take a second to bookmark the site so you can check back daily.  Follow our departments twitter account @lwosfantasy for info, updates, and advice. We are going to work hard for you, to make sure you get to have the Last Word on Your Fantasy League.  Click here for all our fantasy articles and rankings. Today we have Fantasy QB rankings 10-6.

#10 Colin Kaepernick

Year Age Team G Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Rush Att Rush Yards Avg TD Fumb Fumb-Lost
2011 23 SF 3 3 5 60.0% 35 0 0 2 -2 -1 0 0 0
2012 24 SF 13 136 218 62.4% 1814 10 3 63 415 6.6 5 9 2
2013 25 SF 16 243 416 58.4% 3197 21 8 92 524 5.7 4 6 4

Kap was the 12th ranked QB in ESPN’s 2013 fantasy league. Surprised? Yeah, me too. Kaepernick was a very solid and productive fantasy performer last season, at 20.0 ppg.  His greatest strength is his rocket arm that can make every throw and deliver long-range TD passes. Although, he occasionally disappears stats-wise, as he has been known to deliver an 8 point clunker during a key week for your fantasy team. Donald King – @dbking65

#9 Cam Newton

Year Age Team G Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Rush Att Rush Yards Avg TD Fumb Fumb-Lost
2011 22 Car 16 310 517 60.0% 4051 21 17 126 706 5.6 14 5 2
2012 23 Car 16 280 485 57.7% 3869 19 12 127 741 5.8 8 10 3
2013 24 Car 16 292 473 61.7% 3379 24 13 111 585 5.3 6 3 1

Newton was the #5 ranked QB in fantasy over the course of the 2013 season, at 22.5 points per game.  There’s a saying that the best ability is avail-ability. Cam has been available to his team in every game for each of his first 3 seasons. Greatest strength: contributions from a rushing yardage and especially rushing TD standpoint. Biggest weakness: tendency to have a clunker of a game once every 3-4 weeks, with substandard passing numbers and/or turnovers. Donald King – @dbking65

#8 Nick Foles

Year Age Team G Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Rush Att Rush Yards Avg TD Fumb Fumb-Lost
2012 23 Phi 7 161 265 60.8% 1699 6 5 11 42 3.8 1 8 3
2013 24 Phi 13 203 317 64.0% 2891 27 2 57 221 3.9 3 4 2

QB Nick Foles, who after taking over for Michael Vick due to injury in week 5, lead the Eagles with an 8-2 record as a starter in 2013.  Foles threw for 2891 yards, was 203/317 (64%) passing with 27 TD and 2 INT, and had a league-best 119.2 QB rating.  For a second year quarterback to put up these remarkable numbers and have incredible pocket presence is truly a blessing for the Eagles franchise. Nick Foles has a plethora of weapons on offense to throw to. With up and coming Tight End Zach Ertz, who was a reliable, sure handed target. On several occasions he bailed Nick Foles out of trouble.  Jeremy Maclin, who is coming off an ACL tear in his right knee, is very well positioned to benefit from Chip Kelly’s offense. Maclin was the number two receiver to the now departed Desean Jackson. So, it will be very interesting to see if Maclin will step up and make things happen with his big play ability. What Eagle fans could forget about is Riley Cooper and the huge asset he was to Nick Foles as the two of them connected to score many Eagle touchdowns. Because of the Eagles solid running game, with LeSean McCoy and newly added versatile running back Darren Sproles, will alleviate a lot of the pressure off Nick Foles. This allows Nick Foles to do his thing in the pocket. He will be one of the best play action and drop back passers in the NFL. With Nick Foles now the undisputed signal caller for the Eagles, look for him to have a fantastic year. Matt Abrams –@Matty_ICE07

#7 Tom Brady

Year Age Team G Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Rush Att Rush Yards Avg TD Fumb Fumb-Lost
2011 33 NE 16 401 611 65.6% 5235 39 12 43 109 2.5 3 6 2
2012 34 NE 16 401 637 63.0% 4827 34 8 23 32 1.4 4 2 0
2013 35 NE 16 380 628 60.5% 4343 25 11 32 18 0.6 0 9 3

Here in the fantasy world you have to take credit when you get it right (Everyone reminds you when you’re wrong, see my Peyton Manning call last year). I called for the world to fall around Tom Brady last season. It did.  He had over a 5 PPG drop last year. His stats were down across the board.  With that said and now that I am done patting myself on my back, you should not expect the same this year. If you can get Tom Brady at the ADP of 71, which is his current ADP per ESPN, you have yourself a real steal. Now I am not saying you should expect 2007 numbers, but 2012 is in reason. I just believe that the Patriots and Brady are smart enough to make changes that will bring back the productivity of the man that fumbled his way into history, I mean tucked his way into history. Sorry, I’m a bitter Raiders fan who still cries every time they replay the tuck rule. Which is every time there is a flurry anywhere near a football game. Chuck Amspacher – @Captain_LWOS


#6 Matt Ryan

Year Age Team G Comp Att Comp% Yards TD INT Rush Att Rush Yards Avg TD Fumb Fumb-Lost
2011 26 Atl 16 347 566 61.3% 4177 29 12 37 84 2.3 2 5 3
2012 27 Atl 16 422 615 68.6% 4719 32 14 34 141 4.1 1 3 2
2013 28 Atl 16 439 651 67.4% 4515 26 17 17 55 3.2 0 5 4

Matt Ryan took a few steps back last year.  However, when you look at what he had to deal with it could have been worse.  Roddy White was never right from the beginning, Julio Jones was lost in Week 5, and let’s face it Tony Gonzalez, although a no doubt HOF TE, was in his last year and carried the load. I do see this as a minor bump in the road. Expect Matt Ryan to return to form.  ESPN has him as the 12 QB off the board per their ADPs.  If I can be the last guy to take my QB and get Ryan, I will win the league and you should too.

Chuck Amspacher – @Captain_LWOS


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