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February 25, 2014 Comments (0) Football (US/Canada), NFL Draft

2014 NFL Draft: Austin Seferian-Jenkins Scouting Report



Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Washington, TE
Height: 6.5
Weight: 262
Age: 21


























Athleticism: B-

Is not an elite athlete, but is a good one for a big body. Surprisingly agile but does not have great speed or explosive burst. Sneaky athlete more than anything. Is not a vertical threat but picks up chunk yardage. Is not the tackle breaker you would expect for his size. Is more than the sum of his parts in this area.

Hands: A-

Strong, secure hands. Fantastic body control as a receiver and catch passes away from his body. Has a big frame and uses it to his advantage. Plays like a former basketball player in his ability to elevate and pluck the football. Can play the sideline and the middle of the field. Weapon in the red zone.

Technique: B-

Not a sophisticated route runner. Finds zones and is able to maintain separation when he gets it. Is hard for defenders to contain. Is never really covered as he can out-muscle and out-jump defenders to get to the football. Good, clean release and does not show overly much difficulty getting off of press.

Blocking: B-

First man moving off the snap. Impressive when he is able to latch on and can control his man. Sprung a number of Bishop Sankey’s big runs as a junior. Is powerful when blocking in a straight line, but can get overextended and have some difficulty squaring up on moving targets. Will play down to his blocking assignment. Did not seem interested in blocking when in the slot or out wide, sometimes not even bothering to initiate contact. Looks natural in pass pro.

Intangibles: C+

Guilty of a DUI last spring and missed time accordingly. Appears to be an isolated incident and was extremely contrite. Impact player for all three years on campus. Production tailed off in his final year.

Red Flags: Minor Character Concerns

Bottom Line: While Seferian-Jenkins is not a prospect who is particularly elite in one category, he is impressive across the board, which makes him a more valuable commodity, especially for the TE position. The DUI arrest, lack of production as a receiver this season, and a broken foot have not led to a very strong year for Seferian-Jenkins but his talent should overcome these setbacks to place him in the first round. Could be a perfect fit for a power run team that still likes to get its TE the ball.

Comparison: Vernon Davis

Grade: 9.1 (Late 1st Round)

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